D L Hughley Goes OFF On TV Host: “The Only Place Racisim Doesn’t Exist is Fox News And The Police Department!”

You see this is why I like DL Hughley.  He will you give the REAL. He breaks these white people down like no other. You know black people, we don’t know why white people are so racist. However  we know how to fight racism. To do that you have to have knowledge. You have to take time to read.  You must able to argue intellectually your point. You can tell D.L Huguely studies. He probably looked at some Malcolm Max speeches. I’m sure he’s seen some Minister Farrakhan speeches. He might studies Dr.  Kahalid Muhamed. He may even study Dr. Amos Wilson. I wouldn’t be surprised if the brother only listens to conscious rap.  The way he breaks these white people like barbecue chicken don’t make no sense. I don’t know how this brother went from the Kings of comedy to the King of consciousness. Now whenever a black person comes on Fox News, he or she is going to have to deal with the racist asshole. On that station, there’s always going to be some racist white man or a racist white woman  or man to deal with. It might even be a racist Chinese person, but that’s OK. It’s ok, because if you’re on your A- game and on top of your black news and on your black knowledge, won’t have anything to worry about. You know they don’t never talk about white crime, you know they won’t talk about white girls fighting. The only time I see white girls fighting is when I’m watching a video on the Internet. I don’t never see that shit on TV. They show crazy racist fights on the Internet but they don’t show that shit on TV, why? Because they’re trying to hide that shit. That’s what racist assholes do. Now check out this clip the DL Hugely.

D L Hughley Goes Off On Fox News While Speaking On Police Brutality “Only Place Racism Doesn’t Exist

Uploaded by warrior hebrew perry perry on 2016-07-14.

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