1 Game Suspension :Draymond Stain On The Game ?

Draymond Green is known to for his in your face attitude. Some say Green is the heart & soul of the Warriors. Sometimes Green heart goes to far leading him to have 5 technicals in the playoffs so far. If Green receives 7 that’s an automatic suspension. Last series in the western conference finals Green “accidentally ” kicked Okc center Adams in the groin. The league chose not to punish Green citing incendintal contact.This past Friday an Atlercation between Lebron and Green insued. Green fell to the floor , Lebron tried to step over Green , Green took a swipe looks to hit LeBrons Groin , swings again at his back and misses. Lebron becomes very upset but claims Green said harsh words.. Green suspended for 1 game based on league decision. This could be a big factor going into game 5 in Golden State..



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