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Dr. John Henrik Clarke on organized religion vs spirituality, part 2

Awesome scholar of African World History, Dr. John Henrik Clarke lectures on the creation of the major organized religions of the world, what these religions are used for, and the need for people of African ancestry to analyze these religions that are all carbon copies of indigenous Afrikan spirituality.


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  1. @Chery869: Dr Clark is 100% correct, Blacks need to stop killing one another to support a white concept. Their concept is to get rid of Blacks, why because with new Technology they no longer need Black people. The Africans are willing to kill one another based on religous differences. In Nigeria Muslim Blacks is Killing Christian Blacks. They blew up churches killing Christians, why because that was a part of the Nazi agenda, hence why the Pope supported Hitler & Sunni Moslem supported them.

  2. William Hauge of the Tories is in Somalia today I hope the Somalians have the sense to know that he is not there for Afican Interest. He is there to LIE to the African people for his European Brothers. If they are not carefull they will set them up like they did in Libya and are doing in Syria & what they did to the Iraqi people set them up and invade them and destroy their country. All European Politics is based on lies and deception and robbery.

  3. @arronnov I partially agree. But reading Islamic history, Islam empowered the Berbers to conquer Spain and launch one of the greatest civilizations in history. So in that case….it's hardly a "means of control".

  4. @arronnov Woh man, I was not trying to push an agenda or anything. The African continent and it's people have been exploited by imperial powers. Islam empowered them to rise above the European stereotypes and bring the Spanish to their knees. Some of the most famous Islamic scholars are from Africa in our history.

    I'm have great respect for the African people. Don't get me wrong. 🙂

  5. @arronnov I concur. I think the Muslims were great friends to the Africans starting from the Negus of Ethiopia and the Berbers. But yes, I do understand what you are trying to say and absolutely respect it.

  6. @arronnov Again I concur. I am Bangladeshi and my culture and the unique Indian culture was preserved when muslims took this subcontinent. I cannot speak for other cultures but I can speak for myself.

  7. @arronnov i wasnt being malicious or arrogant toward you just was responding to youre comment,i didnt say anything out of pockect/however this account is a minute fraction of my studying an im still not proposing to have the answers nevertheless i enjoy to exchange views wit my folks im from NEWARK NJ

  8. Naw it's black people thats against black people.So if every people religion that came inot Africa, and meant them no good, then why did it happen? Are you saying that the peeps of Africa didn't have intelligence enough to ward these folks off. I think what happen is that while the African was looking at this white women they gor did in. YADAA YADDA YADDA

  9. It sure is hard to believe them, they will talk about black power and liberation, then you will find out that they have been keeping a white mistress. Our brothers are confused.

  10. Itz to stress a point how logical is it he emphasizes indepent thinking which inturn produces cultural an social solidarity,although you wer segregated in the sixties rather you agreed with it or not lol every people have the rite to there own cultural conception but i see that you are one that enjoys being under the brunt an influence of any one lmao

  11. Africans participation was a non factor it woul have happen at any rate through cultural receptiveness scholars call it xenophilia,once the trade gt under way an they realized it was to late as you can see they fought to the END;;;;;;; inshort it would not have reached its pinnacle without European fire power…. an thats a fact if you check the ports an different epochs of history we fought to death on the shore an here west indies ect which is why they introduced so many illusions to

  12. Well if you think about they didnt steal anything these rules or laws was there in the beginning. The only thing thats different is the story on how they got it. Who did the Egyptian get if from? They got it from Cush. So who did Cush get it from and so on and so on. Laws or principle have been in beginning for eons. Is the Egyptian principles the same as Cush? No there not it mutated to something else to benefit them and there people. Samething happen to the "Hebrews". Clarke is hitting on alot

  13. Where is the second part, and why in the world can't I record this, can somebody please help me? I would love a copy of this on DVD or something.


  15. I live in London I tried to talk about this to a white person I KNEW and she laughed the first few times and then started to call me crazy saying I needed help. weird race of people…

  16. Al Quran & The Submission to The One True God predated Adam. Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and all of the true Prophets and Messengers, submitted to the belief in The One True God. Abraham followed the religion of Noah and Mohammed followed the religion of Abraham as did Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, peace be upon them. Al Quran is very clear on these points – the essence is belief in The One True God and obeying what He reveals & orders. Dr. Clark was a historian not a scholar of religion.

  17. My comments were directed at people who blindly believe Dr. Clarke — not at Clarke himself.

    Regarding your statement about criticism, that is a matter of your opinion. And criticism with which one does not agree does not necessarily make it destructive.

  18. You know what your probably right. Watch this video coming out of SouthAfrica : watch?v=jj84Sw1x2po Whites whining big time now that they ARE on the bottom. Crying discrimination and all that same stuff my race complains about all over the world but when the shoe is on the other foot look at YOUR race whining like bitches Brian. Hmmmm interesting isnt it.

  19. White girls selling themselves on the streets in South Africa: watch?v=xISFxedkhl8

    Black people living in wealth and lux: watch?v=e5jJSjpztmA

    Will Brian watch these? I will bet in his arrogance and pretend religiousness he won't. He will merely come back with some kind of childish response!

  20. If you think they whine so much why the hell are you on Dr. Clarke's page?. I think the last thing blacks need is the opinion of a generational cursed Euro, that wouldn't know the truth even if it were staring him in the face. I think your people have brought enough destruction into the world. Stealing, raping and robbing of other countries. But what's happening in these latter times, is that the sword your ancestors used for that domination is being returned to your own non repentant houses!

  21. This was not even an issue until the Europeans created these false religions and denominations and imposed them on the people of Africa. They were designed for evil to dominate, enslave, destroy and even kill people who refused their religious ideologies. Religion has nothing to do with worshiping God it has only to do with domination and power.

  22. Please can you point out some scholars and videos with this kind of stuff, African might, etc? It seems interesting to me. Please. And also conferences on it. I wanna attend and meet a black girl who is enlightened in these matters too. I believe something willl come out of these studies.

  23. Lets face facts, brother. Let us be honesyt and come together peacefully, all nations. You asid whine… is that all you can say to people your ancestors molested, and people who built your country? Please have some compassion, because you could have learnt from us without destroying us.

  24. im glad that at least one person agrees with me about the bible i told my mother that the bible was written by man not god it didnt go over well at all.the only thing i do believe god wrote was the ten comandments but because moses destroyed them when he threw them to the ground no one knows what was on those stone tablets plus you dont add or take anything from the bible yet its been proven this has happened over and over .i liked this program he is a very intelligent person

  25. You win the prize, the one white person who did not benefit from centuries of white supremise agaist black people . You should head to Las Vegas, you're on a role. Ha, ha, ha, Rediculous.

  26. when the Euro-whites enslaved the African blacks, in an attempt to hold the African black mind in a static state, the black slaves were not permitted to read or write. In the human mind any kind of people can know the things good for life. The African Black ancestors don't need the bogus xianbible, and neither do the Euro-white ancestors.

  27. good for thought,@DVD 3:20, Jew is a European term for an ancient "people" in an ancient time when Europe was still a place of nonliterary people, how did that happen?

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US wants the Black Race to Decrease Drastically

US wants the Black Race to Decrease Drastically

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Black Guy Arrested For Having A Gun License Legally