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  1. @Joonagoona … no disrespect to what I know is meant as a compliment… but comparing brother Leo to chris rock??? No way… chris rock just uses swearing to catch a laugh…ain't nuting funny 'bout rock…

    Leo Muhammad is in a class all of his own……

  2. @RootsDaughter41926 now you put it that way yes your right and i love this man leo ive got alot of his vids hes changed my life and openned my eyes hes a great leader i know he sed hes not a leader thats farrakhans role hes still a great black man peace

  3. Nice. More Leo. Muhammad. I didn't know he was doing this over in England. His he in Birmingham? I've got Peps there. Right on Bro!!!!! may god strengthen his message. Truth and rights will prevail

  4. …@1:40…speaking of the Movie: Roots, in the very beginning of the series, a black man in the village clearly says ALLAH. And refers to ALLAH as the father. According to the film, they even showed it was to PRIOR TO SLAVERY. And the Black Christians still can't see it…..crazy, but true! APDTA

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Race Terrorist First Strike: Battle for Charlottesville

Race Terrorist First Strike: Battle for Charlottesville

MUST SEE!! War On BBQ in AMERICA!! Man Can’t Cook in His Own Yard!!