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Analysis of the African American

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In Honor of the Late Dr. Amos Wilson:

Born: (1941) Deceased: (1995)


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  1. In my experience, the most politically effective music of the hip hop culture is supported by the "outsiders" and a few of the culture's members, while the violent, blingesque, self-destructive messages are supported by the culture.
    Interesting points.

  2. Hip Hop has many textures… unfortunately, the music industry is run by… If I may quote Michael Jackson on this one… DEVILS!!! Read between the lines… The entire entertainment industry is run by the same folks; There is NO DIFFERENCE!

  3. "The White Oppressors will trade a few black millionaires for the Ability to keep the rest of the Blacks population at the bottom." imablackfolk

    Tupac was killed by conspiracy groupies of another part of the bling culture. He was a wise mine killed by some of his own. Regardless of what parts of the white culture may want to think, they weren't involved.
    Correct punctuation may also help you rise above. If you have enough money to buy rims, you have enough money to go to college.

  4. Hiphop as a whole still represents for the downtrodden and voiceless with an enlightened vision. But rap music and the business has been colonized and is worth so much money and yet nothing else. It's a shame how white ppl fan the flames of negativity among brown ppls in order to ensure their survival.

  5. a bit of an ego there powermoves? I could give a shit less if you paid attention to me, but when you die and meet your maker I'd like for you to realize when racisim is finally dead for the most part (it'll never die completely unfortuantly) you'll realize that dumbasses that put down white people to advance the mind state of thier own race are merely making the racisim problems in the world worse. Good job.

  6. "White Oppressors will trade a few black millionaires for the Ability to keep the rest of the Blacks population at the bottom"

    white people killed tupac.. haaaaaaaaa, thats funny I dont care who you are

  7. the "white government" invented hiphop to keep black people in the ghetto.. haha wow, ImaBlackFolk.. you need wake up, your living a diluted dream of how the world really is. Hiphop is music. Not a conspiracy against black people.. lol.. thanks for the laugh tho, I almost feel guilty for making fun of a mentally handicapped person tho

  8. how can blacks put down white people when they have never took their foot off the black peoples throat. they don't want you to talk about killing white people because its racists but you'll go out to the store and purchase songs with black people talking about killing each other. that probably didn't make sense to the white/jew

  9. it isn't that they created hip hop to destroy black people , it was made to uplift the people . so what they did was use the same instrument that was use to raise black people and turned it against them to destroy them .we went from queen Latifah to lil kim & krs one to 50 cent. this man knows what he is talking about.

  10. He makes a great point.Time Warner hung Ice-T out to dry when he made a HEAVY METAL song about killing cops,but a black man talking about killing another black man is all good;completely undeserving of controversy.Ofcourse,in the end,i think it did more good for Ice-T's career than bad.

  11. stop using religeon to cite evidenceof how knowledge was born etc. Knowledge was gonna come along eventually, who gives a damn who invented it. What are YOU doing with it now other than leaving your future to and basing your world on a imaginary story?

  12. Lol @ correct term.

    Im calling you pink because pink is your skin colour. Simple easy to understand terminology.

    Boy? No come again.

    Pick you some cotton? One mintue you want us to go back to Afrika, next minute you want us to pick your cotton. Make up your mind. Maybe if yuor grandaddy had picked his own cotton, you pinks wouldnt be living in fear of blacks today. Food for thought.

  13. Brilliant commentary, once again! Creative expression(art) is THE major instrument and medium of culture as it bypasses the conscious mind and directly engaged the subconscious, which motivates all behavior. The subconscious, as it is now well known by psychologist is accessed through the right hemisphere of the brain.

  14. Whilst i take that you have no side: Your comment aligns, you statement has a side. You are not thinking from a historical significance! music is used in African culture to transmit cultural values PERIOD… no ask yourself what is music saying. I understand your 'artform' argument, but its a tad superfical. see what content is allowed to surface in the media, see what content is not allowed to surface. It is not public demand. It is corporate control. the artform is controlled (is it art?)

  15. Thanks for the reply. Firstly i agree with you 'there are other factors not spoken of here'. However, the one that he is addressing, as the title suggest! is HIP HOP and SUBLIMINAL SYMBOLISM! Think its 1. a lack of understanding of the 'Afrikan Kulcha' 2. an assumption that music doesn't really have an effect. understand this; within African science, tones, music can be used for healing! mind, body and soul. light frequencies too, acupressure also. everything is everything to melanated beings.

  16. if knowledge comes from GOD. How many books has god written? the very term GOD is sometimes insulting to me! before there was god, allah, vishna. i could go on. THERE WAS AMUN. Delve deeper, why do you worship an Egyptian god by saying Amen at the end of christian and muslim prayers. while there are many names, some names are controlled by man. You will find that your concept of god was created by man. try the coucil of nicea as a starting point, khazar converts(jews, russian) .. READ>>>

  17. doesnt this mean we should be weary of obama? after all he is very much tied into music just peep the inauguration block party. i find it funny that hip hop leaders have paired with obama.

    check out new joints "get ghost" and "raindrops" when u got a hot sec

  18. this is typical….a black man deflecting responsibility so he has someone else to blame for his ppls actions.
    He claims that the "white" music industry is behind the violent lyrics & messages in rap music??? Are you kidding me? The black artists write those lyrics & dictate what kind of music they want to put out there.
    But of course these black "leaders" need someone else to blame & they want to convince ppl that nothing is their fault then they never have to take responsibility…

  19. What he is saying is that the culture of America is a culture of hate towards blacks and that blacks have internalized it and are subconsciously acting out on it. The entertainment industry of this country is founded pushing the stereotypes of blacks, murder and death as being something done in fun to brag about and sing and dance about and rap is simply a reflection of it. It is a subconscious socio-cultural transmission that says killing blacks is a form of entertainment.

  20. If the record companies told rappers they don't want their junk out there then the rappers would accuse the record companies of being racist & trying to censor them.
    So either way it would be the white man's fault wouldn't it? Funny how that works out

  21. Most white ppl didnt really never did anything bad to african americans….tas much as some african americans would like to believe that all white ppl are evil they are not.
    Maybe some of still angry african american population should stop trying to blame white pll & start looking more at how to change themselves.
    It's like Obama said…You need more black youth to aspire to be lawyers & doctors…not ballers & rappers.

  22. the media shows the foul parts of everyone…not just black ppl….there are plenty of successful prominent african americans in the world today for the black youth to look up to…I think they're smart enough to know the right path vs the wrong path…maybe they choose the wrong path b/c its easier, or b/c they made themselves believe that a black man can't possible make it in the world today which we both know isnt true

  23. I think whites and blacks are both responsible 4 the message hip hop puts out. If white major record label owners only promote black rappers with the wrong message then of course they are 2 blame. But if black rappers choose 2 send the wrong message 2 their own people just 2 get rich then they are also 2 blame. You cant blame just one side.

  24. As far as the rappers go, i only blame the well established ones. Once u reach a certain amount of fame, u can make positive songs sell big. TUPAC DID IT and dont try 2 tell me it was different then (rich white men still controlled it). I truly believe rappers like lil wayne and 50cent could change the direction of hip hop. Overall, record labels want 2 make $, they cant afford 2 shut down big name rappers cause they make them 2 much $.

  25. @ReALiTeeChEkk This is true in relation to "Death Row Records" as they were a black owned, black ran and black performed music company. The same is not true for any other label as they are all owned by whites (majority Jewish)

    In a capitalistic society you do whatever puts food on the table. If a negative message is the means to getting a big deal, that's what they do.

  26. @melasun07 , i understand what u saying and i definitely would place the blame more on the label than the rapper but there are positive rappers making a living in hip hop. maybe they aint making millions but still making a good living. So i still think the rappers have 2 share some of the blame.

  27. This needs more than 33k folk to view this. Thanks for uploading. This is the subject of a major 'clean out your head' campaign; way overdue. What was profound when Dr. Wilson said that when the young men said 'kill the police,' that was snatched out of circulation immediately. When they said 'kill each other,' it's still going on, 22 years after his death. And unfortunately, it's still working. That should tell us something right there!

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