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Brandon Marshall Wonders Why Kaepernick Is Being Treated Worse Than Players With History Of Domestic Abuse, DUIs

It’s been four months since quarterback Colin Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers and despite his stellar performance stats, he remains unsigned.

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall is one of the latest NFL stars to sound off on Kaepernick’s continued free agency, which began following a season of the former University of Nevada-Reno star protesting the oppression of Black people in America by originally sitting, then, later, taking a knee during the national anthem.

“Maybe the owners are scared of having that distraction on the team or maybe fans boycott the games or whatever case it may be,” Marshall said to Altitude Sports Network Tuesday, June 6. “Honestly, if everybody really sat and looked at the reasons why he did it, he didn’t hurt nobody.

“They act like he hit his girlfriend or got a DUI or something like that,” Marshall said, conjuring thoughts of former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd, who was arrested for a DUI in 2016 and later signed with the Minnesota Vikings. “It’s almost like they’re shunning him worse than they do the people that get arrested, and I think it’s ridiculous. …
“Colin, he’s done so much for the community. He was named top 100 most influential person [by Time magazine]. I think, ‘Why wouldn’t you want that? That exhibits leadership.’”

Kaepernick’s most notable accomplishments with the 49ers include leading the team to the Super Bowl in 2013 and throwing 16 touchdowns and only four interceptions with what Marshall called a “terrible team” in 2016.

“I saw something where he had a 90 passer rating, higher than [Los Angeles Chargers QB] Philip Rivers and [New York Giants QB] Eli Manning,” Marshall said. “I see these stats and numbers, and you know they say numbers don’t lie, right?
“So, I mean, what’s the real issue is the question.”




Source: Brandon Marshall Wonders Why Kaepernick Is Being Treated Worse Than Players With History Of Domestic Abuse, DUIs

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