Colossill Artist Of The Week: Young Joe

Colossill Artist Of The Week: Young Joe


For this weeks Colossill Artist Of The Week we present to you Tampa Floridas own R&B singer and songwriter Young Joe. He has already put out hits including Lights Down Low Ft 2Pistols. This dude has serious talent along with a great voice, so be on the look out for more material from him as he continues to make good music that we all can relate too. Check out the interview below and make sure you press play to watch the video above!

Colossill Artist Of The Week: Young Joe


Colossill: Where are you from & how old are you?

Young Joe: I am from Tampa FL and 25 years old

Colossill: Was there a specific moment in your life where you thought “music is what I want to do”?

Young Joe: I would have to say middle school when i got my first chorus solo and performed it in front of my school at our pep rally .i was instantly in love with the feeling.

Colossill: How do you separate yourself from other artists?

Young Joe: I just continue to be myself and let it shine thru the music and my message about my life.Music for me is my chance to stand out with my own unique story so thats what i do.

Colossill: Who influenced your style?

Young Joe: I really don’t have any influences I never wanted to be like anyone.

Colossill: What albums did you grow up listening to?
Young Joe: Growing up i listened to everything from The Temptations to Biggie Smalls, R&B and hip hop stayed in my speakers.

Colossill: What inspires you (or your music)?

Young Joe: I’m inspired by my friends ,family,and my experiences in life.

Who do you want to work with in the future?

In the future i want to work with anyone with talent who would like to work with never know where the next creative sound is hiding.

Tell us about a record which you are very proud of?

I would have to say “lights low” ft 2pistols it is my biggest record to date selling over 400,000 copies and charting on billboard top was my first major placement thru cash money records /universal motown and it gave my career the startup it needed.

What was your most challenging piece of work you have completed?

My most challenging piece of work would have to be my “Rhythm N Bando “project .because when i was working on it before it was released i was incarcerated and had to be placed on house arrest for 2 years which made it hard for me to record it and get it to the right hands and ears once finished, but it’s my most heartfelt piece to this day! And will probably be one of my biggest projects of my indie career.

Give a shout out…

I’d like to give a shout out to my creator because he took his time on me and understood my purpose, id like to thank my fans and family for constant support.thanks to the reader ,and Colossill for taking the time out to make sure others got a chance to hear my story and some of my is all greatly appreciated. #Juiceup


Follow Young Joe’s Instagram, & Soundcloud and most importantly cop his album Rhythm N Bando


Colossill Artist Of The Week: Young Joe

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