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Black History Rap Song – The Gifted Youngsters – Oops! Black History

The Gifted Youngters – Oops Black History Instrumental with chorus!!
Very hard to find!!

LYRIC IS BELOW THIS MESSAGE: This is the best Black History Rap song ever made. Perform by students at Fisk-Howard Elementary School a couple of years before Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Composed by DJ Ice Mike. Track is from Bad Boy Entertainment. Written by Derrick A. Anderson their teacher. We discussed, Martin Luther King Jr.,Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, George Washington Carver, Nikki Giovanni, Alice Walker, and Langston Hughes. Again!! You will not find a better Black History Rap song. Please use it in your classrooms or anywhere that is it needed.

Let me tell you this story about a man who brought unity.
Equal liberty for you and me.
We shall overcome is what he sing.
You guess it, his name is Dr. King.
Non-violence is what Martin stands for.
It doesn’t matter if he white or you hardcore.
We here for peace not to start a revolution.
He had a dream for the whole entire nation.

He had a dream but I had to fuss.
It doesn’t matter if you first you got tossed to the back of the bus.
Can’t dream about the freedom that you didn’t have.
You didn’t listen, you left in a body bag.
The pass it disturbed my nerves.
If you black in a restaurant you didn’t even get served.
He made a difference with the goodness that he brings.
Thank the Lord for Dr. Martin Luther King.

Theirs was this other man. He is the best.
A civil rights activist and his name is Malcolm X.
It doesn’t matter if you white or black.
If you dish out a lick you have the right to hit him back.
In 65, they burned his house for fun.
You better run cause he coming with a shot gun.
Not promoting any violence in the neighborhood.
Malcolm X died for the cause, is where he stood.

It was this other lady. You know she is bold.
She was the one who invented the Underground Railroad.
She left people in a daze.
They try to figure out how she was able to free 300 slaves.
She went to the wood through the woods
You know she is good she even went through my neighborhood.
She is the greatest, her soul lies in me.
Thank the Lord for black history.

Their was a bus incident from the start.
The Civil Rights Movement Rosa Parks.
She didn’t give up her seat so they put her in jail to rot.
It struck a nerve to start the Alabama Boycott.
She was the mother of the movement and sweet.
So why you want this pretty girl to give up her bus seat.
She made a difference in society.
And that’s the way she made a place in Black History.

Don’t forget a Douglass or Sojourner Truth.
Carver and Dubois they educated the youth.
Nikki and Maya Alice Walker and Hughes,
They are writers they known throughout all the schools.
The moral of this story is simple and clear.
To teach Black History supposed to be all year.
Without the history we blind to the facts.
Thank the Lord for Black History and that’s a rap.

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