Dr Umar Johnson with Dr Joy Leary DeGruy


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  1. umar’s is the king of all scum bag scammers, a migrating fraud-leech who preys on vulnerable low, income Black communities. Here’s umar’s latest, lowdown 1- umar is expecting $3,000 from low income a “boy only,”- no parents, cell ph restricted, 14 day pedophile-mobile bus trip. See the details and get creeped out! Girls allowed after folks called pervert alert on this trip. Many still are. 2- Frederick Douglass’ families confirmed the obvious; umar’s is NO kin of theirs. 3- websites are dedicated to keep track of umar’s scams. Please bookmark and spread the word. Don’t be fooled by giving this Afro-Svengali one red cent for anything….and GOD LORD, certainly don’t ever turn your child over to him.

    Creepy umar blurb…..

    The tour leader, Dr.Umar, will host at least 2 conference calls before the tour, for all parents, and you will be notified ahead of time as to when the calls will be. Parents are not allowed on the tour. Your child will not be allowed usage of their cell phone during the day but they will have usage in the evening, from dinnertime until bedtime. We only promise one thing……your 11-17 year old will never be the same again!!

    April 18, 2016 by

    To whom it may concern:

    The family of Frederick Douglass has received numerous inquiries about Umar Johnson questioning his relationship to Frederick Douglass. There have also been questions about the legitimacy of his PhD and handling of the donations he’s received for a school he is promoting. We can tell you with 100% certainty that he is not a descendant of Frederick Douglass.

    With that being said, Mr. Johnson is very careful not to bill himself as a “descendant”, but he doesn’t correct people when they refer to him in this way. He calls himself a “blood relative” which is a nebulous reference designed to make people think he is a descendant. We have researched his explanation of being a “blood relative” to the Great Abolitionist. Some of the information he provides is accurate, but an extremely important piece of his explanation, with regard to a documented relative of Frederick Douglass, is false. The information he recites correctly is from the public record so his knowledge of our family ancestry is far from definitive proof. The official Douglass family tree is held in the archives at the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site in Washington, DC. Mr. Johnson’s name is not on it.


    Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives

  2. It ain't about no got damn money it's about educating his ppl & dropping knowledge on his ppl so black folks can wake up from this systematic oppression in this country & it's nothing wrong with that he speaking truth. He also teaching those who don't know or who are not aware of this epic. Whites been poisoning the minds of black folks for so long & here u are coming on here bashing umar because he got love for his ppl I don't give a fuck how rich or poor I may be this man got my money because I see his vision & someday I hope his dream will come true 4 him to open up a school for black boys & hopefully black girls it is very much needed so what does it matter to you, you probably someone who never wants to see that happen. He is not a scumbag scammer or any those things he is a man with mind power & identity which I hope many black men like him can come forward & work together 2 spread love & unity amongst their own ppl. Ashay!

  3. Not saying that all caucasoid people are soulless with calsafide pieanel gland. But the ones that stood around being amused by hangings & burnings & things of that nature you can't say they were normal!!!!!😒

  4. OK! Another mis-leading title for views. I agree with both of these great Doctors but they are NOT together discussing issues as if they are both in the same space. re-title the video. I was all excited to see them both talking about Black issues just to see the video is comprised of video clips of Doctor Joy and Doctor Umar. Come on man!


    Oxymoron jagar; "cognitive disonance," create demonic comfort and edify conflict. ZERO Whites "suffer" since all still "Economical ALIVE". Zombie dawn in pale face dead ALL speak fork tongue.

    Black Folk Denial KU:

    "Conditioned to think; feel and act," with un-just enforcement nor legislation. Deny obvious hiding in PLAIN SIGHT to idolize, love mate in breed practice is NOT NORMALIZED. SPIRITS don't tell lies Id. Ego wants and maintain supremacy pretending whites don't murder, maim, mischief nor monetize. How Hitler won't EVEN spell.

    Example: Plane crashed recently; with 5 or 7 members on board "stranded. Rescue arrived within ONE [sixty minute] hour. 3 remaining "survivors" consumed "those" missing. [All white passengers and staff aboard] were "arrested". Whites again screaming blacks HELP.

    Twenty years past "civil Rights" same teaching "activists lecturing whites civilization training. Slavery NEVER existed.


    Masters; Openly conducted in two continents and funds HERE [North AMERICA]. "Earth's SKY Been falling; t'aint no need to Panic. "i" [$ Dollar Bills] tree got ONE Stick. Makes "YOU" automatic. Compatible creative in ALL ATTACKS. Black ain't no BODY dope as WE. JUST US~

  6. This sent chills down my spine. Cognitive Dissonance! I have always been extremely watchful of my association with white people as a group. Very very watchful.

  7. I have a question…

    Who does this? Who denies, minimizes or tries to justify slavery nowadays? There is no white person that I have ever met aside from some fringe white nationalists who say that slavery was anything other than cruel and barbaric. Furthermore, what white people are conditioned to think that black people are inferior? In all my years of growing up I never once had that thought and throughout my life some of my biggest heroes have been black. As an Armenian activist I am heavily influenced by black intellectual such as James Baldwin and W EB Du Bois. Additionally I know, the civilization that first sparked my obsession with ancient history was ancient Egypt and later Nubia.

    During the march for the hundredth anniversary of the Armenian genocide I was proud to see hundreds of black faces in the crowd with us in support and solidarity.

    Trust me, the vast majority of white people have no ill feelings towards black people.

  8. All this time being white supremacy and ruling…and now their very existence and morals are being challenged, so they are afraid. They can't hide their hateful devilish ancestral culture now. This is not the Dark Ages anymore and retaliation's a itchb. Their savage days are at hand. What really concerns me is these melanated kkkrakas (whites in black skin…YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) LOVE doing the devil's work by acting stupid and waving the Willie Lynch noose around their damn necks. 7 kkkrakas disliked the vid.

  9. i thought the whole issue of holding white supremacists accountable for the treatment of descendants of slaves was addressed after world war 2? "how can america be a force for good if they treat black folk so poorly?" i guess not

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