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Dr. John Henrik Clarke- Christianity Before Christ in Africa

Dr. John Henrik Clarke, a historian and Pan Afrikan all star, gives us the clues about how the folklore of the Bible was actually acquired from Africa. The story of Kane and Abel and even Joseph and Mary are old African stories that have been carved on monuments thousands of years prior to the institution of Christianity. Its time for us to learn and study about our religious persuasions and the history behind them. Get this lecture and many more like it at


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  1. search this ''Building Kheops Giza great pyramid from Inside Out'' this is very scientific but people want to hear of aliens rather and that levitation was used, you can judge for yourself?

  2. People need to do there homework and listen to this man !! If you read about the history of around the middle east and africa before christianty you would see exactly where the bible got the various stories from.Anyone that thinks the bible is the literal word of god is horribly mistaken .

  3. it doesnt prove anything even if they have flood stories.Do you have any evidence to prove it? How Do i Know Noah's story is the real one and it is not copied from other folklores? I don't like any whites to teach me bible because I am ethnically a Hebrew and these whites are heathens. God is a myth and atheism is an ignorance!

  4. Hebrews are call Shemites, after Shem the son of Noah, Egypt was called Mizraim the son of Ham the son of Noah, the Phoenicians / Phut-nicians are name after Phut son of Ham son of Noah, Land of Canaan is named after Canaan son Ham son of Noah. the Land was named after the Inheritor, Rhode-sia was named after Cecil Rhodes. Common sense prevail my friend and a true hebrew is not based on colour but on upholding TORAH ''God is a myth'' is a sad statement for any man to make. WE are ONE people!!!

  5. you are deciphering it in terms of bible where bible is not agreed by your opponents. Bible is not a history book first of all so you need you find the history before Adam.Do not start from the bible where bible has lost its authenticity by saying there is no humans existed before than Adam

  6. lol Easter is this weekend, the FEAST in remembrance of TAMMUZ the son of Sermiramis the wife of Nimrod, a festival that has been documented in the BIBLE and still celebrated to this day, by the Delusional church, Huge Hefners playboy BUNNY is nothing but the Easter/ Ishtar bunny, lady gaga born this way, Appear out of a Easter egg, how is it then that Paganism from ancient days are still so alive today which the BIBLE documents? please dont make statement but put forth Reason and Logic….

  7. The Bible is truth, except to people with an agenda, who look for contradictions to substantiate their lies. This man expresses his theories which deny the truth of the Bible. He is insidious and a liar.

  8. There were no Jews left in Egypt, as Moses took Israelites out. His suppositions are lies. Beware this man is a deceiver. How did this agenda oriented liar get a Doctorate? If you want to hear lies based on conjecture listen to this man.

  9. I feel so sad for those who believe the B-lie-ble is absolute historical proof! He is right about them coming into Africa w/out anything, a group of hungry, homeless ppl, & they left with riches, and culture! Read the story of Abram. He pimped out his wife to Pharoah, told her to say she was his sister, his 70 something wife was so "fine" that the Pharoah would want her! They got wealth, & 'God' afflicted the Pharoah & he told them to leave! They leave w/many riches! Wake up ppl!

  10. intuitive knowledge i like that name!! all knowledge is intuitive, if man can re-balance himself to re-sync with nature, he will come know his true self, his true capacity, follow your intuition, coz like a compass pointing to magnetic north it will guide you in the right direction, add a little education and knowledge and bam you can establish true north, this is metaphoric ofcourse..

  11. Wow. What would be a good book to read that would back up his history? it's soo interesting.He sounds very credible. I heard about him from the rapper"immortal Technique-the martyr album"

  12. For you people who are ignorant and unlearned, you have nothing to do but take the christian bible and the jewish bible and the muslim bible and compare word for word with the egyptian text that exist nearly 3,000 years before any of those so called people existed. The entire bible is fiction, the people are fiction and never existed, not moses all the way to jesus. no not a one. The entire text is translated from egyptian and african text. all learning started there, NOT the tigris / euphrates.

  13. WOW ive made these comments ages ago, glad to know that i could have broaden your perspective on the matter…please share your thoughts or the way you saw this…feel free to inbox me.

  14. Did you miss his point. The story of "Jesus" with virgin birth is carved on the temple of luxor, this predates abraham by 2,000 years, meaning this story predates moses and an old testament. meaning the jesus story was copied. Just like krishna, mythra, Attis, hercules, all those story are similar to jesus, but were around before a jesus. I swear, blacks are so damn dumb. You are a xtian because ur ancestors was forced to be one. Do you even know your history?

  15. Your worshiping a God created in 325AD at the council of Nicaea and touched up in 451 at the council of Chalcedon. You have a picture of a Eurocentric man that you were taught is your savior, so much so that you made him your avatar. Why does your savior not look like you, why he is the antithesis of your people. The laws of the colony stated all slaves had to be baptized and indoctrinated with Christianity. I swear, your race is F-up in the game, big time, your oppressor has become your savior.

  16. So what? did they commit incest? Get the hell outta here with that tomfoolery. Also the word ADAM means red. So are you saying the first man and woman was red and ruddy. Hell no.

  17. Ok. Prove to me that this sky daddy exist. Especially a white sky daddy. Because the last time I checked It was nothing but space/universe up there according to NASA at least. Now prove to me that this Adam and Eve person walked on earth had kids and committed incest.

  18. In the first place, the Bible is fake and not the work of God because it had despicable scientific errors. I don't know much about Christianity but I know even less about Islam. All I know is that all terrorists are Muslims lol. LOL all learning happened in India for those of you who don't know.

  19. I really enjoyed this. I agree, the bile can be used to demonstrate faith through storytelling but I be.ieve that it has been used by politicians to effect dominance over races and establish power over others. .

  20. I think many of your are missing the message. The Africans prophesied the coming of Christ long before the existence of the Bible. The origin of Mary and Jesus originated from Afrika. I was a prophecy. The Hebrew were a land of people taught by another land of people and became their own civilization. Dr. Clarke said that they were all people of color. The only non people of color were the Europeans and Hamites

  21. When it comes to religion or your choice of belief its always gonna be a life long argument so I don't know why most of you all waste your time LoL…Just listen to the man & either take it & gain knowledge of something you didn't know before or leave it!!!

  22. saying the bible is fake because it's stories existed elsewhere is not evidence that the book is fake it just suggests that the story has changed much like any story that is told, it will change over time. original or not, you must focus on the ultimate teaching that the book contains and that will lead to you what is true and what is not. dont focus on names and popular stories like adam and eve. but focus on the commandments and the things that god steadily insists his people do

  23. "the hebrews copied african stores to make themselves feel good"… people often confuse hebrew with being a race rather than a language. it is a language. the first language. and the first people were black and we spoke hebrew, the stories of adam, eve, moses, whatever name you want to give, i strongly believe are true, they just have been passed down and fabricated to a major degree. after studying the occult, freemasonry, the rothchilds, satanists, the new age movement etc. these people all

  24. acknowledge god, jesus, moses etc to a major degree they just chose the other side. doing research into the muslim faith, and the correlation to that and the bible is uncanny in its revelation that the bible is indeed based on facts more so than fiction…if not half and half. one major reason the muslim religion has been made enemy number one is the eyes of mass media and the world. if this is satans world that he must deface his most powerful enemy by any means. john is a brilliant man but

  25. Blaspheme… Negros think they can implicate there own understanding and truth , Hebrews had to because we have always been enslave ! we had no choice but to convert. Who ever put this video up and your An Israelite then kill yourself!

  26. One cannot ignore fulfilled prophecy however and I was glad to hear my brother recognize the scriptures as inspiring, although perhaps embellished. Although I have some reservations about portions of scripture, I have been enthused by the recent information about our true identity. For any black in America descended from enslaved Africans, it solves a monstrous mystery – Who are we?

    The prophecy is found at Deuteronomy 28:15-68 where a graphic, detailed description of a unique form of slavery would befall Israel if they failed to obey God's Law. After reading that prophecy and putting together the features of that unique form of slavery, ask yourself: Who, in all of human history, have experienced ALL of the features described therein?

    The prophecy is clear, detailed and over 3,000 years old. The enslavement of Africans in this country is well documented and is the ONLY nation that fits ALL of the features of that prophecy. 

    As black Americans, who have no knowledge of our history prior to slavery, have no idea where we came from, have been mystified by our inability to unify ourselves, have pondered why we are continually deceived, tricked and defrauded, why we are the lowest of the low, why we are the sickest of the sick, why we live in fear constantly, day and night, having no assurance of our lives in this "land of bondage", etc. 

    Well, now we finally have the answer and no one can refute it. We are the "chosen people of God", in exile. We are nearing the end of our affliction as Genesis 15:13, 14 makes clear. More and more of our people are waking up and remembering who we are, thanks to the assistance of the scriptures. Let us do all we can to inform our people about their true identity – Hebrew Israelites and begin the journey of taking our rightful place on the world scene. Shalom.

  27. Dr Clarke  presented tribute to Greek Roman agendas historical  sponsorship for the essentially  sterilization of natural man then found judgment  in enslavement  Dr Clarke;A fearless scholar  .

  28. I'll be goddamned if afrocentrists, NOI, 5 percenters, and whatever jibberish they come up with doesn't make for the dumbest most idiotic brain dead people with half the brains that God gave a retarded goose. Is all they can do is lie, lie, lie. Like there wonderful stories of big head black aliens living in the middle of the earth that started civilization while fighting off big fat aliens with elephant noses and white cracker conehead aliens. Then of course the wonderful tale of how the spaceships will come back to save all of them and kill off the so extremely evil cracker honkey redneck straight peckerwood whitey. I feel very sorry for blacks. They want so desperately to have something from Africa to validate them as a cultural group, but there is nothing there. They simply cannot bring themselves to admit that. Whitey had extremely small parts to do with Africa until around the 1500's, but yet where is the amazing African cities and architecture that has stood the test of time with a unique African architecture. There is none. Compared to many buildings in Europe that have been standing since the 1200's or earlier. There is just no real heritage to Africa, and I feel sorry that people of African descent will not be proud of their American heritage because their blood has been here so long and they have contributed so much to this great nation. I have a European history but my blood has been in America for so long that I only will consider myself an American. I could give two shits about the old world. Give up on lying for Africa, and except it's massive flaws. Then learn to love and embrace the greatness that you have achieved in America, and help us all to restore our great republic. To make the next 300 years better than the last 300. Peace y'all

  29. It is common knowledge that Job was folk-law. The ideology of the new testament, the Ideology of Christ be he real or not is powerful. To treat each other with love and have common sense.

  30. Everybody knows the old testament was recorded from Oral History, so I can see where Dr. Clarke is coming from. Because most African cultural linguistics does not have a history of writing (exceptions are places near Moroe and Egypt) we lost the validity of claiming these Bible stories. I find it interesting that the stories are recorded somewhere…Maybe he is talking about Egyptian scrolls and reliefs but certainly not in western africa where history is told through griots and decorum.


    Wow! His ideal as it relates to the distinction between "religion" and "spirituality" regarding the actions of Westerners, Arabs, and Africans, respectively, may raise some serious eyebrows. The question of whether a person or individual is "spiritual" in their beliefs, faith, and/or religion is usually a matter that borders "judging" a person's faith or beliefs. Although the use of religion as a political tool may seem inherently wrong, how do we differentiate between such Arab states whose very political and socio-economic existence are based on the laws, tenets, and/or practices of their "Faith" and others? Under such circumstance, the religion has to have elements of the very same political and socio-economic situations that the laws, religious tenets, and practices have to address in the society. So, how difficult would it be to divorce and/or separate the "spirituality" from the "religion." Where do we draw the line?

    However, I can agree with the premise of his presentation on the point and question of: How do we view the Catholic Bishop of Mexico City, Bartolomeo de la Casas', decision to have the Catholic Church support the enslavement of Africans by the Spanish Crown in his efforts to save the Indians from enslavement and death? Was that a CHRISTIAN and/or "SPIRITUAL" thing to do? As a Bishop of Jesus Christ's Church? DEFINITELY NO! He betrayed the trust and confidence that the Church of Jesus Christ reposed in him to care for all of Jesus people of the world. How can you trade one of God's people for another. May he BURN IN HELL!

    As a Christian, I have already forgiven Bartolomeo de la Casas! But he still has to face the punishment!

    May the prayers of the Indians and Mexicans he saved be answered by Jesus to help to mitigate his time in hell! ALL PRAISES AND GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST!

  32. the fact is that nono of ever happen it a bigge lie , there are no Hebrews or jew,s at all they made it up , now take a good look at. than tll as what is yes just what is!

  33. Because he's an older brother. He presents himself as very knowledgeable. The people who choose to eat this up clearly have no understanding of the scriptures. The man is wrong!

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