Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary- Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (9/19)


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  1. Baby, this is what is going to happen to you, here is what he may or may not do to you. This is what you might want to do to make it hurt less and baby don't scream because it will make it worse for you

  2. Baby they are coming and I don't know if its going to be one or two, or a group of them, I don't know how many times but surely they are coming, baby, this is what they will do to you

  3. @Gulfporter I recognize something common among white people listening in on a very intelligent black woman or man, laying out their research on the subject of our history and here comes a white moron calling it pseudo intellectual, you didn't have to listen, look at some real pseudo intellectual videos on the eurocentric view on black oppression in America. If you believe this as being ridiculous then that obviously means you can't identify which is why I think your white. Go play in traffic!

  4. @americcan
    When its about the rape of BW during slavery some white person has to stout out statistics. Rather or not those statistics were accurate or not You Know many black girls/women were raped.You know and or uncomfortable with the truth so you research current data as if that's going to erase the evils of the past.

  5. @Americcan keep being blind, deaf and dumb to fact and truth. We're not blaming only dead white people. We're blaming all white people. If you are a descendant of white slave masters and live in America YOU benefit from the history of this sickness. Life is easier for you b/c of it.

  6. @Americcan Dr. Leary is speaking in historical terms here. You are a perfect example of the fear and denial of Americans. It is evident, even, in your screen name. White men commit the majority of rapes in this country PERIOD regardless of race, creed or socio-economic status. She is not feeding Blacks anything and it is racist for you to even make that opening statement. She is educating and bringing understanding to an experience that is shared by US Black people; one you have never had.

  7. This entire string is counterproductive and takes away from what Dr. Leary is really promoting: healing. If people aren't allowed to speak of their experiences they cannot heal – this is proven in psychiatry. Every time people of color try to talk about what Life is like for them on a daily, white people get defensive instead of LISTENING! And, I am referring to the Heart not just the ears. Move the collective white Ego out of the way and drop the fear so than an open, honest dialogue can begin.

  8. US & international law has spoke volumes on generational transfer of traumas when they paid reparations to the grand/great-grand children of holocaust victims. Why, when AAs try to speak to this issue, we are accused of making excuses, etc. Racism is still ingrained in this country and it is neurosis that affects white folks too. She is talking of healing–across the board. Let's embrace this and not let fear get in the way.

  9. @Americcan Meaningless stat. The US (in)justice system profiles, trumps-up & wrongly charge people of color routinely. There have been over 2-dozen acquittals of black men imprisoned for rape in NY state last year alone. I can only imagine how many are really innocent in states like Florida & Texas where blacks are profiled just for breathing. Meanwhile, white men get charges dropped and are deemed innocent (by a jury of their peers) for raping blacks even when the evidence is overwhelming.

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