How Fasting From White People Became My Secret to Happiness.

From TV to Radio, I turn white people off. Due to the fact that I am self employed, I am not obligated to hear their voice or opinion on anything. When I do that, I literally begin to feel like my spirit is purifying itself. We talk about our ancestors, but we don’t want to live like our true ancestors did. Separate and apart. Everybody is chanting “Wakanda” now, yet why did Wakanda thrive for so long? They were separate and apart. For example, did our ancestors have to listen to white people all day, every damn day? No. So why must we be forced to? Because simply put, we are still in the land of our captivity.

So you know what I don’t have time for? White influence and white tears. Oh yes, it’s true. From white media, to white religion, I’ve added up all the costs and the final total is bullshit. From white Jesus to Columbus discovering America, it’s all bullshit. From Christmas to Easter, to Halloween, it’s all pagan, European bullshit. White America wants to talk about everything and anything except reparations, and that’s the biggest bullshit.

Until they can deal with the fact of unpaid reparations, they’re forever stuck in the bullshit matrix. If a white person is not speaking about reparations, they’re not talking about anything and I advise you to turn that “noise”off.

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