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Blueprint for Black power- DR. Amos Wilson part2


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  1. this guy is a fool . hate will never have a home .real white people dont hate anyone. this guy makes a living fuleing hate. Hitler,KKK,skinheads all have the same message as this guy. he is a text book hate monger.what about all the white people that demanded freedom for all(not just black people)then fought and died for it.guess they dont count…call it what you want.its hate.. the only thing stopping this guy is his own dumb ass!!! lol rap music…..

  2. lol . spell check bro ….why is every time us evil nasty white people say or do anything it's racist. if this was a white man talking to white people. you would be calling jessie jackson. you have become the racist or "racust" lol. and if you had any kind of sense you would see that nothing in my comment was wrong.

  3. you dont think we are watching what you dumbass racist are up to? we see whats up .just giveing you stupid people enough rope to hang yourself hate white people so your a racist.your the problem now . white Amarica is wakeing up .you dont want peace you want revenge.and the message the black people send is hate. so keep posting crap like this its grate for my cause. exposeing black people for what they really are hateful selfish garbage. Thanks

  4. so your saying your mad at the Dutch and the Spanish for exporting your people 200 years ago because i don't know any white people in America that have done these things. and i don't think we should charge black people for being brought to America. your own people sold you out in Africa and there are still slaves there in Africa and Asia right now but no one is saying anything about them. face it you have been programed by your black commie leaders to hate white people.

  5. Some good advice here, and some interesting points about how the dynamics of power are shifting. Racism continues, but changes it's form so as to not be recognized for what it is. Meanwhile, poor people of every ethnicity are finding themselves in the same boat. Imagine how much more powerful we could all be if people realized that this struggle is one of class warfare and not of race. How much stronger we would be if certain among us realized we were on the same side of the battlelines.

  6. So we are supposed to love your evil asses? What hogwash.Wall Street was a slave auction block and generated the 1st dollars for this dam country. You plot to destroy us at every turn.

  7. When white unemployment reached 25% it was called the Great Depression!!! Black unemployment is at Least 37%!!! and NO ONe cares!!! Every fiber of government went to the rescue you!!! You have had a leg up for the longest. Do not interfere with competent dialog or solution finding amongst Black people. Silly comments like we are just like the klan/nazis is ridiculous. Go away.

  8. sorry not going away! white people in the U.S. will not be your excuse for being a burden on this country.all other races have been doing well here . why is it black people don't take responsibility for there own down fall. black people have a better chance at success than any other race. but rather than becoming a leader of hope for all continue to separate yourself. stop being defined by your skin color and words that any idiot can say. want something good for all people.

  9. zombie: am tired of so-called white people saying, blacks sold blacks in africa. what the hell do blacks need to sell blacks for .all the wealth,gold,siver.oil,etc. is in africa, what in the hell could so-called white people give african what they did'nt already have. so-called white people were a very poor people,living in the caves and hills, eatting blood. what that fuck could you do for african's , and when my people wake up we will put you back in your hole.

  10. ya most of you so called humans calling them self's black people . don't like the truth. but the FACT is that there are people in Africa right now being bought and sold RIGHT NOW !!! Google it you hypocrite . and most people have woke up and gotten on with life. it's hateful bastards like you that still want revenge. look the fact is after the Egyptian empire fell black people have been behind the rest of the world. get over it. your own people sold you out . do your own research . wake up

  11. this guy is a fool . hate will never have a home .real white people dont hate anyone. this guy makes a living fuleing hate. Hitler,KKK,skinheads all have the same message as this guy. he is a text book hate monger.what about all the white people that demanded freedom for all(not just black people)then fought and died for it.guess they don't count…call it what you want.its hate..what sucks really is that wile me and you fight and blame each other. our government robs us blind, black or white.

  12. you sound like a scared crakkka, scared a black man gone see this vid and kick you ass huh? There is no evidence that black people sold there own thats the lies you get in american textbooks do some research? Black people have never been behind the rest of the world who's dick you been suckin to think such garbage?
    If it wasn't for kemet crakkkas wouldn't have a god
    Next time you suckin dick you should swallow , maybe the nut will help your brain fuction

  13. if real white people don't hate anyone then who were the people who colonized america after taking it from and killing about 20 million NATIVE AMERICANS? those must of been killings of love huh?

    eat a dick crakkka

  14. Are you giving a subjective opinion or do you have a material proof that support your claims? Remember, from 400 AD to the 16th century, Europe was an entire battlefield of destruction, rape, invasion, extermination, genocide, inquisition (God??) and ultimately, when such people access power and are given the opportunity to dominate others, YOU WOULDN'T EXACTLY EXPECT THEM TO BE HUMANISTS! That's historically proven. Africa is going through a dark age, but it shall end, sooner than expected!

  15. the africans tortured, raped, ate, and murdered each other. the difference is that whites figured out how to make technology and become powerful, while the africans remained weak.

  16. White man make space ship, black man make gospel music Loooll. black man has to borrow white man's musical instruments (piano, organ, electric guitar) to make gospel music lolz. white man build school for black man, black man drop out

  17. Please family don't EVER waste time and energy on ignorant people regardless of their race. Use this space to build on what Dr. Wilson is saying. These people should be blocked brothahaneef so they won't be a deliberate distraction on such powerful information. Thank you for this video. I was in the audience when this lecture took place place at the Slave Theater. Let's build on nationhood together.

  18. @kifagi
    I don't mean to be rude, but blacks are better at purchasing gigantic dollar store white tee shirts and putting aluminum foil on their teeth, thinking it's crushed diamonds than they are at creating technology. Open any science book. You won't find Dontrell's theorem. You won't see Quintavious' law. The science books were written by whiteboys, not by Tarshieka Brown.

  19. @kifagi
    I do like to give people jabs on youtube. But your last statement (assuming you were serious) was so exquisitely stupid that …well …I can just see you now snapping your fingers in the air and cranking your head in circles while you cuss yo baby daddy out. 12% of the population = 50% of violent crime. As 12% of the population, I'd rather be 50% of inventors.

  20. What does any of this have to do with all the wisdom and knowledge Dr. Wilson is dropping rddaos? I'm sorry to say but this is typical destabilizing tactics used to keep us from BUILDING on the truths of what is spoken. Nice try! Stay focused kifagi much love to you. These forces of division are REAL. Don't give them any power sista! Peace.

  21. Kifagi: I guess Obama has a genetic disorder too, since he is half white. Hate the white man all you want. They made things happen – bad and good. Without them, you would still be living in a tribal hut. If all whites are so bad and hated blacks so much, you would have been long gone. I'm not proud of all of America's history, but I'm still grateful to be living here, rather then Iraq, Iran, Africa, Haiti, etc. It's 2010 & slavery, at least in this country, no longer exists.

  22. if slavery dose not exist why do people go out to work and have to rely on food stamps to survive. Wage slave and a bonded slave is the same thing if you are compelled/coerced to work for a wage that you can't feed yourself on.

  23. This is why we should be watching this video. You got ignorant people and racist people that either don't understand this or don't want you to obtain the knowledge Mr. Wilson is trying to embark on us.

  24. My suggestion is to take notes and then validate or reject what Dr. Wilson shared with us. Avoid the arguments. As the good book says, "Do not speak to a fool, for he will scorn the wisdom of your words. Proverbs 23:9"

  25. @220love07 Is afeganistan, iraque, iran, korea, venezuela, guantanamo, a thing of the past? I just can imagine what our fathers suffered and suffer in the hands of this homosexual beast man asshole lovers, why they always torture playing with others man anus and penis?

  26. @bigamble
    Yes i love that passage, truly true.
    They only want to deceive lie with is liebraries, and fabricated facts in the moment. If they can't fool you they call you racist, and race hater.

  27. key words or phrase in this video, "… we don't think in terms of nation," Change the dynamics and, as James Brown puts it, "…and watch me work."
    Michael Jackson gets a backbone, speaks out about Sony's grip on him and the industry he created , begins to speak to his Blackness and what he has produced and what happens, he accidentally yet conveniently winds up dead.

    Question: What would happen to the music ( just one example) industry if we changed the nature of the relationship.

  28. The problem isn't white people, its white supremacy. The idea that white people are better or smarter than everyone else is what causes conflict. The white "race" is less than 10% of the earths population but they control it because they learned everything from the original black people. But they brought a new type of trickery and underhandedness about and took over. Their time is coming. The world is waking up and in a few generations there will be a change.

  29. My Divine "Melinated-rich" brotha's and sista's, when the raging, pink, male wishes to insult you or our culture ignore them. For they suffer from psychopathic racism and jealousy of all things black. The evidence is legendary. When you pay attention to them they feel glorified because you are whom they admire and despise at the same time. The latest science states that they are dying out. They do not reproduce enough babies to replace those who die. Study ancient Kametic true story.

  30. @1147gt1 Dogg u cursing and using n-words. Dont u see Pointman is making a valid point. And dude black ppl in america can't make any changes until we understand our history and how the europeans have screwed us. As long as we play along with this fake american dream, then black ppl will always be 60 six under water. I aint trying to talk shit. U just need to watch what u type, and have a open mind.

  31. @1147gt1 p.s. America and the whole world was discovered by ancient black ppl, so maybe u needa take "ur white ass" jk to textbooks, the fundamentals, and go study genetic research. In fact you will find out the original humans genes are found in african ppl. Thats why white scientists went to Africa to do genetic research on african ppl. This is how all the cures and medicines came about. In other words, most of the ppl who get sick or real sick will not have medicine if it wasnt for blacks.

  32. As strange as it may sound, we don't hate white people, we just won't be glorifying their wicked selfish attitudes any longer. Black people are not capable of hatred or perversion. Black people are being united and not posing a threat to go against humanity unlike the white power groups. We are putting a stop to inhumanity! There are so many great values and qualities we hold, so much integrity and dignity that white people desperately need. Black strength is everyone's necessity- LOVE.

  33. I wonder why anywhere on youtube with a black man or woman is speaking there is a bunch of white people trying to be heard. You hate us mock us take anything we create and I mean anything and act as if some important white person created it. No we cant blame white people for nothing. Only the fact that they took us from our native homes to cook for your great great granddaddy pick his cotton breast feed your great great grand mammy babies stripped us of our culture our true spirituality . Indians didnt do that white people did. So why do you waste your precious white time coming to videos for black people to enlighten black people… Your words are dead your hate were immuned to it. It doesnt work….

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The Bill and Hillary Clinton Body Count Conspiracy

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