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Dr. Umar Johnson Sets the Record Straight on Obama’s Homosexual Agenda


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  1. I'm glad you stay focused on this IG. The Black community is a joke when it comes to this issue, as evidenced by the support that they gave / give that PEDOPHILE Bishop Eddie Long. Did you see how they celebrated that man's life at his funeral the other day? Even Deion Sanders should be ashamed of himself. I stand with your militancy on this issue IG. The sexual and mental abuse of children in our community should not be tolerated. Now I'm not advocating death or dismemberment, but an extremely THOROUGH ASS WHIPPING by several members of the community, women included, would not be a terrible idea. Hope this reaches you well IG.

  2. Right on! This English language that was FORCED on our fore parents had many misnomers. Sex is when a penis enters a vigina. All the mammals on Earth know this law of God. Everything else is masturbation. The reason the former President Obama loves homomasturbaters so much is because he's a homomasturbater. His wife is a transgender and the children were rented. The Obama's deserve an academy award because they did pull this farce off.

  3. We wouldn't have to be worried about the "gay agenda" if we were UNIFIED. The millennial black man and woman ya'll need to fight this war cant even get along! They have successfully made them hate each other! The demon-crats will take over office again and after all the evil trump finish doing the homo agenda wont look half as bad. Blacks will go running to them. Ya'll need to scale it back. the black man and woman can't even come together in love and understanding lol. Black man and woman cant even have a peacful conversation anymore. Y'all must not live in this world. These Pro Black pan Africanist brothers haven't even uttered one word about the black woman's struggle. If ya'll really want this movement to succeed you cant do it without the goddess. Sorry but true. Why don't y'all see this unless you just don't want to see it. Hmmmm

  4. I don't have any respect for former president Obama or any man or woman doing the devils work on white supremacy brainwashing..In which results causing lies and confusion to children who are easily persuaded to the corruption of the government.."How can we honor his legacy when he's being played like a pawn."to destroy the real image african males & female roles..I do not accepting same sex parenthood and European sexual culture..Fuck outta here!!

  5. "Youtube Supports Hate Speech toward Black Woman!" Guess who is making the videos? BLACK MEN. I dont see any hate speech videos about Black Men. So are y'all not gonna do anything about it? Just curious? Even though i think I already got my answer. Cause when black women fight to get these taken down who you think they coming for next?

  6. Black men and women in the USA have been systematically-altered, socially-engineered like cats and dogs dumbed down not to function properly with each other. Conditioned with TV, drugs and church to love bs. "The greatest weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”. Steve Biko.

  7. Under President Obama, Gay became the New Black, thus he pushed a Gay Agenda/Gay Liberation while issues affecting Black People was put in the closet. With Aids running rampant in the Global Black Community, you see why this is being pushed on Africa

  8. first they did it with drugs. now they doing it what sexuality. .. now they are saying they do not want to. separate the illegals from their children. it is okay to separate our children.. from us either through. drugs or jail. by now the chickens have come home to roost. they want to do something about the drug. not for us. now they have all these . heroin and baby's meth. now they want to declare a War on Drugs. because the Mexican illegals are bringing them in. nothing was being done we had crack baby's. now that's a problem hell it's been a problem for us. I don't have nothing against gay people I don't like it though. you're right this is Obama was talking about. helping other people other than his. own but I don't like Donald Trump. he has done everything he said he's to do. everybody's acting surprised. since I hate being voting. who's the first president. that has done everything he said he was going to do.. Build That Wall Donald Trump.🙌

  9. Obama ALSO Threaten to take away Years of AID given to African Countries who were U.S. ALLIES If those Countries DID NOT ABANDON Their Religious Beliefs and Accept and Endorse HOMOSEXUALITY and Gay Marriage.
    And Those Countries TOLD Obama To Go To HELL and Take his Aid With Him!!!
    Potentially damaging YEARS of Good Political Relations with Those counties

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