Colossill Model Of The Week: Kimberley Robinson

Colossill Model Of The Week Kimberley Robinson

Check out the super beautiful Kim Robinson hailing from Zimbabwe Africa, as they say some of the most beautiful women are from the Mother Land and this one does not disappoint. Take a look below at our interview of this beauty and get to know Kim, as she is surely to take over in the modeling world.

Colossill: Tell the Colossill viewers out there where you’re from and where do you currently reside?


Kim – I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I currently reside in gorgeous Cape Town, South Africa.

Colossill: Your ethnicity/Age 

Kim – Mixed race. 

 Colossill Model Of The Week Kimberley Robinson

Colossill: How old are you? Are you currently in school?

 Kim – I am 24 years old. I graduated from the University of Stellenbosch, with An Honours degree in Social work.

Colossill: What are your career goals, hobbies, and zodiac sign?

KimI Would love to utilize my qualifications by working with an Non-profit organization that uplifts and empowers women and children. 

I absolutely love cooking! Food is a passion of mine, I’m happiest when Im cooking for and feeding my friends and family 🙂 

Star sign- Cancer.

 Colossill Model Of The Week Kimberley Robinson

Colossill: What is your favorite music that you listen too? Favorite movie/Tv Show

I enjoy most genres of music, but in particular Hip-hop and R’n’B.


Colossill:What is something that inspires you or any inspirations?

Throughout my life I have had the opportunities to work in hospitals, schools, orphanages and old age homes. I have worked with the poorest of the poor, and seen true suffering, both in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The humbling lesson learnt everyday working in these organizations throughout my university education, was How blessed and fortunate myself and my siblings are. We grew up in good homes, were lucky enough to go to the Best schools, and have parents that showed us nothing but love.

My parents continue to be an inspiration, (as corny as that may sound), its true.


Colossill: How would you describe your professional interests?

 I am a full time model in Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! 

Colossill Model Of The Week Kimberley Robinson

Colossill: What’s your background in modeling? When and why did you get started? Was it for the glamour? The money? Pure kicks?

 My older cousin Latoya, also from Zimbabwe, introduced me to the Director of Grace Model Management here in Cape Town.  He saw potential, and they developed me into the model I am today.

Colossill: Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?

Adrianna Lima, with her curves, long dark hair and sexy eyes! Wow! 

Along with Joan Smalls, are my top 2 favorite models right now. Any model of color making it in this industry should be celebrated, I respect and look up to her.

 Colossill Model Of The Week Kimberley Robinson

Colossill: Which fashion magazines, websites, blogs, and catalogs do you visit most often?

I’ve grown up reading my mum’s American Vogue And Elle magazines For the new trends in fashion!

Victorias secret however, provides my Inspiration to work out! Lol!


Colossill: What’s your fashion mantra?

You can shop within your budget, and still be FIERCE!

To quote K.Hart “Stay in your financial lane!”

Invest in a few valuable, essential items, like a pair of jeans that makes your butt look GREAT, or a timeless Lbd.  Then dress these items with less expensive seasonal trends and accessories.


Colossill: How would you describe your style?

Classy and sexy. 

Colossill Model Of The Week Kimberley Robinson 

Colossill: Where do you generally shop?

Here there and everywhere! Im not particularly fussy where, just as long as its good quality and flatters my curves.


Colossill: What makes [your city’s] fashion unique?

The diversity of this city means we have an incredible variety of fashionistas all around us. we are influenced by every culture you can think of, from urban street wear, to Afro-chic to hipsters.


Colossill: Do you have any other experience in the fashion industry (writing, photography, marketing, etc.)?


I have interned at my agency as a booker. It was a valuable learning experience as to what goes on behind the scenes! I have a much greater appreciation and respect for bookers (agents) now!

Colossill Model Of The Week Kimberley RobinsonColossill Model Of The Week Kimberley Robinson

Colossill: What is fun and rewarding about modeling?

 Its my dream job!

The fact that I can pay my bills by doing what I love, is what is so rewarding! Im so blessed!

Colossill: What do you dislike about modeling?

People don’t realize how much rejection can affect your self esteem and sense of self worth. We get it on a daily! Its a competitive industry, not for the faint-hearted!

Colossill Model Of The Week Kimberley Robinson

Colossill: What advice do you have for other aspiring models?

You really need to want it bad -to make it! You will be judged, critIqued and rejected almost every single day. 

You’ll only make it if you are really willing to work for it, and you have a great agency representing you!


Colossill: How do you prepare for a modeling shoot?

I always go to bed early the night before, rest is important! 

I up my workout routine and Try to be very good with my diet the week of – especially if its a swimwear Shoot. 

If you feel like your body looks great – the confidence will show in your images.

Colossill Model Of The Week Kimberly Robinson

Colossill: Who are some of your favorite fashion photographers? (They do not have to be famous.) 

Russell James. He photographs women in a way Like no other.


Colossill: What does fashion mean to you?

Its a form of self expression.

it says “This is who I am!” before you even say a word.

Colossill Model Of The Week Kimberley Robinson

Follow her on Instagram @kimjayde

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