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Rick Speaks

Rick Pitino is in the spotlight once again. In 2009 Pitino was in the headlines because of a sex scandal. Pitino had an extramarital affair with Karen Sypher. Pitino admitted to having sex with Karen, and that he gave her 3 thousand dollars for an abortion. Later Karen started asking for cars and tuition for her children. The price later hit 10 million dollars. Pitino sued Karen for blackmail. Early October news broke that The University of Louisville had paid women to strip for students that were visiting the college as recruits for the Basketball team. Several players state that there naked women that did not attend the college, and also had sex with these women after an assistant coach paid the women prior. This story brings many similarities of the movie He Got Game, and Blue Chips.  In my opinion this is no surprise, and Louisville may just be the first school to get caught. However with Rick Pitino’s past it is very likely that he will not survive this scandal. Much like the Joe Paterno scandal, not knowing about the acts is not an excuse. If Rick is fired do you think he will find a job in the NBA?

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