Draymond The MVP Candidate?

Draymond The MVP?


Is Draymond the real MVP of the Warriors. Three straight triple doubles for the Power Forward. Drawing many comparisons to Lebron James , because of his athletic ability at his weight , and size. Able to defend all 5 positions . During the 2015 season Draymond has been showing he is capable of distributing the ball , running the offense , and knocking down open shots. Against Houston he had 10pts ,16 assist ,11 rebounds. Denver 29 points , 14 assist , 17 rebounds , against the Hornets 13 points , 10 assist , 15 rebounds. Many believe he is the Heart & Soul of the warriors, the key ingredient to a stellar team. Currently coming in at the 5 spot in MVP voting behind , The Duo of the Thunder , Kwai Leonard , and his Team Mate Chef Curry.

Is Draymond a true MVP Canidate?

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