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Dr Umar Johnson – Talks Inter Racial Marriage, Donald Trump On Breakfast Club


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  1. Thats a damn shame man, smfh. Not only does the whole world hate us, but we hate us smh, but they love it when we do all this nice stuff for them. Remember that OutKast song The Whole World exactly how they think of black people smh. Only entertaining

  2. This gets dicey, because I'm a big believer that your family stucture and your environment do matter. Both of my parents were military, went to college. I'm former military and went to college as well. My parents kept it real with me on so many things as being a black man

    Did that give me advantages? I know it did.

    My general disposition has never been about status or being self conscious of what anybody, and I do mean anyone thinks about me. My measure of success was to ultimately be an independent male. I have my own car, my own home, etc. But I never really cared about "brand"

    I guess what I'm asking, is it simply that black people's priorities are not in the same place as other's? Perhaps on some level, but I feel that's a huge generalization from Dr. Johnson.

  3. these blinds baboons do some racist shit to black folks in China,,,,,,,,alright they would not take their fake materials to Africa anymore,,,,,,,,,, we will hold them accountable soon

    Black men wake TF UP and stop chasin them beckys and fetishizing latinas/any other race than your own.
    No one in this entire world will ever love you and stan for you the way a black woman does. Start respecting and supporting our queens in all relationships.

  5. His speech is so fluid and he doesn't stutter. You can tell he knows what he's talking about. And he's confident in what he says. That's something you'll never find in a politician.

  6. Chinese people are just smarter than everyone. These niggas are in the driest deserted town in fucking Mexico that nobody even knows. And there's fucking Chinese stores with Mexicans working there. These people are smart man

  7. Nobody wants to be bothered with black people because every community they infiltrate…they destroy. I don't blame them. They want to penetrate every neighborhood to then do what? Stop wanting to be included and build and or maintain your own. Stop spending money you don't have, stop being destructive and other people will begin to realize that black people have value.

  8. Point of correction, Mandarin is not an official language in South Africa, it is not taught in schools, Zulu, Xhosa and other indigenous languages are taught in schools, I am from South Africa so I know what I am talking about, what he is saying is false

  9. CHINESE ARE RACIST. what he's saying about China is true.JAPANESE, are way better than Chinese. I have respect for Japanese people cause they are very well behaved. chinese are savages.

  10. Dr. umar I have been a supporter are years brother and know that you are universally design to be born to be who you are brother "But brother if we are really thinking about building these schools , we would have to establish the foundation strong financial structure black businesses like the Black owned banks and supermarkets, foundation black is black owned that is build to all protect and provide for the community and the schools , SEE we build the empire first brother.

  11. Black people, we are in the last days of this earth and things have gotten even more evil and unfair and all the white type of races who are not black are being given wealth and businesses and all that was built by the USA to start more racism and make life, especially for blacks, more horrible and hurtful. Chinese along with all the poverty foreign european and third world countries that citizens look more closer to white are getting America's wealth and power because satan has little time left and he is using these evil racist white americans to do it. These poverty countries and their immigrant people can't build shit and are living off the USA and it is causing great hardship and horrors around this earth and especially black people are suffering because we are so hated by satan. There is an end coming to this though and a world of payback vengeance on these beasts soon. It is getting very bad for blacks but there is an end to it.

  12. we as black ppl suppose to comunicate and stick together but unfortunately we are not United as one to move forward. ppl really need to wake up and rise instead of being stubborn to face reality.

  13. I'm a black man. Let's get that out of the way. And I'll go on the record and say that I would rather have a non-black woman be my wife and the love be organic & authentic than to choose a black woman all just impress the black immunity. Bottom line, be with who you love! If you only prefer white or Asian women and you're a black man, fuck it! Don't let anyone chastise you for having a preference in color. REGARDLESS OF THE REASONS. And don't let "woke" condescending, self-righteous frauds like Umar Johnson try to sway you into making decisions that aren't organic. Love is colorblind and if you disagree with that then I don't know what to tell you.

  14. So when are we, (African-Americans), going to finally rebuild our "Black Wall Street?!?!?!?!?!?! I wish he touched on that because so many Blacks don't know that in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 90+ years ago, that very community was one of the richest communities in America. The problem the US government had with this very community was that they were so well off (financially) that the government saw them as a threat to society due to their financial prosperity. They also saw them as a threat because they were doing better economically than White- America, which later gave them the incentive to burn the community down…. such a shame how some individuals of (White America) don't like the concept of competition with Black America…

  15. I find it interesting that challenges black men about interracial dating but he never challenges black women like Maya Angelou who have been with white men so does that negate her contributions to the black struggle does a black woman who marries a white man wish she was a white woman herself?

  16. dr. Umar Johnson himself has two children out of wedlock why did he not marry the woman he had kids by? how come it's okay for him to encourage and demand men to create black families when he has not created one himself? this man was talking about how he was celibate for years but come to find out he was sleeping with a quote conscious stripper I respect a brother for being intelligent and educated but at the same time there's a lot of contradictions going on here

  17. Umar was telling the true because this generation so made up that why these kids thinking is always about money, cars, clothes, and jewelry because they listening to all this rapper talking about the same thing

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