Colossill Model Of The Week: Megan Milan

Colossill Model Of The Week Megan Milan

Colossill: Thanks for taking the time out of your day to allow us to interview you. Tell the Colossill viewers out there where you’re from and where do you currently reside?  I am from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I currently reside in East Lansing where I attend school.

Colossill Model Of The Week Megan Milan

Colossill: Your ethnicity/Age?  I am 20 year old African American. My descendants are Ethiopian, Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Jamaican



Colossill: Are you currently in school? I’m a junior at Michigan State University studying business marketing.

Colossill Model Of The Week Megan Milan

Colossill: What are your career goals, hobbies, and zodiac sign?  I ultimately want to become a successful model, modeling across the globe. As always it’s good to have a back up plan which is why I am in college studying business marketing. I hope to either go into fashion marketing or sports marketing. I am a Pisces.


Colossill: What is your favorite music that you listen too? Favorite movie or T.v Show?  I enjoy listening to all genres of music. Some of my favorite artists include Drake, Partynextdoor, Banks, The Weeknd, and Jhene Aiko. My favorite shows are Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, ANTM, and Bad Girls Club. My favorite movies are Mean Girls, Wolf of Wall Street, and Lord of the Rings. Weird right? Lol


Colossill:What is something that inspires you or any inspirations? My mother ultimately inspires me. As a single mother of two dealing with her own battles she is the strongest most positive woman I know. She has made so much out of nothing, that’s inspiring in itself.


Colossill Model Of The Week Megan Milan

Colossill: What’s your background in modeling? When and why did you get started? Was it for the glamour? The money? Pure kicks? As a child I grew up always wanting to model. Watching America’s next top model I’ve always dreamed of one day being apart of it all. I got signed to my first print/promo agency about two years ago. With school it’s been hard to balance both so it’s taking me longer to accomplish it all but in time I will be where I need to be in the industry. I just love getting dolled up and taking pictures. I’ve always been a girly girl.



Colossill: Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why? I have a number of favorite models including Adriana Lima, Irina Shayk, Gigi Hadid, Jourdan Dunn, Barbara Palvin, Chanel Iman, and plenty more. Adriana Lima has always been my favorite since a little girl growing up watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows.


Colossill: Which fashion magazines, websites, blogs, and catalogs do you visit most often?If I’m ever reading a fashion magazine it will be Vogue, Elle, or Allure.

Colossill Model Of The Week Megan Milan

Colossill: How would you describe your style? My style differs depending on my mood and the event or occasion. Some days a cute top, jeans, and a match bag and heel set would be my casual. Other days it’ll be yogas. When I go out I’ll either do a dress or two piece, or switch it up with an oversized top as a dress or heels and a jogger.


Colossill: Where do you generally shop? Shopping at American Apparel is always my best bet or boutiques that send me cute little pieces. American Apparel fits slim girls like myself perfectly.


Colossill: Out of all of the photos the photographer took of you, which is your favorite and why? This is my favorite photo, shot by photographer J Singleton and makeup by Talya Ashford. It’s my favorite because of the passion in my eyes. This was one of my first photos that made me realize I can do big things in this industry.

Colossill Model Of The Week Megan Milan


Colossill: What makes [your city’s] fashion unique? Detroit’s fashion can be very flashy or simple, depending on the person.


Colossill: Do you have any other experience in the fashion industry (writing, photography, marketing, etc.)?  Besides being in the fashion industry I used to do YouTube videos on hair back in high school. My first video was when I decided to skip school and sty home one day and try it out. Surprisingly it reached almost 40k. I stopped but maybe one day I’ll get back into it. I also wrote and edited for my schools news paper. Another dream of mine.


Colossill: What is fun and rewarding about modeling? Modeling is always fun and rewarding to me because it’s doing a job that I love. You get perks such as free clothes, makeup, hair, etc. Also publicity and just looking and feeling beautiful is a perk.

Colossill: What do you dislike about modeling? There’s not much I dislike about modeling in general. But there are many risks starting out and you have to be very strong mentally. Starting out you never know what to expect, what’s real, and what’s worth it. Also you get told no a lot so you have to have tough skin. I’ve been told I look pregnant and I’m only 115 pounds. I also don’t like the stereotypical you have to be 5’9, size 0. But I’m glad to see that slowly changing. 

Colossill Model Of The Week Megan Milan

Colossill: What advice do you have for other aspiring models? My advice to other aspiring models is ultimately never give up. The more you’re told no, the closer you are to yes. And always be safe.


Colossill: How do you prepare for a modeling shoot? I’ve learned many lessons on photoshoots and what to do and not to do from experience. I always make sure I get at least 6 hours of sleep if possible. If not my eyes will be baggy and my face will have less life. I drink lots of water and if I’m feeling bloated I’ll put a waist trainer on the night before. I always bring a “model bag” with all necessities such as lotion, razor, hair ties, etc. NO partying, drinking, or staying out late the night before a shoot, it will show in the pictures. Respect yourself as a model and respect the client, arrive on time.


Colossill: What makes a stylish lady or man? Is there a difference? I think style is up to the person and who’s looking. I can’t necessarily say what is stylish and what isn’t. Style is your personal fashion and how you carry yourself.

Colossill Model Of The Week Megan Milan


Colossill: Who are some of your favorite fashion photographers? (They do not have to be famous.) Jonnevicci, Megane Claire, and Rob Lo off the top of my head.


Colossill: What does fashion mean to you? Fashion to me is personality in the physical form.


Colossill: Thanks again for your time it was a pleasure interviewing you! Continue being a dope individual

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