Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary- Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (2/19)


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  1. @TiffyBear

    Why hasn't this gotten more views?

    IMHO, Black people run away from anything that has the word "slave" or "slavery" in it. It appears that we want to forget the whole episode. What we really do is to continue the slave mentality as we try to run from the problem.


  2. I'm thankful that she brought up the different levels of racism…this is truly a key factor in the none progress we see going on today in the U.S.

  3. @stayceePearl Does it matter this is just an excuse.. Other races have been treated far far far worse and you dont see them using excuses like this. and yes i do know the HISTORY and thats what it is HISTORY get over it. end of story

  4. US & international law has spoke volumes on generational transfer of traumas when they paid reparations to the grand/great-grand children of holocaust victims. Why, when AAs try to speak to this issue, we are accused of making excuses, etc. Racism is still ingrained in this country and it is neurosis that affects white folks too. She is talking of healing–across the board. Let's embrace this and not let fear get in the way.

  5. @shadowmoses91 so their were no victims of the fbi's cointelpro? none of the 100 or so black panthers under the age of 22 murderd by police were victims? their were and are no victims of gang violence? which was increased by the injection of crack cocaine into the black communities by the c.i.a. Police are trained around the country to pull over black drivers, ur lacking of the black experience has u under the assumption that the slavery of my people ever stopped. private prisons=40,000 a imate

  6. @shaddowmoses91 … one word for you…Epigenetics… look it up, do some research with an open mind… learn something about this and you might learn something about yourself… what you don't understand is that America's slavery has hurt you too.

  7. @shaddowmoses91

    What if B is based on facts or truth that affect your mindset? If the majority of America hates black people and it's evident from research data and experience then of course it will impact you mentally which then can determine an outcome or "C" (whatever that may be). You're stating B as if it's all in a person's mind when in fact a person's mental state can be affected by society. Sounds like you need to take a sociology class as well.

  8. Whenever my 93 year old godmother brings up the sins of past on blacks. I, a 30 yr old black women tell her I dont want to hear it anymore. I cant attend any more black history classes or even really watch any more slave or civil rights movies because I know what it does to my psyche (dont know if I spelled that right) The sins done were horrific.

  9. I happened to hear parts of this message via radio today while traveling and lost the signal. I committed to finding it on You Tube hear it in its entirety. Thanks for sharing this, it is powerful, enlightening and introspective. We need this message to be heard by all people.

  10. I am so excited about his sister because I hear she will be in Hidden Colors 3. This is going to be a powerful powerful piece of the film. Listening to Tariq brought me here.. So thankful I was exposed to Dr. Leary.

  11. Willie Lynch was absolutely right as is this powerfully intelligent black woman. I refer to it as Slave Mentalities: black people are highly judgmental of each other, competitive, abusive and violent toward each other, often begrudging, angry, and divided. I knew I was on to something.  In other words, all the hurt and pain of the past, all the violent behavior, everlasting family divisions, etc. are passed down – taught to the children – from generation to generation.  We are self destructing as a people; the only race that is not reproducing itself.  DON'T HATE, APPRECIATE!

  12. @1:32 To 2:27

    C.P. Time, Colored Peoples Time Or More Modernly Put, Niggaz Are Always Late

    Y’all Might As Well Be Doing The Hokey Pokey And Turning Yourselves Around.

    So Y’all Are Doing Videos And Writing Books To Prove That Racism Exist Just Because Of The 10 Or 15 People Say That It Doesn’t Exist Right?

    You’d Spend Your Time Trying To Prove To 20 People That Racism Exist For What Reason?

    What Can You Do With An Extra 25 People That Doesn’t Know That Racism Exist That You Can’t Do With The Millions That Already Knows Racism Exist?

    Do Y’all Believe That Amongst The 30 People That You’re Trying To Convince That Racism Exist Lies A Messiah In That Crowd That Will Lead The People Out Of Trouble And Into The Land Of Milk And Honey?

    This Lethargic Approach That Y’all Call "Studying The Root" Says To Me That Y’all Think That People Got All Day.

    Commentary Like This Is Like Saying That Jim Crow Went On For So Long Because People Didn’t Understand Racism Or Didn’t Know It Existed.

    Other Than A Very Small Child, The People Who Don’t Know That Racism Exist Are People Who Do Know But Don’t Want To Know And Will Only Stop Ignoring What They Know On When Racism Puts Foot Directly In They Ass!! 

    i,e You Can’t Preach That Reality Into Them And Y’all Know It So Y'ALL PRETEND That The People Who Already Know Are Ignorant To The Details And As A Result Y'all Get To Your Mouths And Make A Buck While You're At It

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