Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary- Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (12/19)


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  1. In the movie Avatar – the Aliens would greet one another that way "I see you." I saw a lot of parells with Africa in the movie though people tend to say the Aliens are like Native Americans.

  2. I shed a tear with this. I remember my black Cuban grandmother never praising mom or me. We were supposed to be strong and have a stiff upper lip. This hurts us to this day though she has passed on. My great grandma was born a slave. Every time I tell AA people this they go silent on me or react in disbelief.

  3. We also still have a sense that whites may think that we are "bragging" on our children or acting uppity….And sometimes we sense that if our children or "we" are the same level or surpassing a white person in any particular area of accomplishment, we may face consequences if they are envious or angered in some way….And so we diminish our childrens' and our own accomplishments to avoid this..We must stop fearing giving our children credit when it is due when whites are around . "

  4. Dr. Joy, Sorry for some of 'Pharoh's children" and house-folks that do research in their minds and not from books and legal documents. There's Nothing You Can Do For Those People. (except block and respond not to them…please) Instead focus on Us who have researched what you have stated and found it to be CORRECT and ACCURATE. Most of those folks are Internet Demons, yes the devil is busy. And don't be concerned about "Reparations", we've took a Billion($) and their children sowed up.

  5. It's a must you check this tune here:

    Sister Audrey – Children of the Ghetto

    It well compliments what Joy is illuminating.

    You can even play it as background at the same time Joy lectures the point and it fits so perfectly.


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Harvey Weinstein being a sexual predator only became a problem for The Weinstein Company…

Harvey Weinstein being a sexual predator only became a problem for The Weinstein Company…

We have Slave Names by Malcolm X

We have Slave Names by Malcolm X