Founder of “Cop Block” Outed As Police Snitch and Racist


For years Counter Current News had a tight relationship with various groups and alternative media websites that built up the Cop Block Facebook page.

For years groups like Cop Watch were aligned with Cop Block, due to the diplomacy and alliance-building of various leaders with Cop Block co-founder Pete Eyre.

Then, after years of ditching any form of activism, “Ademo Freeman” (real name: Adam Mueller), came back, after being informed that a number of sites were getting lots of traffic from having built up the social media page that he had nothing to do with.

For their part, the social media geniuses at The Free Thought Project and The Anti-Media took that page from 40,000 likes, to 1.5m. That’s when Ademo came back in and began extorting sites who had built up the page’s reach.

Each group posting on this page he did not build would be expected to “donate” $1,000 to him monthly. In addition to Cop Block ad revenue, Ademo was raking in several thousands of dollars every month, but each month he was as broke by the end as he was the month before.

Ademo’s gambling addiction and drug use were the clear culprits for his ever-disappearing revenue. So when he first told us we were not welcome to post on the page any more after confronting racism that made him uncomfortable, he quickly invited us back after only two weeks, since he needed more poker money again.

His reasons he delineated for not wanting us on there any longer have consistently been the fact that Counter Current News highlights racism as key to many cases of police brutality and murder. As a close-knit white boy “liberty” club, they like to imagine that they are victimized as much as minority communities.

While there is no doubt police subject people of all backgrounds to some levels of abuse and even brutality and murder in statistically less common cases, the highest rate of victimization by the police are in Native, Black and Latino communities.

This reality should not be ignored just because it makes some white people uncomfortable.

In the past, Ademo’s ex-girlfriend had noted that she was uncomfortable with his bizarre refusal to “see racism”. He confronted us on her comments, after hacking into her emails – which he believed was perfectly ethical.

Most recently, Chris Cantwell, a close friend of Ademo’s and a former prominent Cop Block blogger has come out and admitted that he is a Neo-Nazi, being a regular guest on the White Supremacist “Daily Shoah” radio show. The term “Shoah” is Hebrew for “Holocaust.”

Who stays friends with an open and admitted Neo-Nazi… except for racists?

Anything that threatens Cop Block’s illusion that they are oppressed as much as Native, Black and Latino communities was a threat to them. Accordingly, Ademo had previously (as mentioned) removed us for the “infraction” of talking about police racism in the past, but when he needed money, he came back asking us to continue the “Cop Block Network” extortion racket that was running dry.

Because the page has helped us get the word out about a number of important issues, we over looked the fact that many who left, as well as other police accountability organizations, discovered the fact that Ademo admitted to being a police informant and snitch – something which he “apologized for” but which critics within police accountability groups rightly noted casts him in a suspicious light.

Ademo’s now-completely hijacked page has consistently gone down the toilet in terms of reach as they have added extremely-low-performing authors and sites, so we have not missed any significant traffic from leaving them, after refusing to censor ourselves from “bringing up race” over the past several months when they first threatened us – in spite of charging $1,000 per month to post on a page that the leadership of their organization did not build up in the first place.

So it isn’t about that to us. We’re doing just fine. This is about speaking out against them for the reason why they asked us to leave. That is an issue of ethics, not personal hard-feelings, of which we honestly have none, as we contributing to Ademo’s “Cop Block Network” personal fund was no longer a profitable advertising endeavor for us anyway.

They still have a couple of worth-while sites on there who are similarly forced to pay Ademo large sums of money to continue helping get the word out there. You should definitely support those sites, as we do.

For our part, the Ademo’s extortion killed our monthly bail donations to the Police Accountability Foundation – which along with another non-profit organization, were the recipients of 100% of any proceeds from posting there on our part.

One by one, chapters have been leaving Cop Block and creating We Copwatch chapters in their place because of Cop Block leaders’ misogyny and racism, as well as defending the “rights” of rapists to not be protested against (i.e. their response to protests outside of the Stanford Rapist’s house, on public property, which they said violated his rights), and a general pro-pollution orientation that made them at least initially uncomfortable with our position against the ILLEGAL #DAPL pipeline.

Former Cop Blocker and love interest of Ademo’s, Valerie Petrichor comments on this whole debacle: “it is my observation that Cop Block has far outlived its usefulness and relevancy. That is why I bowed out,” she says. “Not because Ademo had a temper tantrum because he realized I wasn’t going to fuck him, that was just the thing that made me realize it was either me or him, someone had to go. It was a wonderful idea, a needed action.”

For Valerie, Cop Block “is no longer helpful. It is damaging to the safety of anyone in police situations. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for articles to be based on everything but truth. Example, I had to write an article not long before I left that called out another article on the site because it was absolutely not factual, sensationalized, and about a situation in my city. That shit put me in danger just so one contributor could get a couple extra dollars in AdSense income. Not okay. I did my best to make it look like that person received bad information, but they didn’t, they made it up. And that happens regularly.”

There was a time when Cop Block was great – when other people made it great. Since it became a feeding troth for Ademo’s narcissistic supply it has been anything but great, good or even productive.

If you support police accountability there are a number of ethical groups who are doing great work in this area. Unfortunately, for over a year, Cop Block has not been one of those groups.

Keep your money.

Keep your integrity.

Join Cop Watch or just begin filming the police in your area. You do not need megalomaniacs and narcissists who feed off of your attention and money to be effective.

Don’t just take our word for all of this, READ MORE from the sources below and help GET THE WORD OUT!

(Article by M. David; image of Ademo in the RV he bought with money he extorted from us edited by #Op309 Media to include screen cap of his snitch confession)

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