Dr Joy DeGruy Pt 1 of 4

Dr Joy DeGruy Pt 1 of 4
Interview 5-31-09


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  1. I like what that guy is talking about, but i think its wrong to refer to people of color as minorities in a global scheme. Whites are the minority in the world.

  2. please do post or if you know where to get the dvd let me know. I'll do a search as well.

    I loved Dr. Leary's lecture at my school around axiology…I still refer to that lecture from 2001…she was a beast! I was totally engulfed in her brilliant delivery and smooth study. I felt she was speaking to the most curious parts of my intellect.

  3. intresting that he said proctor and gamble don't "lower standards by bringing in women and minorities" I love the intellectual 'pro black' black people that in their secret hearts have disdain for their own.

  4. @MClollolol, it's only random nonsense if you choose not to make the effort to understand what he's saying. As one of our foremost psychologists who's close to the struggle, it would behoove you to open your ears and really listen.

  5. TheSkyhasFallen, did you hear what he said after that statement or did you get so caught by the P&G "doesn't lower standards…" that you missed the WHOLE point he made? The brilliant young woman engineer finally left the company and became its biggest competition. They are desperately trying to get her back…

  6. make no mistake esau is trying his best to exterminated us so white people that say why don't we just kill them all be assured that is precisely what them at the very top are trying to do but with out destroying the country because they know that black people if they can do nothing else they can set a fire.

  7. I could listen to Dr. Leary for hrs, I have listened to her like a bedtime story, she's so informative, down-to-earth, humorous in her delivery, but knowledgeable in her area of expertise. I'm trying my best to enlighten all of my family to listen to what she has to say b/c I believe it can open mental doors that we or at least I had no idea how to open….❤🤔😟😢❤ Thank You Dr Joy Leary for caring about us enough to share your infinite wisdom ❤

  8. SIGH!!! I feel Traumatized Right Now!!! OMG I feel Sick to my stomach Ouch!!! I'm Tired of fighting Family People to Help themselves Jeeez!!!

    I feel Depressed that I'm Refusing to do my daily chores! pay the bills! maybe even not wash my Ass LOL!!! I'm just so tired!!! I'm just gonna go lay down and sleep the day Away!!! Yikes I may have to go to the Hospital? I feel so Over Whelmed that I feel Anxiety and sooo Tired!!
    I hope you people have a better Feeling that I am!!!! Depression Weakens and I feel so weak and Tired!! Be better than that/ me/ depression! Peace

  9. Whew I took that long nap from this afternoon and a nice shower and I feel like new 💰 Tehehe!!!

    I'm at a point where I must decide to help my daughter with 3 kids and a Loser Husband! 2 of kids are from him and the oldest ( my heart) Quinci aka ****Qmanthegamer aka QARTOON PRODUCTIONS****
    13 yrs old Genius Sophomore in Highschool with AP Classes and a Honor Roll Student yep! Anyway I bought an investment property for Quinci's Education during the height of Foreclosures. However Quinci needs a home because his Mom is about to be Evicted ( a # of reasons incl. $300 water bills that the Asian Slumlords put on their tenants as Opposed to them fixing
    the broken water line that I had to repair and reimburse my tenants the difference of their normal water bill yikes) I'm trying to put aside my dislike of my daughter's boyfriend/ husband ( who knows) and allow them to move into the / Quinci's House? He's reluctant also being that him and I can barely get along. I'm trying not to do my daughter how my family does me! My father won't help because he says I have a husband and 2 Houses so I don't need HELP pssst never mind that I went without Central Air this past summer and was Miserable ok and my dad came into $40,000 free money and couldn't/ wouldn't give me a loan of $1,500. go figure!!!
    My daughter is not a great ful Person like myself and tries to use and Abuse my HELP to her Daaaamn!!!
    I only asked that while my ClownAss Husband is fixing up the house ( looking good incl. whitening the grout on the tile floors yep) to clean the 2 tubs / bathrooms and they got all kinds of excuses pssst!!
    They actually can't afford what I'm asking for jeeeze ( less $300) and no Security Pay at all ( over a$1,000.). I really wanna have Qman live with me again before the Coup of my Guardianship by *****CROOKED​ ASS RACIST JUDGE ROBERT RODATUS Of Gwinnett County GA who TERRORIZED my then 10 yrs old Genius Grandson Quinci!!!**** and they can sleep on the Park Bench for all I care LOL word!!
    SIGH Never A Dull Fucking Moment jeeeez!!!!

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