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Colossill Feature: Author Rashaad Johnson “Caged Dreams” *A Must Read

What It’s All About

This book will give the masses permission and encouragement to do what they have a passion to do. As we get older we no doubt have responsibilities that we must handle, but even in the mist of these responsibilities it is my belief that until we fulfill our purpose we can never be the person we were destined to be, not just for our sake, but for how our lives are supposed to affect the lives of those we are connected to.

What To Expect

As you read the pages of my life I want you to see the passion and the dedication I now have for my dream, but I will also allow you to see the mistakes and failures that made me the man I am today. I’ve made many mistakes and hopefully my vulnerability will give many the spark they need to pursue and fulfill their dreams.

No matter how far you are into your career there is still time for you to be who you really want to be and chase your dreams. There is nothing wrong with having a job, but in my opinion there is something very criminal about ignoring your dreams and letting your passion die on the inside of you.


The only seven reasons you should purchase my book!

1. You have a dream.
2. You had a dream.
3. You think about dreaming.
4. You know someone that had or has dreamed.
5. You can spell the word dream.
6. You think you may be able to learn how to spell the word dream.
7. You want to support my dream.
*Bonus You’re just nosey and want to see what juicy details I reveal

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