Chicago Gang Leaders Allegedly Plotting an Attack on Police

Source: Chicago Gang Leaders Allegedly Plotting an Attack on Police

An alert was issued to the CPD a day after the supposed meeting took place, insinuating that leaders of the Vice Lords, Black Disciples, and Four Corner Hustlers were planning on shooting members of the department, according to Chicago Sun Times.

The alert noted that the Four Corner Hustlers “provided guns” and will be supplying the other two gangs with weapons. The gang also apparently has “a sniper in place”, however, the location is unclear.

According to the Sun Times, the president of Lodge 7 of the Fraternal Order of Police, Dean Angelo, blamed the threats on the rhetoric from Paul O’Neal’s family’s attorney and statements from Sharon Fairley, the head of Independent Police Review Authority.

“We had inflammatory and false rhetoric coming from [Michael Oppenheimer] and statements that weren’t true,” said Angelo. “You also have a lead investigator in police-involved deaths talking about how shocking and disturbing this is.”

Police sources say that members of the CPD have been advised to “limit interaction and visibility.”

Read more at Chicago Sun Times.

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