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Dr. John Henrik Clarke – The Afrikan Mind Pt 1

Late great Griot Dr. Clarke explains the Afrikan personality in world history.


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  1. 3;49..Prof Clarke says good is a relative term..if we heard this once we heard it many times from most of our teachers…ONE MANS GOD IS ANOTHER MANS DEVIL..and so on..thnks 4 the post KingJayDotEs

  2. Blessings to him…. For those who have been looking for materials to bring this knowledge of Self to their children, look it up, and buy the book Memories of the Little Elephant. Blessings.

  3. Understand that black man melanin is bringing change. The shift into the new age of spirituality. See the bigger picture. The material suffering of recent times is part of a transition

  4. @reghubert This is what the word of the Lord says "my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.
    "Because you have rejected knowledge,
    I also reject you as my priests;
    because you have ignored the law of your God,
    I also will ignore your children" Hosea4:6
    You know that practicing these forms of ancient sciences is worshiping Idols?
    Women must know who they are in Christ and the purpose that God created them for!!! Definitely not worshiping idols

  5. @1Bawden, thanks for the correction, but if I choose to follow in the shoes of Clarke I will. But thanks for your concern. Also I made other mistakes in my previous comment, if you don't mind, can you correct that to? Thanks again 1Bawden!

  6. It could well be that the Negroid race developed AFTER the other early human groups left Africa. After these groups left, the Negroid race then developed its characteristic hair, facial features, skin tone, and physical and mental attributes optimized for life in and increasingly sweltering, post-Ice Age equatorial Africa. Similarly, the other races (Caucasoid, Mongoloid) developed independently as well. Also, Caucasoids and Mongoloids show Neanderthal DNA, whereas Negroids do not.

  7. @arronnov Well, and what do you think happened? Do you think that 80,000 years ago, the human race was entirely Negroid– then the ones who left Africa turned into Caucasoids and Mongoloids? I'm simply saying that the races might've developed their different phenotypes in response to changing climatic and geographic conditions–including the ones who stayed in Africa. But I don't mind if we originally WERE all Negroids phenotypically. That might bother some people, but not me.

  8. @arronnov Well I agree with you on that one. I could easily pass for an Eskimo if I wore their clothing (though I'm taller than most). They're Asiatic. But I don't know where the heck whites came from. I think sexual selection favored increasingly lighter skin, longer noses, blue eyes, etc. Like a bird's plumage–purely based on what they considered attractive. But likewise, maybe it was the same for all races. That one's not clear to me.

  9. black power we got to get our shit back errtime we try and speak on some building shit, its mufuckas always talking down and infiltrating we got to have some type of consequences for that shit these sellout niggas be doing!.. Hotep…

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