(Dr. Joy Degruy) Why Black History is not taught in Schools

Dr Joy Degruy explains why our history as people is Not taught to the masses of people. Peace


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  1. What about independent study? How many blacks students choose to study black history? Lets just shove it down everybody's throats because you think it is important.

    Swallow this.
    American blacks are 13% of the US population. American whites account for 63% of the population.

    That means that in any given year blacks have 48 days worth of air time, social media time, news time (in a perfect world) etc.

    Whites get 230 days.

    Black Americans. You are a minority. Use your allotted time wisely.

  2. I don't like people who don't know black history. You are mis-educated if you don''t know black history or don't want to know it. Donald trump is ignorant. To keep a people down, the oppressors have to be kept down with them.

  3. Truth needs to be told. I just feel if they don't educate us, we will do it ourselves! Just like former President Obama they put him in office to laugh at him!  Being a Black man excuse me a Senator from (Chicago) was a made President served 2 terms (8) years in office!  God said he who laughs first laughs last!

  4. Black history is slave history(story told by him) what about the history before slave history? Then you will see the greatness of the Moors on and by the way was here in this land
    with government system and trade before all other Nations came here.
    This is the secret. All these
    people know this and keep pitching
    slave history, we're not Slavic people, when someone speaks on history before the colonization
    then that's the right path. if you're told all your ancestors were is slaves
    the children will think that's all to their history and you keep them in slaving their minds and bodies generations. This is helping to destroy the people. Negro, black,
    African American are slave labels
    for Christian property.

  5. I disagree with everything thing she said one reason is that it's no one else's job to uplift you if/when black people are able to stop looking to others then that will be the day we will be able to progress

  6. White history is written in the blood of darker skin people, including their own people.There's no race on this planet that was not brutalized by the hybrid snow man lol. I always wonder about their true origin, nothing spiritual about them.

  7. I know people don't live in a bubble, and we live and interact with other people; but our biggest problem is WE don't take ourselves and OUR history in this country (Which has been OUR home for almost 400 years!) SERIOUSLY.  There is nothing preventing any black American from taking the responsibility upon themselves individually and learning about OUR history and OUR place in this present and past world.  In fact, with the internet, it is much easier than in the past.  EVERYONE has access to the internet!  GET GOING, people, and arm yourselves with the most POWERFUL element known to humans:  KNOWLEDGE!

  8. Every other race has received reparations other than us who deserve it he most. Because we have this illusion like we can get a way from a global worldwide system is without confronting it. There is no where we can go without money and be our own nation. Not wanting to face up and deal face to face with white supremacy is cowardly. And this is exactly how we look like black confused, slave minded cowards by not standing up and demanding our rights within this system in which there is no where, no where , no where to run. Where the heck are we going to go. Even If it were possible to move to the north pole how would we get there. What about necessary resources. So all of these illusions of getting away from this system is impossible, not properly thought out and just another fairy tale that help make us look weak, captive, dumb, cowardly, stupid, and etc.

  9. Through out our history (black people) of being in this country we have never been educated on anything. The oppressor's even go as far as mis-educating every other race of people in this country to keep the lie going. I was not a great student because at an early age there was something not right about the books that i read. Just like the bible never a mention of African people before they was captured & forced to come to America. Like their history started on a Dam slave ship!

  10. Where's the information/education on the "Black Holocaust"? We are the AUTHENTIC JEW, whose ancestors suffered barbaric acts of which, to this very day, is still perpetrated upon us. It is my belief that we must come together first as a tribe of people, educate ourselves, then go out into this world and by all means build that Black Wallstreet again. (please take a look at the 1921 Tulsa Oklahoma riot on YouTube) Peace, freedom and blessings to all my tribal family.

  11. white people love to come on videos like this to talk nonsense to get people bent all out of shape. black people learn that you can't reason with them… can you imagine asking the devil why this or why that??? exactly!!! so why even talk about anything with his children. Fact is whites know how messed up their history is and they know that slavery can't be forgotten or dismissed because everything whites did then is still happening now and where are all these whites who don't agree with what's going on… people say majority of white people in America are not racist, yet none of that majority is in the government or in high places to make change happen effectively. that's another lie alot of black people believe and pass down to their children and the cycle never ends. since when have White's really gave a damn about anything pertaining to us??? never! majority of the whites pretend to be oblivious to the fact that racism is alive and well… they know history is a lie… they know that they still benefit from the oppression of others… the fact is they really don't give a damn so why waste time explaining something they will deflect and make nonsense excuses about. just chill and do your part in our community and be wise in the decisions you make. love yourself and know your worth 😘

  12. towards the end she pulls the covers off of the whole reason for our oppression if they tell the truth then whites Wil look stupid and they are not having that because whites don't want the world to know blacks are the real kings and queens, because then people will go on to learn about the black Gods in heaven and how this hatred started and where it is going

  13. They tell us to turn the other cheek and then say never forget 911 , They won't forget or forgive 2,000 lives but want us to forgive hundreds of millions…wake up Blackman!! These people are your enemies

  14. Black is an adjective not a noun. Study! You are part of the Human race not Black race unless you with your own consent takes yourself out of the Human Family. Look at her is she black? No if she says she is in LAW you are being deceptive look up Black Act in law. WE are not crayons we are Natural People and Obama never said he was Black!

  15. its funny they exaggerate on Jewish holocost. but king Leopold ll of Belgium would make hitler like a saint what he did to congo!..over 10 million ppl died in 30 years span of his rules!!

  16. Dr. Degruy, you speak the truth so clearly. I been saying some of the same things for years. They won't tell the truth because it takes the covers off of who they Really are. Black History is everybody's history!

  17. People. Nothing can take the spotlight away from the holocaust. Obama gave Israel $38,000,000,000 (that's billion–the largest ever) to a foreign country on his way out of the white house . The scam of Israel as prophecy has allowed the US to continue imperialism. That is also why movies that come out talking about black progress ("Hidden Figures") are touted by Zionist Hollywood but movies showing the savage truth like "Birth of a Nation" are attacked. It is so that the Zionist don't lose sympathy as the chosen people who suffered beyond all people (the Holocaust: "Never Forget" is their slogan) and impact the money, political and military support of fake Israel. So yes black people, Obama was a dupe and he played us like the pimping puppet he is. Zionist Jewish leaders must promote the holocaust to be the preeminent struggle/tragedy of all struggles because it supports the agenda and will be the location of the World Government of this world (not God's), blacks don't. We are an inconvenient truth. There is no question that so-called Jews are in the highest levels of positions and achievement yet there aren't movies showing stories about their overwhelming success. Why? Because you would say they seem to be dong well and have wealth and acceptance which would undermine the sympathy points. That is why movies are promoted of blacks in all these high positions but dysfunctional ("Empire", Housewives of Atlanta, Scandal) and doing well DESPITE THE REALITY that we are at the bottom social economically! and the typical Jewish person in Israel that they got to go to the stolen land of Israel are fooled too and don't know that they are being used by high level Zionist globalist. Visit my page to learn more. God bless.

  18. If they're going to teach about slavery they must teach all of it. Including the forgotten white, Irish, slaves. They were treated worse than animals!

  19. So called African Americans are the real Jew Hebrew Israelites that the Bible speak of! The holy bible is so called blacks history book! That's why the Caucasians didn't want us to read or write when they brought us over here. They took a whole nationality from a whole nation. It's to much info out here to not know where the so called African Americans come from before the slave trade

  20. not american but i thought slavery was already being taght as part of american history. if you talking bout black history it has to include the entire world cause you cant have the people on this planet unless you start with black folks. so for me its just to broad to go int one would have to pin down what part of so called black history should be adressed. we need to find out what a black. how did we getto this point. as we all know there were no such people or nationality called blacks in ancient times.

  21. The lack of African American or Black History representation around education and curriculum in this country can be deemed a HIDDEN FIGURE. White Americans abnormal state of awareness and the lack of consciousness reveals the psychopathology around the mind, brain, heart, and culture of white folk. Thank you Dr..Love your work.

  22. in the book of acts 11v26and when he had found him .he brought him unto Antioch. and it came to pass .that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church. and taught much people. and the disciples were called Christians in Antioch. (acts)13v1now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and Barnabas.and Simeon that was called Niger )Niger it a Latin word that mean black. so god people's is black. just like the book of (Daniel 10v5to6.)and in the book of (revelation 1v14to15..the book we call a bible it a history of us .and ours forefathers. before we was a slave.that is why the devil want to keep us in the dark. but the spirit of God is in our body we must do his will.and do what he command us to do.come on back to your will not save you.only the god of the heberw isralites. of the bible.keep is laws.and it commandments this evil kingdom will fall. the country of the sodomite.😤😲😭👏

  23. Wow!!! And Wow Again And Again, WOW!!! I have never heard anyone put it so just and elegantly!! Well said I applaud you!!! Bravo!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  24. to my black brothers and sisters. there's no need to worry about our oppressors and white people for the simple fact they have became a dying breed due to nature. The white population is on a serious decline. Most of there children are genetically modified which they are being cloned, which they are not real human. A cloned human doesn't have a soul. But they are doing this to stretch their population. it just like adding a gallon of water to a small cup of sweet tea to make it stretch.They are so hung up on universal traveling try to find earth like planets so their race can survive. This why they give us bullshit news, president election and all other shit just to keep us hidden in the dark by creating a diversion with wars and politics just keep us hidden from the real truth.

  25. Dr. Degruy is the truth. She takes a pragmatic view of our history and our place in society today. She is of the caliber of scholar from whom I try to learn.

  26. This is crazy black history should of been in the school system. No one ever said anything about this even when I was a little girl. Our generation definitely drop the ball on this one. No out cry about this in the curriculum of public schools or college. This is sad our people don't know anything about slavery because no one ever gave a damn to stand up and do absolutely nothing about it. Oppressed during slavery now and in the future very SICKENING!!!!!

  27. Black history is not taught in U.S. pub schools because there's no intention to restore Black people of the identity that they were stripped of when they were abducted/captured for slavery.

  28. SHES RIGHT . THEY (WHITE PEOPLE) WILL NEVER GIVE AMERICA COMPLETELY AWAY TO BLACK PEOPLE . BECAUSE OF WHITE GUILT. Yes joy! Let's, as you say, GET TO THAT POINT. So now I have a question. How many people , you all , out there, think WHITE PEOPLE are just going to roll over AND GIVE AMERICA TO YOU AND SAIL OFF INTO THE SUNSET.?? OOOOKAYYY…. how many of you know that only 1.4% of whites owned slaves at the peak of slavery in US? that means (true story) 98.6% of American NEVER OWNED A SLAVE , YET, in 1860, records show 3000 blacks owned approximately 20'000 slaves. (THE RECORDS ARE VERY WELL KEPT).

  29. From and including: Monday, February 1, 1988
    To, but not including Wednesday, July 4, 2018

    Result: 11,111 days
    It is 11,111 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

    Or 30 years, 5 months, 3 days excluding the end date

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