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Dick Gregory on what happen to Malcolm X and the TRUTH about “his BOOK” (Malcolm X Day)

Dick Gregory on the assassination of Malcolm X and his autobiography book.

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Brother Ben X : Brother Ben X is a young solider in the Nation of Islam striving to use his gifts and talents to give life to the dead. He’s a video producer, CEO of Original Man Visions LLC (Video production) and he’s also a growing youtuber that’s striving to get viable information and inspiration to the people.


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  1. Sell out brainwashed CIA and FBI agents murdered Malcolm's avatar along with people who made speeches condemning Malcolm's public rants about Elijah Muhammad. Some things should stay internal as far as disputes go. Why do black folks always run to pork for justice?
    Most black folks have no idea how the police/corporate enforcers got its beginnings. If they did they'd look at the porks totally different.
    But to each his/ her own.

  2. RIP to this powerful force! He spoke the truth and when you decide to speak the "truth" your days here are numbered. As a child of the most high, we're all here on borrowed time. Thank you Mr. Gregory for your wisdom and thank you for the mark that you left upon this world. We'll NEVER forget you and until we meet in paradise somewhere beyond the clouds, rest in God's perfect peace💖💖💖

  3. this dick Gregory nigger was just playing ball these dumb niggers , who only listened to him cuz he had black skin🙊😁😁😁, dick knew damn well that his low IQ 'people' would listen and agree with him just cuz he was black, and blamed shit on the white man💯😁😁😁, so sick of self pittying niggers thinking they are the only ones who the govt targets, man up for once you black faggots🙊💯😁

  4. WOW!!! What did Zack DeLa Rocha said in that song "Wake Up", "You Know The Government Murder X but point the finger at Islam, he turned the power into the have nots, then came a shot". Dick kept it real here. Rest In Paradise Mr. Gregory.

  5. You all can see I am a white guy but I know one thing threw out history of this countries government I fine if a black leader speaks and just black listen it's fine White a white leader speak and just white listen and same as Asian and Spanish leader but if you look threw history of this country and it government when any leader black white asian Spanish start getting a lot of followers listen they get taken out it a fact check it out Martin Luther king jr had everyone one following him gunned down JFK everyone liked him gunned down Malcolm X gunned down after coming back from the promise land and started having everyone start to listen gunned down Lincoln gunned down it called basic rule of thumb think about the poor and working class make up 92 percent of the country 15 are rich and upper class 3 percent are wealth people with money only see 1 color green if that 92 -even didn't fight organized what would happen to the 18 percent that 15 percent most would take sides see it easier to control people when they hate each other but very hard when they don't one fact you can check it in the 70s the government applied same plan with Iran and Iraq selling guns to both side they hated each other so while they fought with each other we were stealing there oil maybe paying them 2 dollar a barrel and get 39 to 59 a barrel from Europe the Iran gun thing with north taking the fall it not a black thing white thing it a poor people thing you control the poor easy when they hate each other and know they ll never organized it not poor people that keep poor people down it the hate that community leader spread that keeps everyone down because if we can come together and care for each other then the government has already won and will continue to you think they leader don't get payed to spread the hate they do it when people open there eyes then they understand

  6. Hindsight is 20/20. the more I see and hear Dick Gregory the more I realize what he was saying back was true.
    White supremacy is a myth. It only exists in the heads of sadly too many white folks. We are all equal and beautiful.
    Own it

  7. U a coward… Trying to confuse ppl wit spoke conspiracy theories… Y'all killed Malcolm wit the help of YALL white daddy!!! FACTS…. Yall ain't touched a hair on any non blac!!! FACTS!!! What has Farrakhan done for blac ppl???

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