Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary- Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (1/19)

Leary, who teaches social work at Portland State University, traces the way that both overt and subtle forms of racism have damaged the collective African-American psyche—harm manifested through poor mental and physical health, family and relationship dysfunction, and self-destructive impulses.


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  1. Quit trying to guilt trip people into feeling guilty for nothing they had to do with simply because of the color of their skin. People like you who judge off skin color and ethnicity are blatant Racist.

  2. Hopefully the black community will keep on blaming other people, specifically whites for their own poverty and criminal behavior so then while their busy bitching it will be just that much easier for me to make something of myself in this competition based economy we have.

  3. Another fucker whining about skin color again. No one is keeping blacks down but themselves. There is no group of rich executives whos lives revolve around keeping black people down. How much longer is the black community going to blame all of their problems on anyone besides themselves. For fuck sakes we have a black president.

  4. For fuck sakes we have a black president! So for how much longer are black people going to keep on blaming the white man for all of their problems instead of taking responsibility for their own actions.

  5. Europeans/"whites" have been responsible for more Killing, RAPE, PILLAGE and PLUNDER of this planet than THE REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED.
    Here are a few examples of the SAVAGE, BRUTAL, PREDATORY nature of white people:
    Tasmania: /watch?v=-eX5T68TQIo
    Australia: /watch?v=Z7eubc-Yk3M
    Kenya: /watch?v=kwlsck9OIrU

    Whites have absolutely NO MORAL OR OTHER AUTHORITY to be passing judgement on anyone else. NONE WHATSOEVER

  6. racism
    1. a belief that human races have distinctive characteristics that determine their respective cultures, usually involving the idea that one’s race is SUPERIOR and has the right to CONTROL others.
    2. a belief in a POLICY of ENFORCING the asserted right of CONTROL. — racist, n., adj.
    A statement of historical fact does not amount to racism.

    1. Namibia:/watch?v=iXgIhSjWGhE
    2. Congo:/watch?v=Pw9ZTHP5Rfo
    3. ahealedplanet . net/columbus.htm#zinn

  7. It's not a matter of "guilt tripping"
    It's a DEMAND that you STOP VILIFYING, DEMONIZING and BELITTLING "Black" people.
    "White" people have ABSOLUTELY NO moral authority to be passing judgement on
    other people. NONE WHATSOEVER.
    Not after plundering the resources of the planet for CENTURIES, invading, KILLING, occupying, pillaging, colonizing, enslaving, and otherwise oppressing indigenous peoples of the Southern Hemisphere and the Americas,

  8. It's time for a REALITY CHECK, sonny:
    billmoyers . com/segment/khalil-muhammad-on-facing-our-racial-past/
    View this video, learn some history and think carefully before you respond..

    the "criminal behavior" of the "black community" is INSIGNIFICANT when compared with the record of the "white community"
    For the past 500 YEARS, Whites have commited more violent crimes than the rest of the world combined, including genocide and warfare, and the maiming of innocent "civilians"
    Blacks were and are their PRIMARY targets, and their MILLIONS of VICTIMS were mostly blacks.
    Now YOU join whites in profiling and portraying blacks as natural criminals. WOW!

  10. A "black" president means absolutely nothing, except as a role model (of which there are HUNDREDS).
    No president, black OR white, can make a meaningful change in the lives of black people, as long as the hidden Zionist/Global elite are controlling the Global Drug Trade, The Global Arms Trade and carrying out the Agenda of Global depopulation.
    WAKE UP!

  11. People are responsible for their own actions. In a country with laws people will be held accountable for their own actions. People who find themselves in prison only have themselves to blame. So pointing your finger at the white man and labeling yourself a victim proves nothing and does no good.

    Now YOU join blacks in profiling and portraying whites as natural criminals.
    WOW! dont believe me then re-read your own comment.

  12. 1. I am not labelling myself as a victim.
    2. I am labelling blacks as the MAJOR victims of white people overr the past FIVE HUNDRED YEARS .
    3. The U.S. "criminal justice" system was created mostly to target blacks.
    billmoyers . com/segment/khalil-muhammad-on­-facing-our-racial-past/
    4. A significant percentage of the victims of this system are INNOCENT, and the majority of convictions are for cannabis-related "offences"
    (Drug legislation was enacted specifically to target "blacks".)

  13. RE: "profiling and portraying whites as natural criminals.".
    They may not be natural criminals, but they have certainly done MORE THAN THEIR SHARE of GENOCIDE, RAPE, PILLAGE and PLUNDER
    THESE are the FACTS, as documented by WHITE PEOPLE:
    1. Tasmania: /watch?v=-eX5T68TQIo
    2. Australia: /watch?v=Z7eubc-Yk3M
    3. Kenya: /watch?v=kwlsck9OIrU
    4. Namibia:/watch?v=iXgIhSjWGhE
    5. Congo:/watch?v=Pw9ZTHP5Rfo
    6. ahealedplanet . net/columbus.htm#zinn
    7. Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Conquistadors, etc

  14. Sure that would work… except I don't really care if you're black or white. I just don't want to be blamed simply because I am white. I think the arguement about PTSS is silly. I think that the cultural ramifications of slavery are there, they are there in every culture that has had to deal with being slaves. I don't think it is racism I think it is like a liquid trying to find a balance point. We keep tipping one way or the other. I think black people saying that all/most people oppress them,

  15. all/most white people oppress them, is like the pot calling the kettle black. Because I don't say sorry? Sure maybe great great grandpa was a dick. Get over it. My judgements of the people around me are based on how they act towards me and others. That is irregardless of the color of their skin. Most people I know, are the same way. It's a cultural issue, not a race issue. Calling it a race issue simply prolongs the real issues and drives a wedge where there doesn't need to be one. Ohwell.

  16. Interesting videos. Yes people have committed such atrocities however picking one trait from them and claiming it to be the reason why is simply not true. watch?v=v_GNsG0_jMM The Cambodians have committed genocide. Are all Cambodians bad oppressive people? No.

    Wherever there is something to be gained there will always be someone there gaining whats to be had, even at the expense of others. Skin color usually matters little in those situations.

  17. My point, AGAIN, is that Whites have absolutely NO MORAL OR OTHER AUTHORITY to be passing judgement on anyone else. NONE WHATSOEVER.
    Not after plundering the resources of the planet for CENTURIES, invading, KILLING, occupying, pillaging, colonizing, enslaving, and otherwise oppressing indigenous peoples of the Southern Hemisphere and the Americas, KILLING in VietNam, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Auschwitz, Tasmania,Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya..

    STOP rationalizing these CRIMES against HUMANITY!

  18. RE: The Killing Fields – Who Instigated the killing? Who supplied the weapons?
    Here's the bigger picture:
    alpha411 . blogspot . ca/2012/06/gun-control-real-story . html
    NOTE: The history of gun control, as applied to blacks, is especially atrocious.

  19. Go tell the "Jews" to "get over it"
    And when will the U.S. "get over" 9/11? When will the "War on Terror" end?
    When will the drone strikes end?
    When will Omar Khadr be freed?

  20. I haven't even mentioned slavery.
    Thanks for bringing that up:
    en . wikipedia . org/wiki/Code_Noir
    en . wikipedia . org/wiki/Slavery

    Learn about the WICKEDNESS of your people

  21. Say all you want about inventions.
    YOU cannot change these facts of history
    Tasmania: /watch?v=-eX5T68TQIo
    Australia: /watch?v=Z7eubc-Yk3M
    Kenya: /watch?v=kwlsck9OIrU
    ahealedplanet . net/columbus.htm#zinn
    users . erols . com/mwhite28/warstatx . htm

  22. Here's how I deal with it-
    1. PUBLICLY sharing these links:
    Tasmania: /watch?v=-eX5T68TQIo …
    Australia: /watch?v=Z7eubc-Yk3M …
    Kenya: /watch?v=kwlsck9OIrU …
    Namibia:/watch?v=iXgIhSjWGhE …
    Congo:/watch?v=Pw9ZTHP5Rfo …
    ahealedplanet . net/columbus.htm#zinn …
    /wiki/Population_history_of_indigenous_peoples_of_the_Americas …
    . users . erols . com/mwhite28/warstatx . htm …
    THANK YOU for the opportunity to share these links with the PUBLIC,

  23. I will… if they are wanting to blame all germans in 125 years.
    Probably in 100+ years
    Hopefully soon
    No idea.

    It's different to tell somebody who is 150 years removed and 4-6 generations removed from something happening to the people it actually happened to. If a slave was still alive there is no way you can tell them to get over it. As a cultural cop out… I think 150 years is plenty of time.. Sure it happened. It was bad and I'm not making light of it.


  24. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that I am NOT debating with YOU, or trying to convince YOU of anything..
    Thanks for the opportunity to reiterate PUBLICLY:
    As for white criminality: you people are charged with millions of counts of BRIBERY, RACKETEERNG, KIDNAPPING, CONFINEMENT, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, PIRACY, EXTORTION, MURDER, AGGRAVATED ASSAULT, RAPE, INCEST AND GENOCIDE perpetrated during the past 500 YEARS.
    This is all documented by WHITE HISTORIANS, and is NO LAUGHING MATTER!

  25. I don't deal in "MABY", or IFs, or "what-ifs" or SPECULATION
    I deal with the COLD HARD FACTS of HISTORY, as documented by WHITE HISTORIANS:
    ahealedplanet . net/columbus.htm#zinn.
    users . erols . com/mwhite28/warstatx . htm
    alpha411 . blogspot . ca/2012/06/gun-control-real-story . html

    THANK YOU for the opportunity to share these links with the PUBLIC

  26. You're NOT done until you enter a plea ON BEHALF OF your ANCESTORS, and your FOREFATHERS and your PEOPLE for the CRIMES against humanity committed over the past 500 YEARS.
    Name calling and labelling are POINTLESS and JUVENILE.
    How do you plead?

  27. DO THE MATH.
    And this is NO LAUGHING MATTER!

  28. there are thousands probably millions of blacks still bitter. I was listening to 107.5 fm ny about slavery and I got goosebumps listening to some of the black callers calling in; the overwhelming anger and sadness in their voice.

  29. I did so because you were not civil enough to show your sources. Every right-wing nut job on Youtube spouts all these 'facts and figures' about our president, Barrack Obama but when you call them on it and ask for their sources, they curse you and call you names (sound familiar?). In other words, they elect not to be honest. Read my other recent post on this video and you will see I am who I say. My fight is not with you but so-called factual untruths. Show your sources or don't exaggerate.

  30. Your lies make you no better than right-wing loonies who say anything to get their beliefs out there. And your FACTS are all WRONG! I researched "Obama being the only president to receive death threats throughout both his terms" and that turned out to be a big lie. It only says that Obama, WHO I VOTED FOR, receives about 30 death threats daily and that IS ABOUT 400 TIMES more threats than any other president. WHY CAN'T YOU BE AN HONEST PERSON? These lies and you YELLING doesn't make you right!

  31. Well your right there has been bloodshed on all sides, every ethnicity, but you cannot compare what Europeans have done,…no matter what you say no one has done the damage they have caused and you know it…

  32. keep your eyes open and ears up, and you will see that WHITE SUPREMACY IS STILL WHAT CONTROLS ARE COUNTRY…PERIOD…oh and I am not getting at you i am just making a connection to your post

  33. Wow, Socamaestro is racist as all hell. Fucking hilarious comments.

    I personally don't put much belief into this womans lectures and speeches because they are laced with thinly hidden racism throughout. I still believe that, as a race, Black people of the United States are THE MOST racist.

  34. I believe I'm the Easter bunny. All kinds of people believe all kinds of crazy shit. You're just another one. But look at the bright side. You excel at it.

  35. White people calling others racist will always be the funniest thing to me…. as if they haven't ruined race relations ON EVERY CONTINENT ON THIS EARTH.

    So sick of their privileged BS.

  36. That is a ridiculous definition. By that definition, the vast majority of white people, no matter how racist they are, can't be racist either.

    Black people can, and have been racist. Try taking a gander at what has been done to pygmies in Botswana (they are a different race than other Africans). They are being subjected to genocide.

  37. By the way, it seems to me you just got caught by some troll BS from Tom, not privileged BS, but I haven't seen your whole discussion.
    Obama's advisor, Cass Sunstein, my have his fascist inclinations, but I think he made a good point about the weakness of developing our viewpoints from only discussing with people from our own slant. Still, it can be hard to find friendly, open-minded people to challenge and expand our viewpoints from other camps–as your interchange with Tom demonstrates.

  38. White people are masters of deception and illusions, just like the devil!!. And its to the point where they believe their own lies!!! Historically they are the greatest thieves, liars and murders in this world!! And they like to torture other people!!

  39. Man I really wish Jews would stop whining about the holocaust that almost wiped out their entire race. On wait…they have. RACISM IS NOT JUST BLACK TO WHITE. So sick of this bullshit coming out of every crevice of the mass media. There is much more severe racism around the world that makes "racism" in this country look like a freakin joke. Grow up.

  40. I don't hate white people at all, they just need to at least get up and do that the tell other immigrants to do, and that is go home "Back to where ever they come from" and give this land back to it's people. British still have their home, yet they are not that sorry to give it all back.

  41. I don't hate white people at all, they just need to at least get up and do that the tell other immigrants to do, and that is go home "Back to where ever they come from" and give this land back to it's people. British still have their home, yet they are not that sorry to give it all back.

  42. I don't hate white people at all, they just need to at least get up and do that the tell other immigrants to do, and that is go home "Back to where ever they come from" and give this land back to it's people. British still have their home, yet they are not that sorry to give it all back.

  43. "White people"
    Do you mean my family and ancestors.
    We never lived anywhere else but the British Isles for 1000's of years. We worked the land for most of that time.
    Guess what – that is just how the vast majority of White people managed to survive for 1000's of years.
    How can I be privileged in my own country, my ancestral homeland in Europe?
    You need to stop this professional victim hood. You believe the lies of the White Liberals which results in you keeping yourselves down forever.

  44. You cant have racisim without power White people have the power and own almost everything and can affect the outcome of blacks in America .Blacks can be prejudice we deserve to be after all the hangings burning and castrations for no reason Blacks never went around cutting off White men penises????

  45. Yeah but her White Liberal Slave Masters are knocking this crap into her head there is no room for sense. It is simply another scam the professional victims suck up.
    I am of Anglo-Irish decent. There is such mental conflict for me. For centuries the Irish were oppressed by the English. We were slaves, thrown off our land to starve. I must have Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome – or am I the wrong race to get that?

  46. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing on Racism, Dr. Claud Anderson Powernomics and Inappropriate Behavior will explain what true racism is or are our Doctors not smart enough. The yellow elephant in the corner no one wants to talk about and others simply avoid whether we like it or not truth will always cause people to either react in hostility or avoidance to the issue guess we should just get over it right by never, ever, ever talking about it!!

  47. Those are European Jews, they are not a different race than you. Jews are always talking about the holocaust. You don't even know what racism is. The problem that Whites have is that they don't like to hear the truth about slavery and jim crow and its effects on Blacks because of their guilt.

  48. all this shows is that you don't know what White privilege is. The Brits stole quite a bit from Africa, not only that you colonized many countries in Africa…apartheid anyone

  49. are you kidding me? lol…12 years? LMMFAO, on top of that you didn't endure what Black Africans did during slavery and POST slavery and it wasn't based upon race; this is pathetic

  50. that doesn't mean the effects of slavery were not present and then we move into Jim Crow, so it had an effect. Much like the light skin vs dark skin debate, ring a bell? Integration was the worst thing to happen

  51. "you didn't endure what Black Africans did during slavery" And neither did you.
    Negative English attitudes to Irish culture and habits date as far back as the reign of Henry II and the Norman conquest of Ireland.
    The Irish were viewed as a different race.
    You know nothing of my history. Continue wallowing in your post slave syndrome.

  52. tada! Someone who doesn't understand how the past effects the present, especially when you have multigenerational trauma that's been passed down. I don't care that they were viewed as a different race, you're White and you didn't go through what my folks have gone through, there is no comparison, fail and you know nothing of mine, so lay off a topic that doesn't include you and has nothing to do with you and your White ass.

  53. And so speaks the professional victim.
    "I don't care that they were viewed as a different race, you're White"
    OK anti-White.
    At the end of the day, it's like the Afro-centric delusions, this post slave trauma syndrome is never going to gain traction unless your White Liberal slave masters decide so & I don't see that happening.

  54. What I tend to find is that comments like yours are used so that topics like these get shelved, that's all there is to it. You're quite foolish and ignorant to think that hundreds of years of emotional and mental abuse didn't take a toll on the psyche of many Blacks; this is prevalent everywhere slavery was, in Latin America and in the Caribbean.

    I'm not anti-White, but I am for my own people. It doesn't need to gain traction if it's all ready in motion. Your whole post is a fail

  55. Additionally, systematic attempts to prevent Black progression coupled with continued abuse and messages of inferiority have plagued many Blacks. This is not something you will ever understand, again stay off a topic that has nothing to do with you.

  56. What parent tells their child or what doctor tells their patient "I know you have been through something traumatic and hurtful. What you need to do is continually bring up and think about that event and don't move on from it." Who says that? It's absurd. Yet ppl are obsessing over something that happened 150yrs ago to ppl they did not even know. Slavery is not an issue in America and the only reason it is even brought up in the last 50yrs is to stir up race relations in America.

  57. We are not Jews why must people always compares us? If you are white and don't like it follow the ways of your fathers and do something they have given you the script all over this earth. No it's not just Blk & White add the indigenous people from all over, with one main star and we all know who that is.

  58. Those who seek to soothe and mollify white guilt are as much suffers of PTSS as anyone. I would argue that they suffer the worst because they have internalized the notion that their lives are worth less than those they secretly idolize. The most they can contribute to their sick species is to visit messageboards and youtube to spread their self-hating philosophies. Do not argue with them for they lack the self-respect to be respected by those of us who seek to understand and educate.

  59. Go to and get Slavery by consent but before you do read the Matrixx Truth because now everyone born into this earth is enslaved these are the undisputed facts NO ONE will be able to dispute this once you view it . You have my word on this with love and respect to all their is only 1 race, the human race …

  60. I agree with Eric Christian…I want to add that I have discovered that white racist folks will flock to pages and sites that deal with anything associated with blacks. Most are there to antagonize, to fan flames, and to get us away from anything that will heal us as a people. The Internet is a forum that a host of folks use people to create profiles whereby they can masquerade as anyone…including representing themselves to be black people. Do not be misled or misguided by Satan. Ignore those who fan flames, cause confusion, and division. Unite, have discussions only with those who display a temperament to positively resolve issues and are striving to come to solutions for our continued survival. Totally ignore those who come to divide and to continue to conquer us as a people. They know that our success lies within our ability to unite as one.

  61. I am amaze at the level of racism, internalized racial oppression and hostility put forth by White people, Black folks without a sene of history as Black folks (internalized racial oppression) and the just truly mean spirited folks. Portland continues to be a scary place for me as a Black woman having grown up under Jim Crow in the south. This town is in the dark ages when it comes to the struggle against racial oppression. Places in the State of Mississippi in my opinion are more enlightened than Portland when it comes to taking a stand against racism. Unfortunately Portland masquerades as a liberal inclusive town and it works just as long as you deny your Blackness and allow White people to behave as they please. People of Portland you have a long ways to go.

  62. Those of you who would attempt to analyze and evaluate Descendants of Slavery in this country, I challenge you to walk in those shoes first, not as an observer or descendant of those who have perpetrated these unforgiveable crimes.  After you take this walk as a Black man or a black woman, then offer an opinion.  Until then, this issue truly is a "Family Affair" when it comes to our responses, our efforts towoard methods of healing etc;  Dr. Joi Leary offers support and very important, empirical information and data toward this goal.

  63. Are there any Black People in the British Isles.  Did you grow up with Black people at all?  Obviouly, you are not qualified to state whats keeping us down.  Actually, What difference does it make to you?  It should be a non-issue, yet you have a hostile attitude.  Why?

  64. Dr. Leary, Your presence in this world is truly a wonderful Blessing from God, the Creator.  I am a Black Woman who grew up in Somerville, Tennessee believing that Black was ugly and something to be ashamed of…As a young adult I evolved to a more healthy understanding and Loved my self more, but I must tell you that after listening and following you as a supporter and an admirer, I have come full circle with a Self-Love for myself, and, moreover, my sisters and brother (Collectively).  I thank you for being here and willing to share the enormous gifts which you so selflessly do.  I first saw you in Newark, NJ by way of Federicka Bey.  Thank you for everything. May God continue to bless you and endow you with good health as well as your family and love ones. Zrah Rasul

  65. I hear this woman speak at Olympic College in Bremerton, WA. Bremerton. Olympic College just had their FIRST Diversity Conference this summer (YES it's first).
    She is a great speaker and I hope Olympic College will invite her back.

  66. THIS so-called PTSS is nothing more than black bullshit intended to justify the criminality of the dysfunctional subculture of the black community. Perhaps I can explain away my various faults committed throughout my life by stating that I too suffer from historic trauma as a white man, as many of my ancestors were documented Irish slaves and indentured servants. That latter are recorded to have been oftentimes more poorly treated than the slaves themselves, as the master they served wanted to get the entirety of the value out of them.

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