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Dr. John Henrik Clarke on organized religion vs spirituality, part 3

Awesome scholar of African World History, Dr. John Henrik Clarke lectures on the creation of the major organized religions of the world, what these religions are used for, and the need for people of African ancestry to analyze these religions that are all carbon copies of indigenous Afrikan spirituality.


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  1. What a beautiful man!!! He said. " I didnt have to do it, I choose to do it, and if I had to do it over again, I would do it better"……. Thank you for your sacrifice Dr Clarke!

  2. Explain how you let our peeps cut women's clits , crawl out into the wilderness and have her unborn child, how you let our peeps kill entire villages, tell me that!!! Don't tell me about anything against christianity, tell me something that's better. lets not focus on the Euros, let focus on loving each toher and it spreading abroad.

  3. You this is true and believe me I dont really hold on to it but if you actually read it and understand what it is saying it is basically saying the same thing that Clarke is saying. The bible can be a tool to change people out look if it was taught correctly. The talks about being destroyed for the lack of knowledge. It tells its "chosen people" to go back to your ancestors. It says to do for yourself and never rely on your enemy. The problem is not the bible its the teachers of it.

  4. OMG!! This man is prohetic: He said everytime Europe is in economic decline (dpressed economy from their crusades/WARS); they always solve their problems by preying, create havoc & chaos in foreign (NON-WHITE) nations. "They solve their problems at the expense of other people (LIBYA, SYRIA, AFRICA, AFGHANS, IRAN, etc)"..
    It's sad that too many of us still think we're going to hell and get poked by the pitch fork and thrown into a lake of fire by a red demon (Satan) wearing a spandex. SMH!!!

  5. I haven't lost 1 iota of confidence in the Bible being the true and absolute Word of YHVH God after watching these videos!! I like what my man was saying though about disputing the ethnicity of Y'shua the Messiah. He wasn't Greek or Roman. He is an Hebrew. Whether He be white skinned or black skinned I don't know. I personally believe He was white skinned as the Hebrews in the land of Israel are today.


  7. I think you are the one who needs not only the find the evidence, but the truth. Go study the history of religion, christianity in particular. Also go research about the various councils that were formed to canonized the bible, go research all three of those councils and finally go in any roman catholic library and find and read the cathecism…

  8. No human being could have formulated the bible without Divine intervention. It is a prophetic book and no man can prophecy in detail. Misinterpretation and twisting of information is how these so-called "scholars" gathered their information, its all fallacious.

  9. Yes in your opinion they are stories, but in reality they are real just as real as we are. The Christian scriptures go back thousand of years. Jesus prophecy in the book of Matthew at chapter 24 applies to our time today. If it is not hard to foresee the coming of the end, what are you doing to survive it?

  10. Well looking at the bible from the perspective is just your own private interpretation, but when you take the bible for what it is based on own internal interpretation, you would accept the fact that bible says "All scripture is inspired of God…" 2 Timothy 3;16* I prefer to use the word bible accounts or record, story sounds to fanciful to me, especially when they apply the word to fictional stories. None of the bible is un-usable, all individuals can benefit from it.

  11. Well I cannot change your mind about the bible's inspiration and it being a book from our loving Creator, but it is, the bible is the only text that answers the questions most important to humankind, questions that no Afrocentric or Kemetic scholar can answer.

  12. If we are a reflection of God, then how come mankind can not provide the basic neccesities for the human family? How come the world pool of problems has not been solved yet, and if we are a reflection of "your" God how come we grow old and die? Shouldn't that reflection devoid us of those negative things? Personally I know the answer to these questions, I just want to know what Afrocentrists and Kemetic scientists answers are.

  13. which bible r u talking about? there have been several books removed from the original text and other books found later on. the bible of today is missing quite a bit and it has been manipulated to serve a purpose. to say the bible is free of bias and political influence is false. maybe the untouched original text can meet that view, but we will never know.

  14. The holy scriptures. It was written over 3500 years ago, with a span of about 1610 years with 40 different men writing at different time periods. The bible is a book that has been untouched, the bible itself says it, if your interested then read Isaiah 40;8* Jehovah God as the Almighty Soveriegn Lord of the Universe has the power to preserve his word and he has.

  15. But if blacks were the first people and had the intelligence that was elevated above the other nations, then how did you allow races lower than yourselves overtake you? It doesn't make sense, please answer the other questions too.

  16. What is this information based on? Slight of racial biaism discourages me from accepting that as fact, like I said before truth is seperate than pride and racial notions. The bible has a more universal message. It does not evelate one race over another. Acts 10;34-35*

  17. "I do not think it is in African DNA to harm others" That is the most fallacious statement I've ever heard. Given the right circumstances and incensed in the right way, they would kill someone in a heartbeat. Believe me if the White Supremacist ruled globally, we would not be doing what we're doign right now, so I do not logically believe that. But I still pose the question, being elevated above every other race spiritually and intellectually, how did you allow the 'white man' over take you?…

  18. To illustrate: Can a student in college, being introduced for the first time to the subject of Trigonometry, intellectually beat the Professor in that same subject? Think about, it kind of a rhetorical question, but think about in connection with my question.

  19. The bible clearly elevates the race……. read and you will see jesus tells the woman , what would he look like giving scraps to a dog, before his own people or the children eat, he was speaking to a non Hebrew woman, but the point is you missed the Dr's lecture God does not specify anyone, but the bible does, that is the point he is making that religion has put seperation between Man and Spirituality, and Man uses Race as the justification of who is supreme…..

  20. Well you and many others fail to do Mr.s ross is not isolate and rip verses out of there context from the bible. there is a reason why Jesus said that. Jesus was testing the faith of this woman, because even after Jesus response, she persisted in wanting to heal her daughter. verse 28 confirms it was a test of her faith. the doctor is also partial and elevates race, because he teaches that blacks are more spiritual than cuacasin people, which is a obvious fallacy. He's teaching a double standard

  21. Lol, Demons……… the Bible,you read fictions to justify fiction that is cute, let me guess King James Version Huh? Lol, you should be a comedian!!!!!!!!! Probably get paid alot!!!!!!!

  22. the Afrocentric dogma Mrs. Ross has bought mankind no closer too solving the plaguing issues that bother mankind. the bible provides a satisfying answer to life's most imperative questions, it also tells the only hope for mankind's problems and it tells what we need to do, in order to experience the blessings of that kingdom. Daniel 2;44* I am very, very familiar with the Afrocentric and Kemetic dogma, my parents are heavily involved in it and i almost got heavily involved myself.

  23. This historical philosophy has bought me no where near a God I could recieve life from. I would caution you Mrs. Ross not to take everything with face value, the bible warns us about that: "Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word, but the shrewd one considers his steps." Proverbs 14;15* A vast majority of reputable scholars including African-american ones reject the fallacious claims of the Afrocentric scholars. Frank Snowden Jr. is one, he is a black classicist at Harvard University.

  24. We must be careful not to listen to all the words of man, man is imperfect and saturated with sinful tendencies, thats one thing you or I could never deny. these men have an agenda and they are ready to even reject clear truth to eject it. Be careful.

  25. I'm sorry for your anger and you not being able to refute the inspired word of God, but resorting to opinions and bashing of the bible does not give you stability or substance in your arguement. The bible is concrete evidence that is from God and no one can dispute that, no matter how many false teachers and scholars say otherwise.

  26. I have listened to your lecturers, including Ashra Kwesi and others. All of them don;t present truthful honest statements. For instance, Dr. Yosef Ben-jocannan says that Adam and Eve are stolen from an ancient egyptian creation myth. please show me one pyramidic text that mentions Adam and Eve. please present limpid and precise tangible evidence.

  27. no such thing as adam and eve..this myth was created during romes rise to power,during in which the constantine and several bishops inthe southern european region moved towards turning god from woman to man or from a matriartical conceptualizations to a patriarchical grand if man actually was capable of bringing life into fruition..many know to be " nicean council"

  28. No one can dispute it and no one can prove it. In fact, there's a lot more evidence to disprove it than to prove it. The bible is so devisive, it has been the source for 1000's of sects around the world and countless deaths, enslavement and other evils; yet God is not the author of confusion? You believe what you want, just leave us to do the same. This teacher has spent his whole life researching and learning. Most Xtians have never even read the whole bible let alone anything else.

  29. Well Jehovah's Witnesses have read the whole bible. Dr. john Henrik Clarke is an imperfect man, with limited abilities and thinking, which justifies the bible, just read Romans 5;12* Many have researched and learned even longer than this doctor and they still end up being fallacious. Your talking to different things here, the bible & religion. The bible is not the source of evils, it is the religions that are the source of evil. Nothing in God's word enocurages evil things.

  30. I've read the whole bible too. I would suggest you read it again especially the part where the Jewish god told them to slaughter the Canaanites, man, woman, children and animals and countless other passages where he shows favoritism. Yes, the doctor is a man but I trust him much more than the bible or religions. You see, he doesn't want to dominate and enslave me. He only wants to free me.

  31. Thats what you think, Read Proverbs 16;25* Jeremiah 10;23* and Ps. 146 the whole thing. After reading these scriptures re-evaluate everything you just said. There is a way of reading the bible, if your reading to refute you will find something that you personally disagree but does not the make the bible error. But if you read to reason with an open-mind, you will understand the wisdom of the word and find the very knowledge of God. Proverbs 2;1-6*

  32. I am a descendant of the people who gave the world a concept a a creator, the Nubians/Cushites. I serve their God, not the false god of others. It doesn't matter what I read in the bible because I have no proof that the Supreme Divine Creator of All Things spoke or inspired them. I don't need the bible or religion because I have the spirit of my creator in me 24/7. It will never fail me.

  33. Yes many spiritualists say the same thing, so are they wrong also. I believe the truth is free from biased-leaning and human philosophical thinking, the truth stands alone, undefiled by human thinking. The bible contains that truth. John 17;17* If you let go of your emotional hold on color and racial anger you can come to find and know that truth.

  34. I have read the bible like I would any other book and have also studied the history of religions so I know better. I speak only for myself because I believe that The Creator deals with each one of us in His own way & time. My Creator has delivered me from false religions and gods and I will NEVER return. If u really seek truth you will find it as I have or are u too afraid of going to hell if you don't believe? Color? No, I'm about truth, justice and freedom.

  35. Thats the problem right there, the bible is not like any other book, so from there on your view of the bible would be negative. Religion has brought reproach upon God's name and the bible, so you cannot judge the bible by other religions, because there is false religion. I don't believe in hellfire, it is not a bible teaching. Subjecting the bible to one specific race of people and promulgating that is not truth, justice nor freedom. It is Dogmatic Historical Revisionism.

  36. I believe that The Creator speaks to us because He does to me. However, I have no faith in because of what I know has been done to it. I can't be sure what man has added or taken away in order to control me. The NT definitely contradicts the OT and that in itself is not of The Creator. The Creator has shown me the lies and the deceptions. The Curse of Ham/Canaan & Lot and his 2 daughters are perfect example of tamperings.

  37. The Messianic prophecies in the Hebrew scriptures are fulfilled in the Christian Greek scriptures. The next time Jehovah's Witnesses come to your door, please ask them these questions, if sincere they will answer. It is very hard to converse over the computer like this, because there is so much I could respond with. Enjoy the rest of your night 🙂

  38. If that is the case, isn't true that the KJV of the bible is the most widely read bible in western civilization? And wasn't this version created by man in the 16 century? And was this the man that commissioned scholars to only put certain books in the bible and leave out the rest?

  39. Yes the bible is the most widely read book but thats only because Jehovah allowed his word to be available for individuals to read, the bible is inspired of God and no man can tamper and totally dismantle his word. Read 2 Timothy 3;16* Isaiah 40;8* By believeing that man has came up with or changed God's word would be tantamount to underestimating God's ability to preserve HIS word.

  40. Yes the bible is the most widely read book but thats only because Jehovah allowed his word to be available for individuals to read, the bible is inspired of God and no man can tamper and totally dismantle his word. Read 2 Timothy 3;16* Isaiah 40;8* By believeing that man has came up with or changed God's word would be tantamount to underestimating God's ability to preserve HIS word.

  41. Yes the bible is the most widely read book but thats only because Jehovah allowed his word to be available for individuals to read, the bible is inspired of God and no man can tamper and totally dismantle his word. Read 2 Timothy 3;16* Isaiah 40;8* By believeing that man has came up with or changed God's word would be tantamount to underestimating God's ability to preserve HIS word.

  42. Thats what they all say about a intelligent black mane , We love your ingnorance -_- if he's a black hitler then what is every president of the U.S that pratices capitialism,colonializm,imperialism,tokenism etc.?????? Oh

  43. Please forgive my intrusion. I just had to commend you on your understanding and truth, I have finally found someone that uses their Pineal Gland. Hotep.

  44. It's so sad that Christians have accepted living in a world of lies… I admire your intelligence and knowledge… I feel so sorry for religious individuals who have not yet started living reality… Most die without even learning the truth about their history.  This is why most of us ignore other knowledge and call them nonsense and never talk the time to really find out what has happened. They don't even know the origins of their own religion!

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