Why I Deleted All My White Friends Off Social Media…

What has a white person ever done for me? Nothing. The only thing a white person can give me is something that their ancestors already stole from me. White friends? What’s a friend? Surely, it’s someone who cares about the reparations and restoration of your nation after it was slaughtered by genocide, right? All these white friends and none of them care about reparations. Who are we fooling? Friends? Please. Forced associates more like it. I can hear the faint whispers now, “there’s some good white people.” Where? Where is the white person in power pleading for reparations and the true identity of so called “African-Americans” to be known? I’ll wait.


We must enlighten eachother. Awaken one another. Social media seems to be one the most effective ways to pass knowledge these days. One can not be fearful or nervous about enlightening one’s on community. So that’s why I deleted all my white friends off social media…black power it’s none of their business. 


~ Daveed Yahudah Israel

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