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Colossill Feature: The ‘Against The Grain App’ Official Trailer

Against The Grain


Your one stop shop for all things Against the Grain and more, the new Slightly Off Productions app lets you browse, purchase, and explore all of your favorite SOP animated comics for the iPhone. With our clean and crisp interface, we make it easy for you to get lost in the amazing artwork and beautiful animations we have lovingly created. Even better, we give you the chance to preview our comics before you buy them, and each comic comes with a trailer for you to watch and enjoy. Now you’ll be able to experience Leslie’s whole saga all in one place!
Lost your iPhone or upgraded to a new device? No problem! We remember what comics you have purchased so that when you come back to read them again, they’ll be ready for you.
Still not convinced? See what others have had to say about the Against the Grain series!
“You will love the adventure that is waiting for you. Just to be fair, I must tell you that this App is addicting… it is a true action packed, edge of your seat, heart pumping App that is hard to put down”

– MommyIsland Blog
“Beautiful art accompanies a wonderful lead character in this imaginative tale of growing up. Read this book!”

– Spandexless
“The writing is fun, the artwork is beautiful and assured, and the coloring is remarkable.”
– The Hayfamzone Blog

“Against the Grain is endlessly creative, thoroughly enjoyable, and, at the end of the day, really, really, REALLY fun.”
– Ain’t It Cool News

Download for free below today!

iphone App

ipad App


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