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D.L. Hughley On CNN Sharing His Thoughts On Deadly P0lice Sh00tings Against Black People In America


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  1. You know, when you see grown men about to cry on Nationwide TV an you hear people on the radio say that praying is over because it has done us no good. The revolution and the war is coming. we are watching it happen right before our eyes.

    However, are we saying fuck the clothes and movies and concerts and saving cash? Are we growing so much as a potato in the back yard in case the grocery store is used as a weapon against us? Are we teaching our children to shoot guns or even a bow and arrow for protection? Are we imploring our white friends to see the war that is coming or are we to embarrassed to have that conversation because that's to militant? A war is coming based on nothing more than the fear of a Black man. The Vatican has seen it in their Lucifer telescope. NASA has seen it in the heavens. Those fake ass jews in Israel know because they don't even use the term jew anymore, they are now calling themselves Israelis more and more.

    Look around you at the peace and riches and loved ones and friends because this will be an ugly war. One in which Black people are killed unmercifully and those few white people that are kind will die alongside the the ones who will kill your children. When you tell me that America is a good country I submit to you that America would will have 2 Civil Wars over the same damn thing; the freedom, respect and humanity of Black people! They can't accept it, they never will and as long as we are in this country we will fight for it over and over again. Fucking let them have it cause it was never ours. There is no such thing as the fucking Middle East! That is Africa and it belongs to us.

  2. Black folks, when are we going to understand that the nra and these laws weren't intended nor designed for us? Just as some of the writers of the constitution wrote all men were created equal while owning slaves. These laws or rights weren't meant to benefit us. The nra doesn't give a damn about a black being killed by police while legally permitted to carry a gun because in their mind he's just another moocher who would no longer be around to live off the government. That's how we are seen by a lot of these white folks. They think most of us are simply moochers and a threat to society or their way of life. As long as we're killing ourselves and occasionally got killed by the police, most white folks are just fine with that. But we need to also keep in mind that they are also some excellent white folks out there that would lay their lives on the line to defend and protect our rights and they must be recognized. Most of the time when important decisions are being made we aren't present to be our own voices but they are certain few that do it for us and we should wholeheartedly thank them for that.

  3. Why to blk and non white americans this is an issue…it's being shown all over the world that the white man can't stand for everybody else to have something they don't have

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