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Dr. Ben, Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Clark-pt.3

Like it is Special. Dick Nobel hosts three Africans that have made tremendous contributions to liberating the minds of Africans. Dr. Ben, Ivan Van Sertima, and Dr. Clark are intellectual giants in the black liberation movement. Dr Ben talks about the colonization of Africa. Van Sertima talks about ancient African technology, and Dr. Clark is the truth. Video from the early 1980s.


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  1. @mrtommynazi Damn your stupid, If you took the time to read a book about the history of Europe. You find that you could find a lot about a people through excavation, Dumb ass.

    The more you stretch the more you prove my point…..Dumb ASS
    The Ancient civilizations of Europe were not advance enough to keep good preserve a lot of their history due to their bad socioeconomic conditions. The Ancient Egyptians perserved bodies for over thousands of years as well as HIEROGLYPHICS,PYRAMIDS, ETC!!!

  2. @4zahra So now you use the preserved examples of the writing of the Egyptians and the lack of a comparable civilisation in europe at the same time as proof exactly of what? The climate was a huge factor,many generations were needed to build up farming in europe to be able to support large populations,Egypt was very fertile due to warm climate and the nile river delta which can produce huge amounts of food.The dry climate also preserved the things they made better than a cold wet climate

  3. @4zahra I don't know how you can say that.Blacks even in modern times have troulble building nations capable of progress,their children still die in vast numbers from starvation. There are no third world white countries but many black ones such as Ghana Gabon and Haiti. The standard of living in any white nation is better than that of any black one,that's just a fact. Whites build nations that are superior to blacks and blacks risk their lives to get into a white country such as Norway.

  4. @mrtommynazi You can't prove there is a such thing as white supremacy so you want to say at this time, there are more rich whites than blacks. I already debunked that by saying there was a time when there were more rich blacks than whites. I thoroughly went through the history for you and you eventually agreed directly and indirectly.


    Do you have anything else to talk about other than the same argument that I've won.

  5. @4zahra Your example that Egypt was propsperous before Europe came to dominate the world is hardly proof of any superiorority,Egypt was settled earlier and had a better climate.Where is your victory in that? I would say that whites even in an inferior climate can out produce blacks in a superior climate at any time. I'll use Iceland again as an example,they have few resources and a much higher standard of living that Ghana,Gabon,Uganda,Somalia or any other 3rd world black dominated country.

  6. @mrtommynazi you want talk about different variables in time and compare races. We can go back and forth forever and still will not cover everything

    For instance, I can say that the oldest buildings in the world are the pyramids in Egypt and no other structure comes close anywhere except for the pyramids in central America.
    Etc. The skyscrapers built in modern times can not last nearly as long.

    Fact is, You cannot come with scientific proof that their is a supreme race.

  7. @mrtommynazi you want talk about different variables in time and compare races. We can go back and forth forever and still will not cover everything

    For instance, I can say that the oldest buildings in the world are the pyramids in Egypt and no other structure comes close anywhere except for the pyramids in central America.
    Etc. The skyscrapers built in modern times can not last nearly as long.
    This means that more factors came into play than just location

  8. @mrtommynazi Again the fact is you cannot come with scientific proof that whites are a superior race.
    Some racist white scientist can't prove this also scientifically………believe me they tried.

    So how can you when clearly, you are not a scientist because your senseless claim speak volumes.

  9. You are predictable. Next you will try to talk about another feat of modern white man and compare it to modern black man as if socioeconomic conditions are not temporary.

    You haven't changed the way I think but I know I've change the way you think because this truth will stick in your subconscious whether you like it or not.

  10. @mrtommynazi I don't believe all white scientist are racist but there were racist white scientist who tried to prove that blacks were inferior and also tried to prove that whites were a superior race and failed miserably.

    How can you prove this when you are not nearly a scientist?

    You think you can come with the shit you just posted to the scientific community and they would consider this proof?
    Your hypothesis would not be treated seriously.

  11. @4zahra To offer "proof" to you we would need to take a 1000 randomly selected blacks and 1000 randomly selected white and put them on 2 seperate islands with equal resources and see who will fare better over time. The TV show "survivor" tried grouping contestants by race and ethnicity but were called racist for for the attempt.The island experiment would be quite expensive so I'll just base my opinions on the observed behavior of my black neighbors and the crime section of the local newspaper.

  12. @mrtommynazi Sorry but the scientist have already prove that there is no supreme race.
    by their failure to prove that their is a supreme race.

    They don't need your pitiful excuse for a experiment.

    Your comment is the dumbest comment I've heard all day.

    You watch to much "Survivor"
    Read a book.

  13. @mrtommynazi DUH maybe if we put DUH every race on a Island DUH and see who makes it DUH we could freakin find out who's the smartest race DUH.

    Damn your stupid.

  14. @4zahra There are no white nations with the poor living conditions that are a normal way of life in any black nation.Regardless of how many resources are available,blacks cannot manage them well enough to provide for their people. To prove otherwise you have to claim that the ancient egyptians were actually sub saharan blacks and had a higher standard of living than did europeans at one time in early history.More recently there is not a single example of anything but black national inferiority

  15. @mrtommynazi Your experiment would only prove that poor people commit more crimes than well-to-do people. Blacks have ALWAYS been marginalized, hence majority of the poor people in ANY western society.
    But this fact hasn't prevented Whites from leading in an assortment of crimes. If one could use a pen to steal 100,000 dollars why rob a bank and get 10,000? Also there's: pedophilia,infanticide,matricide,patricide,genocide,serial killing,mass murders embezzlement and corp. fraud etc. GDAY!!!

  16. @THEMONITOR72 Blacks for the most part do not have the discipline to go to work or to learn more to get better work.They also lack emotional control and tend to react violenlty when slighted and commit assaults at a high rate.Addictive bahavior is prevalent ,tobacco,alcohol,weed and cocaine use is common.Blacks by their own actions create the conditions they live in.Ghettos are created by blacks Look up crime rates per 100,000 population to get a clearer picture of black crime versus white crime

  17. @mrtommynazi I already crushed them bullshit ass arguments.

    You know not to come at me with that bullshit because you don't have any scientific proof for your claims that there is a superior race and that whites are superior to blacks.

  18. @mrtommynazi Again you NEED to look at the bigger picture the state of Black nations throughout the diaspora is because of the pillaging,enslavement and colonizing done to it by Whites. If we lack discipline to work so much why go against affirmative action if Blacks aren't in the workforce? As to behavioral responses to stimuli in ones environment, when Whites respond to outside influences people tend to die in Serial killings and mass murders. Do you watch the news? GDAY!!!

  19. @mrtommynazi Whites do more drugs than Blacks, both illegal and legal ones.
    Blacks don't own boats and planes to get drugs in the USA.
    Most Blacks in jail are there for non-violent drug crimes.
    Whites are not because they can afford lawyers and get out patient treatment and such.
    Blacks are targeted by laws and police more often than Whites.
    Blacks get longer sentences for the same crimes as Whites.
    The economy is in ruins because of Whites.
    Laws protect Whites who commit crimes.

  20. @mrtommynazi If a portion of a population is singled out for increased policing while another much bigger portion is simply overlooked the result is obvious. If heath inspectors chose to focus on Burger Kings, while neglecting McDonalds: BK would surely be overrepresented in written violations, but that in NO WAY speaks to the cleanliness of McDonalds at all. Why do racists claiming intellectual superiority always lack simple HS level reasoning abilities? Blinded by belief? or just dumb? pick1

  21. @mrtommynazi "When Americans speak of black people they are specifically refering to the negroid race"

    "Race" in anthropology is a dead end debate.

    1)Name the contemporary geneticists by name, whom believe in biological human "races"

    2)Cite their work, where they claimed to have proven the concept of "human races"

    3)Show us that the above work, has reached a consensus of approval within the Scientific community


  22. One could argue that "Global Warming" is next to nothing when it comes to "Global Whitening". As where ever Whites go people of color are raped and murdered,lands are taken and pilfered,and their history is distorted or outright rewritten or erased. As a race you are responsible for more destruction on the planet than all other so-called races, hands down!!! Thank the fates that your reign is declining and by the turn of the next century you will be virtually extinct.

  23. @mrtommynazi The British empire and European countries of all ilk flooded non-European nations with European populations. So when you count Australia, Canada, New Zealand,South Africa and the USA as White countries, you do so in historic error.
    That makes you a HYPOCRITE!!! Now that you've consolidated power and wealth you want the world to have amnesia as to what it took for you to claim that position. You feign civility when in fact you are the greatest barbarian in existence!!!

  24. @THEMONITOR7 Barbarians? The native populations of indigenous tribal people wandering around on the north american continent had a 10,000 year head start on european migration. What did they accomplish in all that time in this land of plenty? Absolutely nothing,they had no written language,no domesticated animals,no metal forging technology and never even figured out how to use a wheel.They did do some primitive farming.To say that a few stone age migrants owned this land is not quite accurate

  25. @THEMONITOR72 The nazi guy doesn't read. All he does is look at his "Hitler memorabilia" and "Anti-Jew, Anti Black" Propaganda butt naked on the floor with black boots on

  26. Take it easy on that guy MONITOR,
    He doesn't understand truth, and in his feeble attempts to combat the truth you speak with rhetoric and propaganda, only exposes him self as a bigot and idiot. But with that said, don't go to hard on him, he may go out an shoot up a school or something once he realizes how the education system of this country has him out of touch with historical evidence!

  27. @THEMONITOR72 Thanks for that,it was quite entertaining reading about that quacks theory that whites are decended from albino mutants expelled from africa.You must be quite embarrassed that those mutants seem to have so much power over you and defeat you repeatedly. Your only hope is to live off our compassion and breed like rabbits. I guess it will be a victory for you when you can overpopulate my land and tax our resources to the breaking point.

  28. I think the more pertinent question is why wouldn't you…. That's what frustrated white kids do… That or murder their parents, or go off and get on meth…. Basic neanderthal stuff… Lmao!

  29. @mrtommynazi Glad you read it, but I truly believe that it's quite possible as to the condition of the world caused by Whites. It speaks volumes of the actions of Whites throughout history and the concept of White Supremacy/Racism. You just don't want to except it because it makes you uncomfortable not unlike the Bell Curve makes Blacks uncomfortable. But socioeconomics and slavery can explain why Blacks do poorly on tests made by Europeans. Asians do better because they weren't colonized.

  30. @THEMONITOR72 The condition of the world is just fine but for the rapid population increases of the lower classes.Why can't they just keep themselves under control and grow their families at a reasonable rate? I'll have to disagree about standardized test resluts being lower in blacks because of colonialization. The whole of India has been colonized by the british and yet their people do very well on those tests and often times surpass americans in academics.Colonialism did not affect them.

  31. @mrtommynazi Stop asking these dumb ass questions. There is no scientific proof that one race is mentally superior to another. That is what your trying to get at with all this rhetoric but you can't provide any scientific proof.
    What you really want is for us to give you an free educational lesson. Stop being lazy and read a book. All your bullshit questions can be answered with one answer but you will not accept it because you want your race to be a superior race. That is impossible.

  32. @4zahra Questions are good for you however you only have one answer for the failings of blacks throughout history "the white man is responsible". Why can none of you answer what exactly is on a standardized test,like those used for firefighter promotions, that is too dificult for the african mind to comprehend? You have no answers,only blame.

  33. @mrtommynazi India's caste system perpetuates success in certain fields as a doctor would raise their kids to go into the medical field same with a physicist. Plenty of African-Americans perform just as well or better than Whites as well. Let's not forget that statistics show that Sub-Saharan immigrants hold more advanced degrees than ALL other groups per capita. So this dispels ANY notion of a White superiority gene espoused by the Bell Curve. 🙂

  34. @mrtommynazi Why did Blacks need to be emancipated?
    Why was there EVER a need for civil rights?
    Why was there EVER a need for NAACP, Affirmative-Action, and hate crime legislation?
    Why were businesses like BET, Essence Magazine, and Jet Magazine created.
    Why were institutions like The United Negro College Fund or Historically Black Colleges needed?
    Why are the sentences for crack cocaine different than powder?
    Why did White brewers target African-Americans with malt liquor adds?
    GDAY!!! 🙂

  35. @mrtommynazi "Why can none of you answer what exactly is on a standardized test"

    So there are no Blacks in Ivy League Colleges or Fire Chief positions???
    What have you done with all of your White privilege???
    Do you, your parents and siblings hold ANY advanced degrees and such???
    Are you wealthy???
    Because if you are not then you are a waste of White skin, and that notion comes from wealthy White racists. GDAY!!! 🙂

  36. @THEMONITOR72 Read up on the Conecticut firefighter case. A test was given for promotions,18 people passed it,17 were white and 1 hispanic but no blacks were able to pass even though all had exactly the same materials to study.Did something in the colonial history of Africa prevented them from passing the test as you say ,or were they lazy or too stupid to pass?
    Oh,there really is no white privilege but keep thinking so if you like.

  37. @THEMONITOR72 "Why were institutions like The United Negro College Fund or Historically Black Colleges needed?"-because you can't really compete against whites or asians in academics and you would prefer to compete only with other blacks."Why were businesses like BET, Essence Magazine, and Jet Magazine created?" They were created by your own kind to take your money and keep you divided from a common national identity by telling you that your failures are aresult of whites hating you.

  38. @mrtommynazi First of all if that's your main question, It is a question without any merit. Blacks have not been falling throughout history.

    That shows your prejudice intentions Dumb Ass.

  39. @4zahra Those questions were from TheMonitor72 and yes,he is quite dumb.although his spelling is much better than most people who view whites as the cause of black misery. I am sorry to hear that you did not appreciate my answers to his silly questions but it won't keep me awake at night.

  40. @4zahra No shining example of black prosperity comes to mind? Look up the history of Guyana sometime,it's a country of about 50% blacks and 50% indian with some amerindian,chinese and whites . It was founded by the dutch and later taken by the british who abolished slavery on the sugarcane plantations in 1838. The blacks then ran off into the interior and indians were brought in on contract servitude to work the cane until 1902.Today the indians prosper and blacks claim indians are racist

  41. @THEMONITOR72 Your question-"Why did Blacks need to be emancipated?" I have no answer,personally I would have left it up to the individual states to decide to abolish slavery or not and a civil war and the resulting 600,00 deaths could have been avoided.

    Your question-"Why was there EVER a need for civil rights?" Too broad to answer

  42. @4zahra The lil nazi, is a liar. I didn't ask him questions until AFTER you had already informed him of his stupidity once before. He's a racist scumbag but you already know that. PEACE 🙂

  43. @THEMONITOR72 Your questions are right there in the log 2 days ago,my answers to your questions followed or do you think I am clairvoyant and answered your questions before you posted them? I am a white guy with magical powers stolen from the negroes many 1000's of years ago so it must be possible.

  44. @THEMONITOR72 Two days ago @4zahra admonished the lil nazi for asking stupid questions, I read those comments and decided to post my own questions to the lil nutcase that very same day.
    So CHRONOLOGICALLY speaking @4zahra called you out on your stupidity before I asked your dumbass ANY question. GDAY!!!

  45. @mrtommynazi A lot comes to mind.
    You know some of the truth and it hurts………



    I shitted on your subconscious.
    MONITOR72 shitted on your subconscious.
    and a whole host of others have shitted on your subconscious on this forum.
    The truth is very hard to get out the subconscious.

  46. @mrtommynazi One of the reason's why you can't handle the truth is because you suffer from the Oedipus Complex.

    Since you don't know much about your history or anything else let help you understand the Oedipus complex.

    Oedipus Complex – In psychoanalysis, a subconscious sexual desire in a child, especially a male child, for the parent of the opposite sex, usually accompanied by hostility to the parent of the same sex.

    Psychologist Freud had this and came up with the term.

  47. @THEMONITOR72 I know. He's gonna keep asking dumb ass question. He's so predictable.
    Next he will talk about the Standardize Test, and I.Q. test but these test have many flaws…… he keeps

    asking why, why, why, why like a little 5 year old trying to learn about the world but he can't answer why
    There is no scientific proof that one race is smarter than another.

    He lowers his antennas then.


  48. In time my people thier will be no need for the NATURAL/ORIGINAL people of this earth to explain themselves,because when the earth returns to it's original form than….bye!bye! whitey,white people white tigers and so on and so on….I-C-U and I wouldn't want 2-B-U 🙂

  49. 500 years of slavery in africa? please mr clark. you must mean just europe. in africa you had slaves in saudi arabia too. also saudis had some asian and european slaves later. europeans made african slavery something else

  50. And who the fuck will pay retard? you going kill innocent people to feel all good about yourself?
    and which people do i belong to? I am a mix of 3 races bitch so what you going to do ? make 1/3 of me suffer lol?
    Listen kid, you never be satisfied with what anyone does for you, maybe you should get off your fucking computer and do a little charity work and help your broke ass country

  51. Stop trying to represent anyone retard, represent your own sorry ass
    maybe if you weren't so obsessed with race you would be doing some productive in society

    defending your people physically, mentally and spiritually lol? uhmmm OK then that's cute i guess , we are living in the 21st century there's no room for any race given any priority over another get that through your thick American (African -descent whatever you wanna call yourself) head

  52. actually dumbass HBCU's were started becasue whie people wouldn't let blacks go to college them….probably becasue they were scared that the blacks would show them up. But whatever the case wo the fuck cares becasue Asians are showing America up as whole, so instead of making it a racial problem, why not make it a national problem?

  53. What about the Aborigines of Australia? or the native North and South americans or the indiginous populations that were wiped out on the french polensian islands?
    if your going to speak about indecancy and brutality shown towards a group of people represent all
    Don't play favourites

    Europeans Countries Treated eachother the same way, by sending thousands of irish and scottish convicts to australia because they refused to take part in the Empire or petty theft

    list goes on 🙂

  54. Really? White colleges were worried that black students would 'show them up'? HBCU's still exist only because blacks refused to let their unecessary and lower performing segregated close down .Today they serve a purpose by getting blacks through to a college degree that they could not accomplish at another university.By the way,Asian students are not smarter,they just have far more acedemic focus than the average American student. I know because my wife and daughter are from India

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