Cop Tries To Harass Black Guy Then Freaks Out When He Starts Recording On His Cell Phone and Tells Officer He Has a “Potato Head”

The camera phone is truly mightier than the sword! It seems that filming the police puts abusive cops in check quicker than a magic wand. One great example of this was just sent to us by Conover  of Freak Out Nation. Conover has been ruthlessly harassed by entire families of law enforcement from the Joliet Police Department. Now, one of Illinois’ finest has just been put in check by a young African American man with a camera phone. Watch the video below… I don’t think y’all pickin the right guys for this job @JolietPolice— (@O_french20) October 5, 2016 After Officer Otis began harassing the young African American youth, he quickly realized that his confrontation was about to make him famous on social media. The officer then begins to insult the young man and tell him he will never get into the Navy as he says is his ambition. The officer says he would never want such a person representing his country. As the officer appears to realize that the footage will no doubt humiliate him, he begins to back off the youth who has by that time already been worked up. The young man, Faatak – who goes by the Twitter handle “O_french20”, calls Officer Otis a “Potato Head Ass-N****r”. Otis loses it. You can see on his face that he is about to snap but he knows it is all being caught on video so he begins to make his exit before he gets himself into anymore trouble. Ominously, and with clearly intentional implications of a threat, Otis tells the two gentlemen who he had been harassing that he will “remember” them. To make matters worse, instead of quickly denouncing this officer and even writing him up, the wife of the officer who has been relentlessly harassing Kennard chimed in on Twitter to urge everyone to show support for Officer Potato Head.

Do you agree with her, or nah? Help SPREAD THE WORD and make Officer Otis famous! (Article by M.

Source: Cop Tries To Harass Black Guy Then Freaks Out When He Starts Recording On His Cell Phone and Tells Officer He Has a “Potato Head”

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