Colossill Model Of The Week: Tori Green

Colossill Model Of The Week: Tori Green

For this weeks Colossill Model Of The Week. We are bringing you The Big Apples own Tori Green. A young, ambitious, talented, and beautiful mix of Native American, African American, Irish, and Russian. Take a look at the interview below and the amazing photos as well.

Colossill: Hello how are you? Thanks for taking the time out of your day to allow us to interview you.

Tori: I’m doing great, how are you guys?!

Colossill: Tell the Colossill viewers out there where you’re from and where do you currently reside?

Tori: I’m a born and raised Manhattan girl.

Colossill: Your ethnicity/Age

Tori: Native American, Russian, African American and Irish. I’m 20 🙂

Colossill Model Of The Week: Tori Green


Colossill: Are you currently in school? What school did you attend?

Tori: Yes I am, Pace University Online.

Colossill: What are your career goals, hobbies, and zodiac sign?

Tori: I am first and foremost a musician. I sing and write the lyrics for my band 212GREEN. My number one hobby is definitely cooking! I’m proud to be the best sign, Sagittarius!

Colossill: What is your favorite music that you listen too? Favorite movie/Tv Show

Tori: I’m in love with Pop and Hip Hop. Movie/TV? Comedy or Romantic comedy, or anything super natural, I like movies that make me laugh or get transported to an alternate universe.



Colossill:What is something that inspires you or any inspirations?

Tori: My parents definitely inspire me, they both had the dream to move from small towns to NYC and be artists. Living the dream 🙂

Colossill: How would you describe your professional interests?

Tori: Creative, I like things to be spontaneous and inspiring whatever they are.

Colossill: What’s your background in modeling? When and why did you get started? Was it for the glamour? The money? Pure kicks?

Tori: I’ve always been around fashion since my dad is a Fashion designer. I recently got super involved in eating clean and working out so I started to get more comfortable in my skin and photographers started to reach out to me and ask me to shoot. But I think the most exciting was being contacted by American Apparel to shoot for them. I love the glamour of it all, and who is really going to turn down the money. But I really just enjoy anything creative, which modeling is super creative.


Colossill Model Of The Week: Tori Green


Colossill: Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?

Tori: I love Kate Upton, Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Clauson, Gigi Hadid and Jasmine Sanders all for different reasons but mostly because they use their sensuality as power. Designers…. ummmm, Moschino, All Saints, Givenchy, I could honestly go all day. My favorite thing to do is to pair something designer with something from H&M or Forever 21.

Colossill: Which fashion magazines, websites, blogs, and catalogs do you visit most often?

Tori: I would have to say I probably read Nylon, Teen Vogue and Vogue the most. But even more than that I look at style pages and blogs on tumblr for inspiration.

Colossill: What’s your fashion mantra?

Tori: Fashion is a language. Some know it, some learn it, some never will – like an instinct. – Edith Head


Colossill Model Of The Week: Tori Green


Colossill: How would you describe your style?

Tori: I’m kinda like the 70’s and 90’s had a baby, but then everything turned black lol.

Colossill: Where do you generally shop?

Tori: Topshop, Forver21, and Buffalo Exchange.

Colossill: Out of all of the photos the photographer took of you, which is your favorite and why?

Tori: Hmmmmmm I think it would have to be the one where I’m looking over my shoulder cause I was caught totally off guard. I like candid photos.


Colossill Model Of The Week: Tori Green


Colossill: What makes [your city’s] fashion unique?

Tori: Um….. It’s New York City, self explanatory 🙂

Colossill: Do you have any other experience in the fashion industry (writing, photography, marketing, etc.)?

Tori: I take candid shots of my friends sometimes, and I’ve had to edit photos and video for my band but that’s about it.

Colossill: What is fun and rewarding about modeling?

Tori: I love seeing either my vision or someone else’s vision come to life.

Colossill: What do you dislike about modeling?

Tori: The way that girls use edited, airbrushed, and photoshopped photos as a standard for beauty. Yes these girls are beautiful to begin with, but modern day editing removes even the smallest of flaws. No one looks like that.

Colossill: What advice do you have for other aspiring models?

Tori: Do not ever do anything that you are uncomfortable with, have fun and always be safe.




Colossill: How do you prepare for a modeling shoot?

Tori: Exercise, clean eating, water and sleep.

Colossill: What makes a stylish lady or man? Is there a difference?

Tori: It’s small things, like a basic white vneck, and black skinny jeans can become something entirely different with some accessories and motorcycle boots.

Colossill: Who are some of your favorite fashion photographers? (They do not have to be famous.)

Tori: Steven Meisel, Mario Testino, Roosevelt and Tiago Chediak.

Colossill: What does fashion mean to you?

Tori: Fashion means an outward expression or your inner style.

Colossill: Thanks again for your time it was a pleasure interviewing you! Continue being a dope individual. Follow her Instagram  and Twitter

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