Who Is The Blame For The Racial Divide In America??

Fox News  & Mass Media


Journalist has an extreme responsibility of being ethical in writing, because there influence can have effects on consumers. In this election year of 2016 can be used as an example because tensions are high with all ethnicities, racial groups, and the LGBT community. When journalist constantly use headlines that invoke emotion for views can become socially irresponsible. In the last two months there have been several notable deaths that are being reported as propaganda. In June a LGBT night club was targeted in a mass shooting, killing 49 people. The reasons are not quite clear although reports were spread quickly that it was because it was a gay club. Later facts came out that Shooter may have been gay. Ethically a reporter should be responsible and wait for the facts, but stations like FOX news will paint a story in their view. For instance there were two fatal shootings of Black men in the month of July by police officers. One day later police officers were targeted at protest in Dallas. Some journalist may actually believe in there strong opinion that is broadcasted, however a great journalist only provides facts.

In these entire stories journalist have be careful by delivering the news tactfully knowing that citizens are heavily influenced? This influence could lead to more senseless violence in America. News stations also conveniently use statistics in a bias matter. News stations also help perpetuate stereotypes, often times based off news reports. For instance a Headline from TODD’S AMERICAN DISPATCH “Hey, Black Lives Matter, stop terrorizing our cities”. This headline is immediate sign of bias also written with a negative tone. Another example of why America is becoming divided, because journalist would like to share their opinion than covering the news without bias. In my opinion I believe journalist should have a unified approach of the community from a non-biased perspective. Have a goal of making the country better for everyone instead of dividing the country with blame, and substantiate your claims with stereotypes and perceptions. This is not fair to the community that it affects, now any one in support of Black Lives Matter will be seen in a negative light. As if they set out to terrorize cities, this headline coming from a large outlet will persuade thousands to see the Black Lives Matter movement as a threat. There are many examples of the media perpetuating stereotypes. In another story on Fox presented the story of the killer in Dallas shooting as Micah X. Micah did not practice a religion of Islam, his middle is Xavier. This could be seen as an attempt to make people who choose names of Islam as dangerous. Also media outlets displayed Micah in African apparel named dashiki, but Micah also was a former military veteran. However no pictures in his uniform were displayed. This can also be seen as an attempt to stereotype people who would choose to wear that clothing. Its small details like my example that help divide the country and pass on stereotypes.

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