Cooning: KRS One Admits To Being A Mason Softly And Tells An Illuminati Secret


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  1. An "honorary" mason?

    I never heard of that. I myself know masons and masons will not expose secrets to those who are not masons. That's their oath.

    KRS One is a mason. He told on himself.

  2. Krs is full of crap. The very high ups 33 degree masons would NOT just trust some outsider with their evil secret knowledge who didn't take their oath. He's constantly exaggerating and misleading.

  3. KRS is making stories up. His bosses are the ones he calls "righteous people" and he wants to make them look good. Damn, he is an asshole saying this kind of nonsense. "Teacher", "truth"…. terms shaped at his will. A misleading guy like him must be a pawn of decision makers.

  4. he isn't admitting anything here. he is just explaining the freemason religion/ beliefs and you can find a lot of that info on youtube or online. I'm assuming in 20 year of researching freemasonry, krs read some books so he would know about their teachings. I read about mason stuff all the time to learn about my surroundings but that doesn't make me want to join or give a shit about their goals. you are reposting videos already on youtube and aren't proving anything. they actually call people who gain freemason knowledge "illegaly" cowans and us who aren't part or their groups are the profane.

  5. Bruh you have to stop with these videos and learn balance. Most of the shit he's talking about are in the book called the destruction of black civilization. Plus the mason shit he knows can be rule into two possibilities they know dumbass Niqqas going be like fuck he join so let's just tell him or I guess he actually did it. My guess is one Kd those whites devils probably took a liking to him and told him some shit like humans do that. Or I guess if you want to believe he a mason or whatever be my guess however my point is the lack of really trying to help the viewer you could of research his shit before calling him a fool. You want to help people by pointing out flaws then you try at least get something positive in the debate or it will show the lack of awareness or egotistical arguing. If one care you exam if a speech is positive not. Again I guess all this shit he's know would put him at that level had he join I believe he's trying to imply. Think about people love telling secrets is a human triat. I would would says in into the mason shit if I hear him committing pedophilia behavior. Next time if you want to help viewer don't just call someone a coon you try to create a balance in there speech or your no better then the people you speak off and if there's nothing positive in their speech you have them better explain or have someone better explain their position as I just did. All that shit he said at been knew at 16 and I'm 18 now. An I ain't no damn mason just saying help the viewer don't spread negativity im not editing so sorry for any grammatical errors.

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