Colossill Model Of The Week: II-KAYA ISES

Colossill Model Of The Week: II-KAYA ISES






Colossill: Hello how are you? Thanks for taking the time out of your day to allow us to interview you.

Blessed Love and Light. Thank you for interviewing I.

Colossill: Tell the Colossill viewers out there where you’re from and where do you currently reside?

Africa is home. I am from the beautiful twin island, Trinidad and Tobago. I was born and raised in Trinidad and I am currently based in
the U.S., New Jersey.

Colossill: When and why did you get started? Was it for the glamour? The money? Pure kicks?

I started modeling four years ago. I started for several reasons but not for glamour, money or kicks. To I, the most crucial reasons I
began modeling are to help spread black consciousness, to amplify vibrations and add to what I see in the art.

Colossill: Your ethnicity?

I am an African, a proud one. I am governed by the body of Rastafari. This is I faith.

Colossill: What are your career goals, hobbies, and zodiac sign?

I have numerous career goals. To name a few; I would like to travel the world doing humanitarian work, to be a part of an organization
that truly cares for humanity. Possibly start I own. Traveling is one of I biggest career goals, especially to Alkebulan (Africa).
I desire is to be photographed in places that my people are limited to visiting and experiencing. This would bring me complete joy and success
in my heart. At one point I was limited, but now that I have the opportunity, I would show ones that may never leave their place of birth or
mental imprisonment from authorities, beauty through my spectacles. I main career goal is to become self sustained. I would like to take my
craft (making jewelry) more serious and start an online business for jewelry and natural hair/body care products.

I fulljoy (enjoy) reading even though it makes I drowsey. I love listening to music of all different genres, though mainly reggae. Traveling;
the whole world is out there for I to visit and learn from. I love to use I hands, purposefully, whether it’s making craft (beading a new
necklace or designing a new outfit) or just giving a helping hand. Watching documentaries or just browsing the web. I like to sing
and dance, privately as of now. These are some of my hobbies while I am here in the U.S. When I am in the islands there is a lot more added
such as sun bathing and swimming in the river, for example.

I am from the Tribe of Judah. A born Lioness (Leo).

Colossill: What is something that inspires you?

Life. Life inspires I. Just being given the chance each day to rise again is I biggest inspiration. It’s a reminder that I can try again,
and even harder.

Colossill: Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?

I really don’t have a long list of I favorite models or designers. It’s difficult to find I reflection in the industry. Maybe I can be
someone’s reflection by trying I best to stay true.

I favorite model is II-Sabah Nur. He is an indigenous bush rasta model who helps I to see clearly in this industry. He is anchored in his
faith. A pleasant reminder to I that I purpose is to never try and be like everyone else and to never worry about popularity, but the mission,
to make a difference, a good one and to be true on my journey.

Another model is Kamilah McDonald. She is also a health and fitness trainer/sports nutritionist. She is quite an inspiration to I. I have
always envisioned myself doing exactly what she does. I feel that parts of her journey reflect I own life. I am moved by her beautiful soul.
I truly respect people that stand for a change, positively.

I favorite designer is Mau Mau G, Queen Nanny Maroon. She is a unique indigenous designer. A phenomenal warrior goddess and she manifests everything with her bare hands. I admire and love this. I desire is to wear clothing and accessories that were made by her with her energy.

Colossill: Which fashion magazines, websites, blogs, and catalogs do you visit most often?

I visit national geographic website and pay attention to their magazine. I actually follow them on social media as well. Maybe one day I can
be in that magazine. I know this isn’t fashion related but this is what I visit very often and what helps I imagination to stay alive.
I also visit High Times magazine and occasionally Ebony and Essence magazines. I have actually decided to pay closer attention to more
magazines and publications. Hopefully I find more that I would like to keep up with. There aren’t any catalogs or blogs that I am currently
keeping up with.

Colossill: How would you describe your style?

The natural part of I is I livity (lifestyle). I say the “natural part” because anything that I partake of that is unnatural is not part of I livity.
Prime example; the wearing of makeup is not part of I livity. I would describe I livity as indigenous, rootical, simple, free from greco-roman ideology. I style is free and far from conformity.

Colossill: Do you have any other experience in the fashion industry (writing, photography, marketing, etc.)?

I used to do photography at one point. I have always wanted to be a photographer. I just love a camera. I guess this was all steps to this
path (modeling). I have been assisting other models with shoots. I have been the backbone of some photo shoots. From setting up model call to regularly communicating with models until the day of the event, ensuring that everyone is properly informed and ready to shoot, all the way up to the day of the shoot. Dressing models, making sure they eat and stay hydrated during the shoot and more other little details. I think it
is safe to call myself an organizer. I like to fill in all the blanks on projects that I have been a part of and were not well put together. I like for other models that I am working with to experience a more professional comfortable flow.

Colossill: How do you prepare for a modeling shoot?

I drink a lot of water, stay away from my vegan junk foods and try to eat more fruits than usual. I try not to miss my exercise routine,
especially if it’s a swimwear shoot. I also try to stretch, regardless of what I will be wearing. I need my body to feel right. The week
leading up to a shoot, I try to make sure my closet is ready (clothing, jewelry and shoes that is), if I am not being dressed by a designer.
During the week I also use more than the usual amount of aloe on my skin, especially my face. I wash my crown of locs two days before, or
sometimes the day before the shoot. The day before a shoot I pack my undergarments, body butter, water, hair pins and any little essential
things that I may need. The night before the shoot I force myself to rest. If it’s summertime or if I am somewhere tropical I sunbathe before
my shoot. This gives me confidence and makes me feel alive and more beautiful.

Colossill: What is fun and rewarding about modeling?

Well for me the fun part is getting dressed up in an amazing designer’s wear. Meeting new models can also be fun, so many different, unique
personalities. Behind the scenes can sometimes be fun as well, with all the creativity, especially when it’s a photo shoot. Runway can be
fun depending on the type of fashion show. Ultimately, I have my share of fun in all that I do when it comes to modeling.

What is rewarding…?
Having a successful shoot in an uncomfortable situation is rewarding. I am motivated when people I don’t know send me messages expressing how much they are inspired by I, by my works, or whenever they come in contact with me and express how blessed it is to meet me in person after following me for years. This is most rewarding to me because my purpose is to shine light, to bring good tidings and uplift others. We need healthier souls, hearts, minds and bodies. It is also rewarding to make strong links by networking. Links that endorse what I stand for, links that have helped me grow. To see myself grow is very rewarding when I do stop and retrospect.

Colossill: What advice do you have for other aspiring models?

I would tell an aspiring model to model with purpose, whatever that may be. Working or striving for something without purpose is like working in the dark. Keep a strong mind and always go with what you feel deep within. People would always be lurking to discourage you but you need to believe in yourself from the genesis, that way you never break momentum. You may never be recognized as a model while you’re here but your focus shouldn’t be that. Instead, focus on leaving a mark that can’t be replicated. Focus on building a platform for the generation to come. A platform that will help them identify themsleves in a world where things have become so diluted. This is the only advice I have within. This is for models who model with a purpose deeper than their physical.

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