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Colossill Artist of the week: Will Anderson

Check out dope up and coming artist Will Anderson hailing from Chi-town. His Abstracto Art is something to get familiar with that I am sure would look great on many walls out there! Click now to get to know him and his artwork.

1. Where are you from? I’m from South side of Chicago IL.

2.When did you decide you wanted to become a artist? I decided to become a painter at the age of five, I always drew and painted on things at a young age!

3. What would you do if you could not be a artist? If I couldn’t be a painter, I would be a Tazmatic fan, lol but I would probably be building computers or IT which is my other talent !

4. How do you stay focused and committed while painting? I stay focused and committed by thinking about the youth, ( Also my generation and older ) they are the future and I wonder how my Art would spark their mind and creativity.

5. Where do you see yourself as a painter in five years? Being a painter I see myself in five years being known all over the world, and my art on almost any product I can print it on!

6. What is your most challenging piece of work you have completed? My most challenging piece of work I would have to say My Maya Angelou Abstracto painting. That painting was the first portrait painting done in my Abstracto technique. I started drawing/painting various animals in the Abstracto Technique!

7. Tell me about a painting project which you are very proud of? One of my painting projects that I’m proud of is Parrot Abstracto. That painting was entered into Bombay Sapphire Artistian Contest and I won 1st place in Atlanta 2014 over thousands of Artist in the state, 20th in USA ! I was amazed on how many votes I received over that painting that was simple and unique and the results made me want to continue producing more art in my Abstracto Technique!

Make sure you visit his Facebook page and Website for more info and to buy some of these dope art pieces before they sell out!

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