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  1. Man your work is dope as fuck. If i had some bread i would donate and will do so later. You could teach millions of black kids about white supremacy like this right here

  2. Respect +carlitoway44 your work is always inspiring and putting the lecture together with the Great John Henrik Clarke brings everything home. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  3. This is priceless! Those of you with children. Run! Hurry up and give them this as fast as you can before the anti black trash culture of amerikkka overtakes them. Give them these words and images as a foundation so that even if amerikkkan society takes em way out to shitsville and self loathing that they will still be able to find their way home to themselves. Where can I support this?

  4. why don't black filmmakers make a movie about great blackness,and what Africa could be,instead of hip-hop,and guns,shit make a movie about life in hell coming out of the it and building a black nation,culture languages,and heritage.

  5. African American Homeland, The Secret to Political, Economic and Government Powers are control of State/States Governments and all It's Institutions.
    North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee are the 8 States I proclaimed the African American Homeland. A place where Black Americans could live in peace and prosperity.
    The African American Homeland States isn't an Independent nation, but a Regional bloc of States with a mission to promote Political, Economic and Security Cooperation between the 8 States and with no more or less rights than any other State in the United States of America.
    With a land area of 375,000 square miles and population of 45,300,000, the racial make up of the region are 80% Black Americans, 15% White, 3% non black Hispanic and 2% Asian and others.
    All 8 Governors are Black Americans, 16 Senators are Black Americans and 61 Congressman are Black Americans.Most of the State Legislatures, Judges, State Officials and State Government Workers are Black Americans.
    African Americans control the three branches of State government, Executive branch , Legislature branch and State Supreme Court, and control two of the three levels of government State and Local. Only the federal government will be out of our sphere of control. However, the Federal government has been more fair and just. Most Jim Crow and Separations laws were State and local laws.
    Control of a State grant African Americans US Constitutional Powers to, Make and Enforce Laws, Taxation, Eminent Domain, Control of State Budgets, Charter Corporations, Banks, Charity Organizations. The State Charters Cities, Counties and Courts.. Controls State and Local Courts, Control State Public Schools, Control State Universities, Control State and Local Police Departments. The State Regulates all businesses and regulates most Land within it's boundary.
    All State Universities in the Region such as North Carolina U, Clemson, Georgia Tech. Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana State U, U of Arkansas and Tennessee are predominately Black Americans. Private Universities must conform to the demographic make-up of the State.
    80% of the Farm land and forest land is owned by Black American
    Formation Of Regional, State and Local Black owned Banks with 2.5 trillion dollars in asset.
    Utilities, Natural Monopolies, Critical Infrastructures are State Owned Enterprise (SOE) or sold to African American investors or Black Own Corporations
    An African American Stock Exchange with a capitalization of 1 trillion dollars headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia to assist Black owned corporation to buy up white owned corporate assets in the region.
    There’s a regional equivalent to Freddy Mac for Home Mortgages.
    White owned large corporation will dominate the African American Homeland, but laws, policies, regulations and others will be put in place to help Black American Owned Corporations and Businesses to compete.
    80% of all businesses in the 8 State Southern Region are Black American owned and they will received 80% of all State and Local government contracts.
    Whites, Asians and Hispanics who comply with our State Laws are encouraged to live among us or integrate with Black Americans in peace and prosperity.
    Whites that want to leave will be given just compensation for their property.
    To acquire power in the 8 State Southern Region, Super majority population is a requirement. To have a super majority population a modern day mass migration of 24 million Black Americans to the 8 southern States must take place.
    The mass flooding of Black people into the 8 State Southern Region will cause the white population to mass migrate out of the region for fear of crimes, safety and lower property values.
    The Great Migration North 1910-1970 was Unorganized & by Word of Mouth. With Social Media & modern transportation, The Great Reverse Migration to the 8 State Southern Region could be done in 6 years instead of 60 years.
    Millions of Black Americans migrating North, Northeast, West, there were no military response. Moving from State to State is a basic US Constitutional Right.
    It is much more practical and economical to migrate from any big city in the west, mid-west or northeast, then to ship or fly millions of people to West Africa or Angola.
    Incentives for Black Americans to migrate South, include Wealth, Power, Prestige, land, farm land, housing, jobs, Business opportunities, leadership opportunities, favorable laws and others follow me on twitter BlackAmerican33

  6. Excellent work ! The animation makes the words even more appealing. Beloved, will you add Dr. Khalid Muhammad to this series ? There are so many of his speeches and radio appearances to choose from.

  7. Look up taqiya…the muslim practice of lying to non believers.  To fool them into believing that islam is a religion of peace. This video shows Christ calling a black man the n word.  Jesus never did that.  That's a lie.  Jesus said, do unto others as you would have them do unto you…to love each other.          He didn't teach hate like this video does.

  8. It is emphatically disgraceful to discover the fact that Jesus abandoned the black Christians citizens of Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921.

    In that all black business district our humble and loving forefathers built, among other successful empires, 21 churches and gave praise to Jesus in the most highest honor only to have their prayers go unheard.

    On June 1st of 1921, the greatest race riot instigated by the kkk and the United States government took place in Tulsa Oklahoma known as black Wallstreet where the United States government ordered the airforce to Bomb 💣 greenwood from the air and troops armed with fully automatic machine guns to kill black defenseless citizens in their homes.

    Jesus did not love those loving people like they loved him. Instead, he abandoned them!!!!

    They were executed by the thousands on that bloody day in American history!!!

    I am not race baiting but let's be honest….. Where was Jesus when this horrible carnage took place on American soil involving the United States government????

    Why did their savior betrayed them in their darkest hours and allowed evil to prevail and their cries went unheard?

    For that reason I cannot believe that jesus exists……. Evil, racism, and hatred overpowered them on that day of massacre and till this day evil has not rectified its wrong….. We cannot continue to worship the same God as the Christian kkk terrorists and expect to be saved.

    That's called insanity!!!!!!

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