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First Black State Attorney Elected in Florida Receives Noose in the Mail But Media Is Quiet

Florida is one of the most aggressive capital punishment states in the nation. There is, however, a new prosecutor on the scene who is drawing both praise and condemnation for her stance of refusing to seek the death penalty for any cases she tries going forward. In addition to her controversial stance, she is also the state’s first black state attorney in a state which ranks as 12th most racist in the nation, and since her election, she has been subjected to hateful speech on her many social media platforms as well as by letter. She also draws much rebuke from the States Republican lawmakers.

While no stranger to being the target of hateful commentary, the hate she recently received by mail crossed the line when she was sent a noose made of twine in the mail- feeling that the was a direct threat to her as a public official.

As Reported by The Grio:

Aramis Ayala is the first black state attorney elected in the state of Florida, and in addition to the hatred she gets for her historic role, she also gets hate for her refusal to seek the death penalty and other unpopular stances that she has taken.

“I will not be seeking the death penalty in the cases handled in my office,” Ayala said. “Let me be very clear, however, I will continue to hold people who do harm to this community accountable for their actions.”

Orange and Osceola counties, which are under her jurisdiction.

However, some of the hate recently crossed the line into a hate crime when Ayala received two racist letters over the course of two weeks. One of the letters contained a noose made of twine.

Ayala forwarded the two letters to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and the sheriff’s office has since launched an investigation into the matter, according to the Orlando Sentinel. In an incident report, it was stated that Ayala “believes the hangman’s noose was meant as a threat to her as a public official.”

This kind of thing is not new to Ayala, who regularly receives hate not only in the mail but online. For example, recently, someone left this racist message on her YouTube page:
“Fucking n***rs. n***rs everywhere. the black woman is sticking up for a convicted COP killer. She should be on trial for her job and fired and thrown to the streets. She should pick cotton for the rest of her life and be whipped.”

What is your reaction to the threats that State Attorney Ayala has been subjected to? Are they simply par for the course when elected a public official, or is there something truly dangerous and to be feared behind the threats, especially the incident involving the noose? Do you think the vitriol Republicans have sent her way because of her controversial views on capital punishment has anything to do with how the public is treating her? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Source: First Black State Attorney Elected in Florida Receives Noose in the Mail

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