“When Black Voices Are Heard In Our Community”

“When Black Voices Are Heard In Our Community”



When Black Voices Are Heard In Black Communities

These are the times when I wish super heroes were real! Whom possibly could save the black race from the slaying and hail fire of bullets being expelled by hair triggered policemen everyday. I recently viewed an online viral video where a man spoke on holding entertainers who are supported by the black culture responsible for speaking up for thier own. He spoke of challenging these entertainers to give money toward raising awareness on issues that plague the black community. I find that money has been given publicly but simply could we exercise more voice– not just limited to coin? When BLACK voices are heard in our communities, BLACK children become important.

Iconic legends Denzel Washington, Russell Simmons and Tom Joyner whom have given millions of dollars to kids across the country in need of grant, tuition, housing e.t.c are proof BLACK gives back. Basketball Star Lebron James who has reached many accomplishments in basketball, still gives tirelessly to his city of Cleveland, Ohio. He recently spent a whopping $41 million on sending 1,100 kids to college, which gives them better chance of survival and becoming successful in this ever-changing world. I take my hat off to the people of the entertainment industry who after receiving their own blessings have and continue to give back. When BLACK voices are heard in our communities BLACK children grow up and give back!

Being a child growing up in the nineties I was inspired by the poetic words of the late Tupac Shakur and the electric steps of the great Michael Jackson. They have influenced a nation and were dedicated to teaching through their talents. Now I feel more than ever it’s important that our entertainers step out and speak for the black voice which is not heard in much needed companies. There have been over 200+ deaths of black men and women by police officers which later showed we’re not armed. Furthermore these officials, continue to blow past fair use of an already broken justice system. We are  living in a land where black speaking up isn’t safe for your career and/or social reputation. Giving money to impoverished communities and families helps a great measure but now is the time we ask for our entertainers to lend their voices. When BLACK voices are heard in our communities we will listen.

In full spectrum BLACK people, we need more opportunities for each other, and less division! We need MORE mentors, coaches, dads, uncles, grandfathers and brothers communing in progression. We need more dialogue on police brutality, crime in our own neighborhoods, and ways to generate wealth for BLACK economy. Beyond trending and going viral, it is important that the point must be made we need change in the way black people are viewed and marketed in America. Today, let’s plant the seed to open intellectual and positive conversation about “BLACK FREEDOM” in America. Let’s be a family and grow together, live together, and educate our children to preserve our “BLACK GOLD”. When BLACK voices are heard in the community, the community will be heard around the world.



"When Black Voices Are Heard In Our Community"

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