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Dick Gregory on Malcolm X’s assassination MUST WATCH

This version matches up with the confession of undercover agent Eugene Roberts who was guarding Malcolm X that fateful night. We have that video here as well so please check it out straight afterwards.


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  1. Black people listen but don't learn real good…the woman shouting Teach!! exemplifies that.However long ago this video was made Mr Gregory is still saying the same lines because we still have the same problems.

  2. Killing JFK, KING MALCOLM JFK junior immortalised them – they should stop killing folks like MJ,TUPAC,WHITNEY,PRINCE- THEY will reamin in memory more than so many so called entertainers, athletes and pollis

  3. Niggers were telling brother Malcolm he was their brother, but when he needed them to stand with him and fight niggers in The Nation of Islam who came to take his life, niggers ran for the high grass instead of strapping up and blowing those niggers into Kingdom Come. Everyone was talking shit. If your brothers in trouble you throw down with him, that is if you really see him as a brother. 99.9% of us are talking a bunch of shit. Gregory failed to help protect brother Malcolm when Malcolm needed help.

  4. gettin sick of dick and his misinformation, the shots were not from above, it was clealry a shotgun blast to the chest, all u have to do is look at his chest, and btw how he says "SAME TIME, SAME TIME!" referrrin to Pinto, Pinto wasnt killed until 3 days after Malcolm

  5. Interesting theory. According to history, Malcolm X met this man in 1959. However, Malcolm X did not leave the nation of Islam until March 1964 and he was killed a year later in February 1965. Upon his separation from the nation of Islam, Malcolm X began working abroad with many leaders, diplomats, dignitaries, and freedom fighters during his tenure in Africa. Malcolm X and Pio Gama Pinto were not the only ones assassinated for speaking out against the powers that be. My research respects Dick Gregory, but he is a conspiracy theorist (just like Farrakhan) when it comes to the assassination of Malcolm X. For him to say "don't tell me about some black Muslim killing Malcolm X" is very suspect to me. I smell bullshit

  6. i did my research and learned that on who actually had a hand in killing MLK,JFK,Malcolm X…and just like the privileged white amerikkka said back in the day…a colored man/woman who can read is a dangerous person…so since we are intelligent and intellectual…they are killing us off in this day&time…wake up Black America…band together…stop playing into their plans for the destruction of our people…

  7. Really, most of us can only speculate about who or what entity is predominantly responsible for the murder of Brother Malcolm. But I resolve to accept that a power much greater than any single leader of The Nation of Islam was the driving force behind Brother Malcolm's assassination. Black people were easy to enslave and we are [right now] easy to be misguided away from the proper path by wicked influences.

    I believe that U.S. Government agents may have infiltrated the NOI and afterwards gained enough rank to turn The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad's heart against Brother Malcolm. I just say this: the U.S. is the greatest intellectual assassin on planet earth! Perhaps the enemy planted some poisonous buds and some unconscious Negros took charge of the harvest. But yes, [that] shooting down into the direction of gravity should have blown some holes into floor is conceivable. But, we must consider trajectory, angles of the firearms, number of actual shots fired, distance from the target, and ballistic obstacles. Just where from [above] might the shooters have been? That is the question that I would love to ask Brother Dick Gregory!

    You know most Americans are convinced that amateur radical Islamic pilots were capable of strategically dropping and then flying full-figured commercial planes into the Twin Towers. They watched the buildings drop like fat ladies whose legs had been suddenly and forcefully pulled out from underneath her, but they have never stopped hating long enough to check out the physics. Even a high school physics student might wonder how the fuel of one plane would produce enough heat to cause such an inferno. Oh my goodness, sometimes the simplest phenomena are the most difficult to explain.

    By the way, a dear friend of mine was on her way to work on that day of 9/11; she was walking where she was sufficiently close enough to see; close enough to see the whole event! She told me that although she saw the plane coming and saw it make contact with the building, she never heard the sound of its approach. Strange–real strange…, isn't it?

  8. I've watched alot of Dick Gregory's interviews and he is just an old conspiracy theorist. He claims Michael Jackson was shot by a laser in the sky at 2:00 in the morning by the CIA and that killed him. He claims Prince was actually killed back in the 1990's by the Illuminati in Los Angeles because he changed his name to a symbol. He said the Prince we saw the last 20 years was a clone because the Illuminati has a clone laboratory in Nevada where they kill celebrities and then clone them. Just watch his interviews. He's a NUT!!! He also claims that JonBenet Ramsey, who was REALLY killed in the 1990's when she was a little girl, Dick claims JonBenet is actually Katy Perry and all those pics we saw of JonBenet was Katy Perry when she was a kid. He's FUCKED UP!!!

  9. I think his joke was ignorant. I also believe that he is correct when he stated the CIA was involved. That DON'T take away from the fact that Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam Cooned their brother. They new the plans of the CIA. They could have protected Malcolm but instead they waited patiently with fingers crossed because they were jealous of his success. This is the reason why my people can't win in this fight we are in because the Government pays Coons money or whatever to betray their brother. And instead of the betrayed being a stand up guy like Malcolm and not cooning their brother they sit back patiently and wait until the job is done. They think they are innocent because the CIA pulled the trigger I say not because they sat back and watched their brother be assassinated. How you think Allah fills about that? But Farrakhan talks about the white slave masters Jesus so much I DON'T think Farrakhan cares what Allah thinks about this entire situation. Even Jesus would have called Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam guilty by Cooning your brother. Jesus was not literal so I guess that DON'T matter either.

  10. So dick had prior knowledge of not only the assassination but the day when it will happen. Thats privileged info that only the govt, the agents and the actual assassins involved would know…seem suspect. Furthermore u obviously had prior knowledge of the murder so why didnt u call malcolm right away and tell him because u " love him so much"…why wait until he called u? So if malcolm hadnt call u, u would have kept it to yourself? People always reveal who they are if u listen close enough or long enough especially for someone like dick who seem to get a kick out of letting people know how much inside information he has.

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African Americans: STOP believing Christianity

African Americans: STOP believing Christianity