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Dr. Umar Speaks On WILD Charlottesville Street ThUgs


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  1. why so many black racists ? listen up , speak of ONE SINGLE ALL black country , EVER done just o.k. for itself ? JUST ONE ? EVER ? Africa ? you be raped 5 times before you got off the plane . AND , EDUCATE yourselves , there ARE 38.5 MILLION slaves in world TODAY , more now than ALL of history combined . there are more nigger slaves owned by other niggas in Africa NOW , and what is your free ass doing for them ? yourself . oh , and stop killing each other .

  2. Those white people were not out there protesting against those garbage juice racist! They were out there for their own stupid ass reasons like lbgq and white feminism! SPEAK UMAR!!! THE PRINCE OF PANAFRICANISM!!!

  3. You make some good points as to how folks attend "our issue" rally's for thier own agenda but you make some very broad generalizations brotha Umar. Example: you don't know for certain that not one white person was there to help our cause. I will say that even those that reach out or want to help us have their limits both concious and unconscious. Now I'll make a generalization: No other race of people can truely understand our plight. The depth, systematic, concious and unconscious tools aimed at us is unimaginable and un-understandable to those of other races.

  4. Dr. Umar- I agree with a ton of things you say but you can kiss my ass on that ALL white people are racist bullcrap. I pity your life experiences that have left you with that kind of perspective. However, I agree the Antifa/Nazi white-on-white circus completely overran the actual issue. And I agree black issues should be spearheaded by black people. As far as these statues go, pulling them down is beneath all of us. We should have built statues of black Civil War or black abolitionists right beside them. We should have added to the historical story- not tried to erase it. Yeah there's Robert E Lee but here's Harriet Tubman and slavery lost… so… 🖕. This existed but so did this. I also agree with systemic racism. But I think it comes from welfare state, war on drugs, white-dictated black culture, etc. As Dick Gregory said, the racism to be concerned about doesn't come from hillbilly meth-heads, it comes from rich white folk in power making policy, deciding which thug gets a record deal, etc. Your average white person isn't in position to deny black folk anything. But whatever yall want to think. Evidently, since I'm white I'm a racist either way. Good luck with that.

  5. all those who speak against umar, what are you doing for black people? on any level. most people should shut the fuck up unless they are out here in these streets putting in the work. its easy to bash someone when you yourself have not and will not do anything for black people.

  6. This dumbass just said all white people are racist. Fact: the most overtly racist people I've ever met were all black, and racist against whites. But excuse me for pointing out the blatant hypocrisy.

  7. what the hell did he just say………why in the hell …would you have this cunt on your show ……lmfao ….he's just take your money …….""""""" for that school''''''''''''………he stold you shit !! fuck umar johnson !!!!!!!

  8. dr Kumar if America was going to stand I would say brilliant diagnosis with open capital with in community. But in New Jerusalem we will have a balanced and equal system

  9. Oh lord…seriously? Maybe there would have been blacks if BLACKS showed up.

    Maybe if crips,bloods,vice lords, BGD would mobilize and counter supremacy we would be better off. But instead they are shooting up the neighborhood, and killing each other off.

    Check the origin of why gangs formed and you will see where I'm coming from.

    instead of bitching….mobilize. Dr Johnson…set up protests .Stop condemning.

    who cares if they had an alternative agenda. When desegregation went into effect the support was joining due to an alternative agenda…but the numbers helped.

    sadly we only get a positive and progressive spin when white folks help. SO USE IT TO OUR ADVANTAGE. Be smarter

  10. I must respectfully disagree with the people claiming Dr Johnson is a coward because he has apparently never marched against white supremacy (how you know this is the case I don't know).

    Dr Johnson is openly telling black folks to organise, work, build and invest in and on behalf of each other. This is because we continue to be the lowest on the socio economic ladder and whatever the cause is of this (I believe it IS white supremacy but we have to take responsibility for ourselves). Dr Johnson understands that the only way this will end will be when we as a ppl learn to do for ourselves – 100%.

    His message is not to hate white ppl (which he said) but for us to love ourselves and depend on NOBODY as no other race does. That means our businesses, our schools everything but be owned by us for us. Why? Because every other race has this to an extent greater than us -factsss.

    Now many blacks and white liberals speak of forgetting race an marching together in brotherhood – theoretically this sounds very nice. However historically this has only got black ppl so far and a lot of the time other minorities end up with more progress than us when we forget to fund, create and promote our own for our own. Nothing I'm saying here is anti-white. When an Asian man builds an Asian restaraunt and only hires Asian ppl it's not anti anybody else he's simply helping his own kind because he understands that nobody else can the way he can.

    So pls my fellow black ppl worldwide lets understand that we need to build our own instead of complaining about white ppl not letting us in their club. There are many great white individuals who I do not believe are racist or evil; but the painful fact is they allll benefit from the white supremacy that is entrenched in the world ecosystem and that is very obvious in USA as well as U.K. Etc.

    I'm sorry but as Malcolm X said "the black man is not going to overcome by holding hands with the white man singing we shall overcome"! Let's start really building and funding our own in stead of complaining white ppl wont let us in their club. Those who believe times have changed are correct but with blacks still overwhelmingly at the bottom of the socio economic ladder have times realllly changeddd that much?

  11. According to the world nowadays everyone is racist but it's the people yelling it that truly are racist so here's some history facts the guy that killed the white girl was from antifa not the KKK also slavery started a long long time ago Egypt the Irish Jews and then Africa sold Africans as slaves Civil War was not just about a slaves the clintons family owned slaves and fought to keep slaves but its also the North trying to Triple the taxes on the south know your history know your facts black lives matter is the Black version of the KKK all groups involved in Charlottesville is guilty antifa black lives matter sjw white supremacy

  12. I listen to Dr. Umar talk and I don't get him. Obviuosly well educated but it seems he is most compassionate about hearing himself talk. Not every protest against discrimination or race needs to be led by or have blacks present.

  13. I don't disagree with Dr. Umar often, but this is another case. He says that white people (the good ones) have no place in helping defend black people. He is not accounting for all the interracial relationships that have been refacing the color spectrum of this country. 25% of Black male newlyweds in 2013 married non-Black women compared to 12% of Black women who “married out”, according to Pew Research Center. Of course, those figures have risen. So their family white members shouldn't stand up for them?

  14. UMAR!!! You wrong for marginalizing the Caucasian people that were protesting against the KKK. That's wrong to do. I appreciate your attempt to analyze on a microscopic level, but doing so can cause you to miss the obvious at times. There are plenty of white people who do not care about taking the shine from Black People's agenda. There are plenty of them that were simply protesting because they felt it was the right thing to do. Accept Blessings. Filter them, but accept them. Be careful not to condemn ALL…I pray you are blessed with more wisdom to continue your good work. Peace.

  15. This freaking dude acts like he's the answer to all our problem.What is he a Dr. of,stupidity.He's always talking about black people can't do this,they can't do that.Nobody going to remember no of his quotes,or his overview of why we shouldn't take a stand,why we don't have the teachings to survive.He's just one of those platform speakers.

  16. Listen BLACK PEOPLE. Since we debate about the subject of race 99% of the time, let it be clear that The RACE agenda is over! okay, we lost. Blacks are not a race we are a SUBGROUP of an African race. Many years ago before we were brought over there was this capital competition going on that the african people didnt understand that there was a game being played. Our ancesters sacrificed there lives to just live to see another day at all cost. Their children were being raised by southern and northern whites. At this time the languages of the african subgroups have perished within the american negroes not to mention our DNA is not mixed up in all kinds of african subgroups as well as the DNA of whites and racist whites. This continued fight we are in well never win amongst ourselves and any other group. Rather we have always won on love, universal love because that's who we truly are. If blacks now are independent we have no access to superior weaponary probably no allies but some african nations or perhaps middle east but im sure they would help on the contrary to do what they say. We are americans, True Americans be who you are. Try to make a difference spread love if you have personal aspirations whether its ecomomic gain or other strives by all mean do that but spread moral goodness to it. Spread who you are not foolish games that you will never win. Or else you will perish.
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  17. Black and brown people need to pay close attention to dr umar! You need to step up and take what's yours! Just be aware superior white humans won't like this and they will immediately kill all of you.

  18. I live in Virginia, Charlettesville is where Dave Matthews lives, Trust Me, there aren't any blacks living there (very few). I think that Dr. Johnson has some very interesting points of view, & I think that it's interesting to consider wether black Americans would be better off with thier own situation, rather than integrated into the white power structure. It's also interesting to consider the idea of asking whites to stay out of black protests, & affairs. I don't know what to think, as a white person, I need to listen, & learn when it comes to issues of black oppression.

  19. 6:04, Umar is right. I don't think they were out there because they actually care about Black folks. They were out there simply trying to distance themselves from the extremism or the deliberate display of the act. They still practice it on a discreet level, and so it's all hypocrisy to me. None of them will lift a finger against the system. The crooneys on your job are still documenting all your mistakes, to get you fired. At least I know to stay the hell away from these ones, instead of those who want to converse with me, but don't give a damn about how the system manipulates them into acting on their racial bullshit.

  20. Don't agree-with Umar. I think it worked for our benefit to have white people protesting. Jews were protesting on their behalf. And other oppressed people as well they all had issues.

  21. Now, I gotta say that I agree with Dr. Unarmed on this point. Cause for me, I do not need white folks fighting for me or with me. I know history, and if my people would read something and think critically, they will fine that every time white people infiltrated our fight, we lost our momentum and eventually lost our power!

  22. I ask this. To all the strictly anti-white brothers and sisters out there, what have you done to change the black community? Where are you at these protests and counter protests? I just see y'all sitting on your ass and being a keyboard warrior and complain about white people being bolder than you to show their face on YOUR behalf. Y'all "true woke folk" what are you for the black community? How much wealth have you built up and poured into the black community? What have you done to educate? What have you done to empower? Seems some white people are willing to fight for black people more than y'all NIGGAS!

  23. Black people just need to face it that white people didnt or ever will give a damn about you or your struggles just love each and bring each other up then we can start loving white people once they will respect us

  24. All statements are VERFIABLE FACTS not assumption, presumption, conjecture,opinion or barber shop dialogue, they are the UNDISPUTED TRUTH written by one that has intellect and engage in CRITICAL THINKING using VERIFIABLE FACTS. When you look at Dr.Umar Johnson motives and actions all adds up to he's a plant by White Supremacy for a
    DISTRACTION for the Black community he mix a majority of truth with a minority of lies, he's a doctor of psychology he KNOWS how to manipulate people,he KNOWS Black people are aboriginal and indigenous to the United States,however he espouse that Black people in the United States are of African descent through the Trans Atlantic slave trade and his platform is a Pan AFRICAN,
    he KNOWS that Black people are DESTROYED by Subjugation of White
    Supremacy and GOING BACKWARDS
    AS TIME GO FORWARD, the next plan is GENOCIDE(e.g. Flint,Michigan)
    and Black people can't be progressive because they are destroyed as a people,yet he has a plan by opening schools were he have to beg for the money to build so Black people can
    "pick themselves up by their bootstrap", he KNOWS that Islam can't be group with Christianity which is the White Supremacy power structure with REGRESSION of Black people,however he group Islam with Christianity to shine a disparaging light on ISLAM so it won't be the right choice for progression of Black people,he KNOWS that J Edgar Hoover instituted plans so a Black leader can't rise amongst the people or face death yet he continue to make lectures world wide for the EMPOWERMENT OF BLACK PEOPLE because he KNOWS there is no clear presence of danger because he's on the side of White Supremacy as a covert agent,the only HELP hope for
    Black people is the hand of God through the only faith in the world with
    God in it ISLAM. Alhamdulillahالحمد لله

  25. Is there a difference between racism and ethnocentrism? As an Afro-Caribbean man I prefer to be with people of my own race and background. Naturally I am interested in issues that affect black people world wide. I am a student of Caribbean and world history and I am very aware of the struggle of people of color as they seek to achieve justice and economic equity.

    Some of the ideas I share privately and in the public square are challenging for people of other races. Loving myself and my own however requires that I recognize that people of all races are looking to advance their own cause and the cause of their racial grouping as well. Since I am interested in my racial group I would be a hypocrite if I got upset because of the commitment of another person to his/ her racial group.

    My commitment to personal improvement and to the amelioration of my race should never be placed on the same base level as a commitment to an ideology that promotes my race as the superior race. It is ethically correct for me to love my neighbor but that love must be predicated on self love.

    Nazis did not direct their hatred exclusively against black people. Caucasians who came out to the counter march in Charlottesville should be affirmed and congratulated for their valiant protest against a vile ideology. The removal of the statue of General Lee may have been a black thing but the broader issue was a human thing. The presence of white counter protesters represented the human spirit soaring high and it clearly demonstrated that America is not where it was a hundred years ago.

    It is unlikely that erring, fallible human beings will ever completely fix the problem of race but we cannot be blind to the incremental steps forward that have been made. The browning of America is a chilling and frightening reality check for some white Americans who are not seeing a bright future for themselves and their racial group.

    It should be comforting to white America that a black man in the White house did not produce any white lynchings or burning. White people in America did not become an under class during the Obama presidency and they will no doubt continue to do well under President Trump.

    Multiculturalism is not an easy proposition. America fought a civil war over the issue of race and I suspect that Charlottesville will not be the last skirmish is the age old battle between people of different races, languages, tribes and ethnicity.

  26. Its sad folks don't listen and know how to revise… I could give three craps about EDOMITES destroyin each Uther… anything OUR PEOPLE SPEAK AGAINST ITS A PROBLEM… DR. UMAR IS RITE.

  27. This lady host seems unaware that jews ran half of the slave trade. Both Louis Farrakhan and David Duke actually agree on this and have proved it. Jews love it when you use the word that they have bashed into your brain, "anti-Semitism". Now you use the word and protect your oppressor(s). The jewish fight for control of America, and they do have it, comes by way with your help. There is such a thing as jewish privilege you know. There is such a thing as jewish tribalism. Dr. Umar is also wrong that whites joining black issues does not help. It took white men to vote in favor of blacks right to vote or it would never have happened. You can also keep harping on slavery as awful, which it was, but it is the EXACT reason that America has a sizeable black population at all. Most of the blacks in America would never have been born if not for jewish and white traders buying them from blacks in Africa and shipping them here. Blacks weren't paying their own way here and getting on boats. So would America be a better place today if slavery never existed? Would America be a better place today if blacks weren't here in such large numbers?

  28. Black people were brought here for their labor as slaves first in the sugar and tobacco plantations in the Caribbean by the Spanish. They didn't do well with keeping either native Americans or getting their own peasants to work on plantations because it was to easy for them to run away. Because you can't hide your blackness you made good slaves. At the end of the civil war there were 180+ regiments of US Colored Troops. The system had to change because you can't expect a man with a rifle to submit to the old indignities. They decide not to break up the plantations and divide them among the former slaves but let their owners keep the property leaving most black people in the situation of being sharecroppers or propertyless laborers.

    In the 1950's new machinery replaced the labor of ten sharecroppers with one. This turned black people into internal immigrant workers into the industrial cities of the north. This is where Minister Farrakhan and Dr. Umar go wrong. You can't rerun history and all go back to the land as free farmers at best only a few of you could do that. The reason being is that the number of farms is always on the decrease and machinery keeps reducing the overall number. The same goes for small business. They are continually replaced by bigger business. A few of you could go that way but in the end their numbers are also always decreasing. The black community is not going to try and turn themselves into palestinians with walls and city states either. Trying to create a black capitalism will not work because capitalism itself is failing and that's why we see the Charlottesville thing to begin with. Like it or not you part of the working class and figuring how to go down a revolutionary road like what Fidel Castro did and the Cuban revolution keeps doing is the path forward.

  29. Dr. Umar is correct, that riot in Charlottesville VA wasn't our fight. It had nothing to do with US. Those white folks were NOT rioting/fighting for the rights of Black people, nor were they marching for the injustices towards Black people. That left wing/right wing crap was all about white people who had issues with other white people. The racist, prejudice, misogynistic, bigots had a problem with white feminists, white Jews and the LGBTQ community. The problem is they're always using US as an excuse to march for their issues when their issues don't pertain to US, but it's a gateway for them to use. And those white supremacists and white nationalists could care less about a damn statue. They were using the statue as an excuse to have a reason for all their hate groups to gather. They couldn't say, "We wanna put an end to feminism, gays, and everything else we hate" outright, so they used the statue as an "excuse". It had nothing to do with US. It wasn't OUR fight!

  30. This kind of exclusionary talk is confusing and separating black people from the other groups. There's some sort of paranoid conspiratorial narrative that Umar and others preach.
    White people were NOT there because the alt-right movement is anti-femenist.
    They were there to refute racism.
    They do care about you. They do fight for you, and for racial and economic equality.

  31. Everyone on this comment thread seems to hit the mark just a little bit. In other words, just about everyone on here makes a good point and are partly correct including the people in this video. The truth… are you ready for it?….. The Charlottesville incident was meant to create racial division among the masses. Why? It's the old tactic of "Divide and conquer" for the sake of preventing any unity that may form over time. It was also intended to act as a distraction from all the other issues that are occurring today in the political world. While propagating the racial divide through corporate media they were also simultaneously attempting to create the false narrative that Donald Trump approves of white supremacists. Much of "their" attempts are to get Trump impeached to make way for a more cooperative puppet of the elites (Mike Pence). My point is that, the establishment is playing everyone in a GIANT game with division being created on all fronts. Racially, politically, class, gender etc…

    And as many of you have pointed out the most bizarre part of it all is that instead of using all black people versus white. The establishment has clearly adapted to the new social media culture and have found hypersensitive hipster, SJW's who are clearly feeling the burden of white guilt to be the suckers in their manufactured proxy battle.

    So for anyone that thinks they have unraveled this complicated event and have figured out all the players involved and your looking to connect the dots because not everything is adding up. I just made it a whole lot easier for you.
    The cops received the stand down orders NOT because of racism. NOT because they were too scared to do their jobs or because their higher ups were worried they would get hurt. But because the Mayor ordered it. Both the mayor and the governor were in on it. They wanted violence to ensue because they follow they orders and do the bidding of the elites who also (coincidentally) own the corporate mainstream media.

    Open your eyes, this is the same reason why you'll see incidents like this occur when black people are protesting "peacefully" and the cops come in full riot gear and APC'S and aggressively attack peaceful groups. Whats the difference you ask? In each case the violence is manufactured. If not through the actions of the police than it's by way of causing to groups of protesters to converge on each other.

  32. This guys just sounds more and more like a plant. What is the endgame? What's the resolution? All I here from this guy is more separation. If he is so intelligent, how come he doesn't seem to understand the chain reaction that will be created from taking down all these statues? If we are allowed to remove figures of history based on an idea of hate and racism, people will just continue down the line all the way to the founding of the country. If you undermine and destroy the founding of the country, you destroy everything created with it. The main point being The Constitution. If you think black people have problem now, wait till that happens. We are all fucked then. This man is not a leader. He is a divider.

  33. Ous folks are so hard of understanding the difference in Nationalism and Racism.. That is bcz these boulahs and the Christian church. They have blinded blacks into such a stupid and sleep state that the damn wild animals have seemed to evolved better then us. They know the difference between they own and another group of animals. Zebras dont run with lions, RIGHT!$^*? WTF, Wake up ppl damn!!. Cant yall see what these devils are trying to do?!…

  34. This dude is stupid AF. one of many tools used to lead God's children right off the cliff into the depths of hell. And one very slick thing about satin is that he can and will use pieces of truth, but he is a liar to the core.

  35. What some people find hard to grasp is that the American civil war was not about freeing the slaves at was an exercise in consolidating the many currencies and quid pro quos into a one currency. What some people also fail to understand and that Jesus and Christianity is a stalking-horse that keeps them contemporarily enslaved. Social Justice is a contingency of social control.

  36. So what you are saying you don't believe that any white or Hispanic people believe and back up BLM? So If someone doesn't agree or support BLM they are racist AND if they do agree and try to support BLM they are ALSO racist? Makes no sense sounds like you just don't like or want anything including support from anyone who isn't black. You need Jesus.

  37. The right to peacefully assemble is not dependent on message. Its important to understand that. Reportedly, the police were ordered to not defend that right, i.e., whomever issued that ordered committed a serious crime. There is no "narrative" that is more important than the right to peaceful assembly.

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