Lebron Brings One To Cleveland Cleveland Curse : It’s Over ?

The Curse of Rocky Colavito is a phenomenon that supposedly prevents the Cleveland Indians baseball team from winning, be it the World Series, the American League pennant, reaching postseason play, or even getting into a pennant race. Its origin is traced back to the unpopular trade of right fielder Rocky Colavito for Harvey Kuenn in 1960.


the Curse has spread to all three Cleveland Sports Teams .The Cleveland sports curse is a sports superstition involving the city of Cleveland, and its professional sports teams. Cleveland has three teams in the major North American professional sports leagues: the Browns of the National Football League (NFL), the Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA), and Major League Baseball (MLB)’s Indians. The city’s three current teams have endured an unprecedented combined 159-season championship drought, having not won a title since 1964 when the Browns won the NFL Championship Game, two seasons prior to the first Super Bowl.

Can Lebron Bring it Home tonight ?

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