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Dr Umar Johnson – Talks Being Ambushed On Roland Martin’s Show

Dr Umar Johnson – Talks Being Ambushed On Roland Martin’s Show


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  1. not quite what I'm saying however what I am saying is no one is to be trusted but you guide yourself lead yourself you are aware of yourself am I not correct so if you're aware of yourself then you are aware of God God is your inner being. that's not God you hear talking to you that your subconscious. let me ask you this question if you don't put forth the effort to get something will anyone just give it to you? I am sure that you answered no and my response would be precisely it has to manifest you have to will greatness it starts with you is what I'm saying anything outside of your world is propaganda. Stay up!

  2. Roland Martin was all about black power when Richard Spencer came to his show with his usual bullshit. Now Umar is spittin that real black power and he has a problem with it! Hyporcrite!

  3. Umar talks fast but his logic just isn't very sound. With that being said, I still didn't like the way that they set that segment up. It did feel like an ambush. Whether I agree with someone or not, I don't think that was very professional.

  4. Black people are in the sunken place nowadays. At least back in the 1950's you didnt have Love and hiphop and social media to distract us from our goals. Nowadays you got a car, home and a 40hr a week job and you get comfortable and dont need to fight for anything.

  5. Wow those were the perfect examples of 3 coons if I ever seen one…that annoying chick was acting like a 3 year old…And the dark skin guy at the end just sounded like he took the small bus to school…Dr.Johnson keep going brother

  6. Dr. Umar I have alot of respect for you. you are a strong Blackman telling it like it is. Soooo proud of you. we need more men like you standing up for your people. I will be making a donation to help our cause. Don't let us down. God Bless

  7. THE REAL PROBLEM is that the Dominate Society CANNOT allow Dr. UmarJohnson’s Message  “Blackman should only Marry Black woman” to gain any momentum is because this goes against their Black Population Reduction Agenda that has been in place for some time now.  Their purpose is to reduce and keep Melanated people numbers down because they know that we will eventually outnumber them in a few years and that at some point they will cease to exist on earth.   Situations like the high black incarceration rate, The Privatization of the Prison industrial Complex, The normalization and
    encouragement of Same Sex Relationships, Police Brutality – shooting/killing unarmed Black Men, The over represented Abortion Clinics in Black Neighborhoods, Weaponizing Welfare to break up the Black Family. 
    Roland Martian is a Covert Tool of the Establishment used to low-key help keep the White Supremes Agenda alive.   In other words, Roland Martian is
    doing what all Boules are supposed to do……..”Ensure the Kings Orders are carried out in Black Communities”

  8. But who called who out of their name first, he is stating that they were trifling.  But he called the gentleman on the left side of the lady a "Coon", why did he have to step to the gentleman in such a manner, but then identifies them as trifling? Who was acting trifling, if your argument has merit then you don't need to stoop to this level.

  9. My Sentiments to the Letter…Allot could be said, but I'd rather invest that energy and time in bring together, THE REAL BLACK MEN THAT ALLAH GOD PRESERVED AND PREPARED FOR THIS TIME, (((((The end of Satan World, and the promised "Here After" where Peace, Justice, and Equality are the order of the day all over the Planet.))))))) THE WARRIOR'S WHO HAVE THEIR GOD GIVEN COMMONSENSE IN TACKED, WHO HAVE DEEP IN THEIR DNA, THE UNDYING SPIRIT OF THOSE WHO SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES THAT WE MAY STAND HERE TODAY….

    And for those, who watch the same videos, and see and hear the pain of our Black men, women, and children being brutalized and murdered senselessly, and a so-called judicial system that we pay our hard earned tax dollars to support, turn a blind eye towards TRUTH and allow their demon soldiers to walk away free without any recourse, even though there are literal written policies, directives and procedures that dictate their action when out in public…Still no justice, to be found..

    I prayed to ALLAH that the cowards, and traders of this world, at this time, suffer the most excruciating pain and chastisement of ALLAH, and if I was allow to have a say in the matter of what one of the sanctions would be, it would be going to hell and boil in their own sh^t…..How's that for being politically correct..

  10. Roland Martin is Boulé…. what did Steve Cokely tell y'all about these buck dancing coons??? yeah he presents himself good he's black, he's a "Greek" all of that but he and his ilk work for the power structure…they pacify you with Tom Joyner cruises and NBA all star weekend but they ain't gonna support anything thats 100% AFRIKAN

  11. I really want to say nasty things about the girl in the middle…her deamemor, her facial expressions, her candor, her diction, her anunciation, her posture, and the way she spoke to Dr. Umar but I wont. Hopefully her father sees it though. 😂😂😂😂

  12. I agree we have a lot of fixing to do but division is not the answer. WE need to put JESUS CHRIST first. We have to stop criticizing each other and come together to lift each other up and not down each other. THANK YOU JESUS may ALL BE BLESSED

  13. I'm 56 and have been hearing people like Dr. Johnson for years, the mistake he and so many of his followers make is that they see the black community as a monolith, as if we all have the same experiences and feelings about issues. If you're not in lockstep with their particular opinions , then you're labeled a sellout, a coon, etc. That kind of thinking tends to create division instead of bringing people together for a common good. Until we get past this crap, we will never come together to get anything done as a whole. This talk of separation is pure nonsense and folly, that will lead to nothing. For some of these folks you are never black enough , unless you feel exactly as they feel, we are just as diverse in our feelings and thoughts as any other community, I never hear other ethnic communities castigate each other for diversity of thought like the black community engages in. As far as dating out of your race, that does not have a damn thing to do with conditions in some black communities, it is a red herring that only causes division, you can't dictate to another human who to love. It's sad reading these comments, just proves our communities remain divided as ever.

  14. I hope you all know by now that some White Supremacist are in Black skin. We are at the crossroads and we need to start weeding that type out. Cut them off completely. We need to treat all coons as any civilized nation treats its traitors.


  16. I respectfully disagree, We can't afford a civil war with our own people for the benefit of the Oppressor. They love to have us in-fighting and let him off the hook. I think our resources would be better used by winning more hearts and minds of our people. All may not be totally ready but win more sympathizers, they will suffice once the movement reaches momentum

  17. plan first, then build a core, then work a model as long as its one you all can actually live. I handed one such model to Umar in Queens not too long ago

  18. I actually think that Dr Umar did good in that interview, he didn't let his emotions take over him, i think thoses coons didn't know what to do at one point. He made them look bad

  19. God works in mysteries ways because even the coon Rolland ambush him it gave Dr Umar more exposure and he has made us thinking about his comment about racial marriage and what are white people doing for our black people systematically.

  20. Umar Johnson is a conman only the gullible don't ask questions of a person who does not have the credentials to run a school let alone too arrogant to say he doesn't know, rather he believes.


  22. anyone who is about uplifting us as a ppl I'm riding with Dr Umar has contributed more than any bro or sis who listened to this video.. those who look for fault are the same ones putting holes in the boat.

  23. "The miserable have no other medicine but only hope". ~Shakespeare~ Dr. Umar is preaching hope. But it's not hope in the system that currently exists, but hope in a presently non-existent black community. I support him. He is pushing a huge rock uphill, with insufficient support. And it's a job to big for only a few to attempt to get done.

  24. To be fair, all five people that day had on their boxing gloves ready to fight and not prepared to listen. Umar Johnson was correct on most of what he said except his judgement call on individuals who marry non-Black people. There is no "codebook" on what constitutes being an active advocate for Black embetterment. A Black person married to a white, Asian or Latino is no indication on what their views are regarding the support of institutions which would improve the well-being of Blacks in America. His arguments on this topic are not convincing and like his fascination with homosexuality, his views on other people's relationship behavior seems suspect and frankly bizarre. Other than that, I think he is mostly correct.

  25. I am confused. I watched this interview and what I observed was some heated exchanges over statements that Dr. Johnson made himself. I did NOT see any 'attacking' of Dr. Johnson. What I also observed is that Dr. Johnson may be used to being THE voice on shows where he is interviewed because HE is usually the one with the 'knowledge'. I also believe that Dr. Johnson was not prepared for the questioning that he received! To be asked about your credentials or your statement of your linkage to Fredrick Douglas is NOT attacking but INQUIRING! I did not see or think Roland Martin handled this interview any different than he has other guest. What I also thought is that Roland Martin was prepared with the facts and Dr. Johnson had little evidence to counter Martin's facts. That's NOT attacking,that's called someone being PREPARED (Martin) and someone not being prepared (being Johnson)
    I was impressed by some of DR. Johnson's statements,but when he was challenged he seem to whither under minimal pressure. My advise to Dr. Johnson is that when you decide to go on a program as such,be prepared (very prepared).

  26. lemme know when umar and the other so called conscious community "leaders" begin to caution black people about the dangers/harms of puffing weed regularly and drinking alcohol and being in constant "party-mode" while having sex with many diferent people on a reg basis

    they will never touch on this because con men cannot win by pointing out things the MARK does not want to hear

  27. we must not blame the children for the conditions of their minds, but the system for the creation of the condition of the black community mind. The mind is the most powerful thing in the world thats why they attack it
    we been striped of our culture
    strip of our legacy
    our spirituality
    brought into struggle of our ancestors nightmare and must learn how to survive some how

  28. I thought this dude was going to bring a level of consciousness ( buck dancing with killary Hillary) Rolland Martin to the idiot box, but that panel minus the brotha with the glasses have bought into this mainstream mindset of cooning. Gotta get that Roland shit off my DVR, He's done!

  29. Facts 100% Truth dr Umar fuck the public let's get real and be discreet!! Gain 1000 real niggas so we can war with the 100000 coons out here I'm tired of beating these mofuckin coons ass all alone

  30. Dr. Umar has about 80% of my support regardless of how I feel, Roland Martin was so wrong. This man was PRO-BLACK NOT ANTI WHITE – – his degrees are legit. This man was a threat to Roland Martin and he couldn't shuck n' jive and dance with him, as he did with Hillary Clinton and ignorant ass Wendy Williams. That panel – 4 so called educated black people – still had an ignorant line of thought and yes – – the coonery didn't nudge Dr. Umar. He held his ground!! I love black love and dating as such – but if it doesn't turn out that way for my kids – so be it, but I love it and will promote it. Why is that the main issue for them?

  31. I'm so happy to see Dr. Umar do a great job with this interview. Charlemagne thanks for shining a light and helping our black brothers and sisters understand that black ppl are still shucking and jiving for their positions and that white Americans and black women are afraid of the unapologetic black individual. Some of the black males have been duped into this horrible plantation idea of the 20th century. They get a pretty nice salary, house/ car and a white woman on their arm or they're feeling excited abt being able to marry their life partner…… they reached the american dream ……'the illusion" I'm so scared right now for Kevin hart he looks like he's taken the path.

  32. Coming from a guy who dated more women of other races than his own (not because I want to be white or w.e but because the area im in I have the ability to choose), out of the 100 thous ppl to c this it was a perfect message because atleast one person (ME) is leaving with the message he was inending to deliver, I feel where he comin from on the marriage thing, because how can we do so much forone another or even our families if we not going to do the most logical thing and produce more voices for the cause (black children) eventually interracial marriages would wipe out a whoe lineage, could it possibly come aroud again yea but why tak the chance, im not gonna make money to pass down to my kids and then it end up tht same money is fightin against us because one of my grandkids soldout for the color of his skin and not whats in his blood, if I have a id with a white woman, and my lightsin kid does the same, two or three generations from tht wouldn't even know they have blck in them, especially with how easy kids get brainwashed now days. So yea ill have fun and all but best believe the woman I settle with, for kids and a future and our future generations, wil be black and aware of how important it is to the lineage.i will not work hard to earn money from this system jus so it can belong In the same place I got it from or even worse my lineage becomes apart of this fucced up system we are in

  33. Well for more proof of the massive brain wishing if black folks, just look at the masses of black women paying millions of dollars to see the pathetic movie, Girls Night Out ….The horrible Tyler Perry movies are just as worse !

  34. I don't blame Roland Martin and his panel bashing Umar Johnson. They had to bash him for a reason.
    They listen to his speeches.
    And totally disagree with some of the things he said in his speeches. And I believe they were just there to tell him how they felt about what he said in his speeches.
    Now Umar is not perfect.
    Because He do have a few red flags sticking out of him.
    And once again I don't blame them for bashing him. I would've done it also.
    This guy raised over $1 million for this so called private school that he wants the build.
    And so far , there is no school.
    And he didn't give no one no type of update about the school . That guy is a fraud

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