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Former FBI Agent tell about MLK & Malcolm X murder


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  1. why are the powers to be afraid of??? they try they best to keep black Americans down…white folks still got a deep hatred towards Blacks…we might think we free but we ain't…they are studying us ….testing on us…racist propaganda everywhere u look….then the image they give u of blacks is always negative…then u got unlce tom ass Niggas like this running around…wtf

  2. Wake up my black people. Love your brother, until blacks learn to respect and love each other, the whites will continue to destroy our culture. Many blacks is infected with a mentality to hate blacks. The whites planned this and its in affect today. The proof is in the pudding. Look at Bill Cosby, he is getting crucified. Whites use to love Bill, I never like the Bill Cosby show, to me it was fake. Did not portray a real black family.

  3. this negro sold out his own people with a smile on his face. Disgusting slime, nasty ass mud mouth stank breath ass punk ass bitch. Ugh Don't let me meet a nigga like this in person, he's not going to have a good time.

  4. Wonderful upload. I just have to ask in the video they say he was a FBI informer , but the title said FBI agent. I am wondering was he just an informer or an actual card carrying agent officially employed ?

  5. White peolpe know more about black people than black people know about their own history and culture… just sad… Guess what my brothers??? We are really the Israel jews of the bible.. the tribe of Judah, the same that so called Jesus came from.. Wake up my brothers and relearn our heritage that the Most High gave to us so we can follow the Ten Commandments and keep all the Holy Convocations of Ahayah Asher Ahayah (Iam that Iam) including the 7th day Sabbath (not Sunday) …. Start with Keeping Saturday Holy.. from sundown friday night to sundown saturday night

  6. Instead of cursing him you should learn from him. Hes not the devil, he's valuable. That's what they do. That's how tricky they are. It could have been anyone. Anyone can be corrupted with some money.

  7. I understand why people (especially blacks) are upset with this man. But at least he is the one speaking out about this stuff. Considering how old this is this was probably quite groundbreaking at the time.

  8. family should pay I'm sorry. Should of had his nuts crushed so he can't reproduce. No back bone. But I noticed one thing will heaton had more respect and admiration of the black man than this clown. If the black man is so inferior or stupid why invest so much in to destroying us ?

  9. 1:03 "You had a lot of so-called white liberals infiltrating black groups." Yeah, watch out for these so-called white liberals, yall. They're almost worse than the blatant racists. Stop trusting every white (and even non black poc) that smile in your face. This video is so uncomfortable to watch. It's almost disturbing how obsessed white people are with us. The end of this clip is weird. So the only reason he's glad he didn't have to go through with sleeping with the woman is cause he didn't find her attractive? So in other words, if he were attracted to her, he'd have no problem whoring himself out? WTF??? This guy clearly has no morals whatsoever. This video has nothing to do with Malcolm & MLK.

  10. Motherfuckers like him still exist. Even now 2016. Until black people stop fearing death. We will always be ruled. Stop looking for the most righteous and perfect leaders. Settle for an imperfect nigga who don't care bout what they think. Lets get the job done. Then, think about getting righteous. It might take a Motherfucker to kill a Motherfucker.

  11. Do they know Bill Crosby's history? And the behind scene activities of his life or any other high profile blacks. A smart black man said once "stay off the streets at night or they(white ran orgs.) will come looking for you; if they see you there going to make you a target". I SEE YOU! THEY ARE WATCHING!

  12. J Edgar Hoover should have his grave and every one of those crooked FBI agent graves pissed on. SAD reality that black people would even take part in this foolishness…..but I guess when you're family or you are threatened it's a choice to consider. Wake up black people and start a community revolution.

  13. This guy has Stockholm Syndrome.
    You can't reason with this type ever. He has to see that it himself. He's a killing machine and can't wait to kill people that look like him.





  15. Wow!!! Listen up black people (people in general), the things this man is saying are so relevant especially for today. I don't like him but he was stupid enough to let us know how the powers that be use our weaknesses to manipulate us. They learn us and use the knowledge to set us up for failure and control us.

  16. atleast this guy had the balls to come out and reveal the truth about the FBI. this MLK even exist today, and has become easy for them now that social media, and internet in general must help them find more victims to control.

  17. Such bullshit. If they were collecting information for some conspiracy against black people, why would they employ a black person and let him see all this info. This is the type of guy that probably told kids in school that he has an uncle who works for NASA and he's going to the moon for his birthday.

  18. he is lying, he is a scapegoat, he keeps looking down to make up answers. plus if you work for FBI you wouldn't be smoking cigarettes that are meant to control population. js he is a liar!

  19. they play a wierd game. they lie and tell truths so that your emotions will distort your judgement or abilty to see truth or intentions. he wants us to ponder and speculate becasue his goal is to keep the masses in line, it doesn't matter if you know he burned down a theater wether he acted with the FBI or through his own unilateral actions or maybe just telling a lie. Us reacting is what they want because it gives them the oppertunity to hear you and identify you. if you acted in silence than you would be a threat. this is why even after watching this video even after watching him be vauge and untruthful and emotion provoking you still wont internalize him as a threat becasuse hes speaking and identifying himself showing you his nature so that you can naturally prepare through your on thoughts and doings. or maybe he isnt showing you his true nature which is why he would be a FBI agent which is why you should perceive him as a threat…

  20. Your culture your books were all created for you by the white man or a black man. Black people as with many other people are charactertures of their supposed own cultures invented for the by think tanks that control the minds of you ignorant dumb asses. Why dress the same? talk the same bullshit slang? Then call it being a "real nigga"? Can you not see the irony in which they mock you?

  21. this is still being done. Most of the violence in Chicago California and New Orleans are committed by the federal goverment. Ever notice these black men and i say men because that's all that ends up dead are always shot in the head. Their organs are harvested for rich people in china and europe. Billions are being made off black bodys and were also blamed for the violence. I hope this blak Nazi uncle Tom piece of shit is dead.

  22. This Mike Tyson looking uncle Tom negro here…Smh he sounds like he doesn't like being black tryna fit in where he get in but fitting in is not always a good thing.And I didn't know that boy had that big of a gap I thought it was a gold tooth #Strahan

  23. I can spot a snitch punk MF from a mile away.. typical " Judas".. they all have an uppity demeanor, with the devil is smurk on their face
    Color means nothing to them, they are opportunist that well sellout the devil if they could"… son of a Bitch
    To the third degree".. this man will be at the bottom of the lake of fire.. and Die many deaths..

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