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Black History Month Reads!

Here is the link to the art designs!

My camera was dying so I actually cut out like three other books, but the chances of me getting to them were already slim so it was for the best hahaha
PEOPLE. What are the chances I would wear my Kim Possible shirt unknowingly the same day they announce a live action Kim Possible in the works?????????? As you can maybe tell from my shirt (or ringtone if you ever caught it) KIM POSSIBLE IS LIFE. THE MOVIE SO THE DRAMA MAKES ME HEART SOAR. I RANK IT IN MY TOP TEN FAVORITE FILMS A VERY EXCLUSIVE LIST.
that being said I don’t want them messing it up
I have fallen down a Kim Possible hole
literally- I am watching clips on a separate tab now. help me
is anyone still reading this?
I love Kim Possible

Thank you for watching!
Here are my links to contact/connect with me:
[email protected]
-My redbubble

Kim Possible for life

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Kashakas Senegal

Kashakas Senegal

Superior Donuts 2×12 – Black History Month Quiz

Superior Donuts 2×12 – Black History Month Quiz