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Dr. Na’im Akbar – Trying To Get You Free


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  1. for your info wise guy, Black people were here in the Americas loooonnnnggg before white folks. yea of course you have never heard of that. it is an illusion that whites control Africa. they wreaked havoc on it because of their mass weapons and missionaries but african was already in turmoil when they came. africans just need to stop believing they can be friends, business buddies and negotiators with europeans like Black folk here in american.

  2. What an idiot typical white response to say that Blacks started slaver. Next you will probably say that it was us who started the whole Jim Crow era. I get a kick out of people who go to that fals argument that blacks started slavery. It is a fact that every place that the European people have gone, after they left the native people were left in turmoil.

  3. @jmurdainc88 u are definately wrong it wasnt slave trade it was indentured servitude…the great difference between the chattel slavery that was developed by the european mind. the African had regard for the human life in its totality and the indentured servents ( who were caught during wars or were bad were able to come back and be apart of society. the African in the clutches of chattel had barely any chance or none at all….

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Eva Marcille Demands Boycott of American Airlines For Discrimination

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